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White Jazz doc í reader 9780375727368 æ gymapparel Ü [Download] ➻ White Jazz By James Ellroy – Gym-apparel.co.uk Los Angeles 1958 Killings beatings bribes shakedowns it's standard procedure for Lieutenant Dave Klein LAPD He's a slumlord a bagman an enforcer a power in his own small corner of hell Then the Often as brutal as the events he's describing taking us with him on a journey through a world shaped by monstrous ambition avarice and perversion It's a world he created but now he'll do anything to get out of it aliveFierce riveting and honed to a razor edge White Jazz is crime fiction at its most shatteri RE READ REVIEW I'll leave my original review from 2014 up but I just re read this and I have no idea what I was thinking giving this four stars originally It's easily at the same level of brilliance as The Big Nowhere or LA Confidential I suspect that when I inevitably re read The Black Dahlia I'll give it five as well because Ellroy is a goddamn genius Dave The Enforcer Klein is the ultimate Ellroy character an incredibly dirty motherfucker who kills people for the mob and wants to pork his own sister yet I found myself constantly rooting for him to escape the closing jaws of the Feds his fellow police and the myriad of underworld characters that populate Ellroy's Los Angeles The increasing tension is fucking palpable and jaw grinding by the end of the book and the incredibly terse blunt language is absolutely the apotheosis of Ellroy's ever evolving style I did complain originally that the scope of the novel seems like a kind of step backwards from the gargantuan LA Confidential but fuck that It's only barely less ambitious in terms of the complicated and interconnected criminal landscape and I realize that Ellroy was not trying to write one of his Big Books with this one It's a high speed fever dream It's paranoid as fuck and the style speed and content are consistently raw and scathingORIGINAL REVIEW There's a blurb on the back cover of this a uote by some critic probably It says something like Ellroy has stripped his broad brush down to a hard cutting tool That's clever but for me it was less hard cutting tool and brain caked block hammer Ellroy was getting increasingly staccato and blunt by The Big Nowhere but this makes LA Confidential look like some Goodnight Moon shit Twists that alter the nature of the story and the fate of the characters within can come in the form of a couple words where most authors would take a few paragraphs It feels like Ellroy was honestly on coke meth or huge doses of caffeine when he blasted out this chunk of battery acid flavored crime fiction It can be exhilarating or frustrating or both at the same time Of course this is coming from a guy who reads lots of genre fiction with symmetrical easy prose I'm not terribly used to or familiar with stuff that plays with the structure of novel writing like Faulkner or maybe Pynchon And I don't even like much of that shit either so that gives you an idea of how good Ellroy is This is highly conceptualized and stylized language for the average bear I know I'm harping on the style a lot but this really is a notable and interesting metamorphosis Ellroy's language has undergone I haven't read any pre Dahlia stuff of his but that probably reads like a completely different person at this point And this is an old novel by the dude Came out in like 1992 I have no idea where the hell his writing has gone to since then but I'm definitely going to find out Okay enough with the style talk Like I've said I'm a meat and potatoes guy all the way but it's really interesting stuffThis continues in the same loose arc as the last two books We have familiar characters like Ed Exley and Dudley Fucking Smith and some stuff from previous is mentioned like the Nite Owl It's still 1958 and the world is recognizably familiar as Ellroy's Los Angeles Unfortunately the atmosphere is a little less thick than preceding novels because at this point you need to take what Ellroy has given you and run with it in terms of visualizing the setting and whatnot This book is all plot It's almost overwhelmingly intense how much stuff he's crammed into a relatively short novel You have the feeling that you could blow just a little air into it and suddenly it'd be like 600 pages Every kind of crime is examined from the usual BEs and murders to weird shit like animal killings andsex vandalism? I have no idea what to call it The usual reprehensible behavior that Ellroy fans hate to loveDave Klein is our protagonist and he has to be the harshest pill to swallow He's so corrupt he's of a criminal moonlighting as a cop than vice versa He commits murder with very little sense of remorse or guilt and has gotten in so deep with organized crime figures that he's basically a slave to them at this point He also loves his sister I know that last one sounds nice but I mean loves his sister Hardly your usual protagonist cop and even darker than what we're used to from Ellroy The rest of the cast is the usual gang of creeps killers weirdos and criminals Some gross people in here even for Ellroy Makes you miss the almost Captain America type days of Bucky Bleichert from Black Dahlia What was his skeleton in the closet anyways? Fuckingsnitched on his petty criminal buddies? That just illustrates how far we've come It's nothing compared to KleinOverall a great novel Unfortunately the style was exhausting and the scope seemed to draw back a tiny bit from the grand heights of LA Confidential and not just because of the return to the single POV of Dahlia It's just a smaller story and thusly a little disappointing at least for me I really wanna see how bloated and weird Ellroy can get I wanna see him do a billion page crime history extravaganza I'm not sure he's actually done one yet but I'm definitely going to find out Everyone who is into crime shit; read Ellroy immediatelyobviously excepting the easily offended And definitely don't start with this one because it will probably be like having your legs broken and then thrown into a pool all sink no swim

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Los Angeles 1958 Killings beatings bribes shakedowns it's standard procedure for Lieutenant Dave Klein LAPD He's a slumlord a bagman an enforcer a power in his own small corner of hell Then the Feds announce a full out investigation into local police corruption and everything goes haywireKlein's been hung o When Dave Klein the dirtiest cop in town catches a burglary he uickly becomes entangled in a web of drugs prostitution and murderJames Ellroy's four volume treatise on family values and the integrity of the Los Angeles police department comes to a conclusion in White Jazz White Jazz ties up some nagging lose ends leftover from the previous three volumes Gone is the trinity of sin structure of The Big Nowhere and LA Confidential replaced by a first person narrator a throwback to The Black DahliaEllroy's machine gun style is ratcheted up to an insane degree in this one the short choppy sentences hitting like the needle of a sewing machine Honestly it got a little hard to follow what was happening at times However the crazy style added something to the book giving it a frantic paranoid feelThe story itself continued in the vein of the previous two; the corpse of the integrity of the LAPD was exhumed violated in every orifice and buried again What starts as a burglary investigation tears the scab off of the gaping wound of the LAPD's narcotics division and exposes the infection beneath namely their longtime relationship with the Kafesjian family Dave Klein a cop lawyer and mob enforcer finds himself navigating a maze of filth to figure out just what the hell is going on caught in a power struggle between two of the most powerful men on the forceAfter finishing LA Confidential I mentioned that I thought Dudley Smith was James Ellroy's Randall Flagg After reading this book I stand by that The master manipulator was in fine form in White Jazz doing his puppeteer act from the sidelines for most of the book Once all the cards were on the table the book got so frantic I thought I might have an anxiety attackAs with the previous books the dialogue and relationships between the characters threw a lot of gas on the fire Klein's complicated relationships with his sister and Glenda as well as Junior and the rest made him another of Ellroy's shitbird characters that you couldn't help but root for especially since all the other shitbirds had a lot blood on their handsWhile I didn't like White Jazz uite as much as the previous two books in the LA uartet it did a great job wrapping things up Hell when the three previous books are of such high caliber they're hard to follow Four out of five stars

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White JazzUt as bait a bad cop to draw the heat and the heat's coming from all sides from local politicians from LAPD brass from racketeers and drug kingpins all of them hell bent on keeping their own secrets hidden For Klein forty two and going on dead it's dues timeKlein tells his own story his voice clipped sharp in the end I possess my birthplace and I am possessed by its language Ross MacDonald Tell me anythingTell me everythingRevoke our time apartLove me fierce in danger James Ellroy White Jazz45 stars Sure you could read this as just the final book in Ellory's masterpiece LA uartet but Ellory is playing for bigger stakes He isn't just writing crime He is writing the human condition He isn't just giving you straight dope He is playing you with pairs He gives you E Exley v D Smith He gives you Noonan vs Gallaudet He gives you JC Kafesjian vP Herrick Richie V Tommy Sad mom vs Crazy mom Think of all of these pairs as fugues that swirl around the narrator dirty Lieutenant David Klein reflecting stream of consciousness talking screaming building dropping The narration is like jazz playing two themes together into one The themes finally coalesce and you see that black and white criminal and the cop these are all just linked brothers and sisters trapped in a long and fatal incestuous battle for survival for love for understanding CodaIn the end everybody dies but you hope before then someone tells you the truth and tells you they love you If you are lucky perhaps those two will be the same