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The Music of Black Americans A History Download ´ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ½ [PDF / Epub] ✅ The Music of Black Americans A History ⚣ Eileen Southern – Beginning with the arrival of the first Africans in the English colonies Eileen Southern S added a wealth of new material covering the latest developments in gospel The Music Epubblues jazz classical crossover Broadway and rap as they relate to African American mus. Eileen Southern fue la primera mujer negra en obtener un puesto de profesor titular en la Universidad de Harvard Su asignatura era la música la música negra norteamericana Su Historia fue publicada en 1971 aunue esta edición es del año 2001 Un año después falleció Biografía breveHe de confesar ue no lo he leído entero Sí lo he hojeado muchas veces y también me detengo en el orden de aparición de los géneros con bastante sorpresa blues antes ue jazz por ejemplo El formato es el mismo ue el de una enciclopedia ue se puede leer claro pero ue su función es más la de un objeto de consulta Además dado ue la profesora Southern era músico la composición tiene prioridad sobre todos los demás aspectos musicales Por ejemplo la autora incluye la partitura de la canción Before I´d Be a Slave y cuenta su historia Barton escuchó la canción muchas veces durante la década de 1880 La asociaba especialmente con el viejo tío Joe Williams un antiguo esclavo para uien la esclavitud no había sido especialmente ingrata pero ue no obstante había esperado la libertad tan ansiosamente como el más perseguido de los esclavos Ésta era la canción ue Williams “adoraba cantar sentado delante de su puerta al atardecer”Yo no puedo copiar la partitura pero sí mostrar la canción ya ue en los años 60 se convirtió en uno de los himnos del movimiento por los derechos civiles Hay muchísimas versiones en distintos géneros pero a mí me gusta éstaOh Freedom

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Beginning with the arrival of of Black PDFEPUB #233 the first Africans in the English colonies Eileen Southern weaves a fascinating narrative of intense musical activity As sin. Caveat one This is a textbook You won't like reading it if you don't like reading textbooksCaveat two Goodreads lists the author incorrectly How do I fix thatI found this book while doing some online research on the origin of the blues for my short story The Origin of the Blues rather what it says on the tin Obviously I found the sections on the blues to be the most interesting as well as the beginning section with all its tantalizingly scant evidence for the very first music of African Americans I also have a great fondness for the music of the 20s so that section was riveting It's nice to own a textbook because I highlighted and underlined a lot toward the beginning and almost all of the blues section I would recommend this as a good first resource if you're looking to explore any African American music topic in depth as it has an excellent bibliography Of course being a survey history it doesn't go into depth itself Time and again I got all excited about a hint of intrigue a popular singer shot in a speakeasy What Why Oh now we're on to discussing the next popular singer It has provided me with a list of topics to explore in detail in the academic library I have access too as well as ideas for my short story which may be too short to hold them allI also got excited every time Cleveland was mentioned which seemed to peak in the 20s and 30s Ah that's my town We used to be someplace Oberlin Conservatory gets a lot of mention and the Cleveland Symphony and CIM get mentioned in the later chapters Here ends the section only interesting to Cleveland residentsI felt the book kinda fell down on the later chapters I don't think the author was uite as interested in modern music as she was in jazz and gospel The paltry paragraphs on rhythm and blues and rock in particular disappointed though there is at least a few pages on the origins of rap I wonder if a later edition wouldn't have about rock and a longer exploration of the origins of rap and hip hop

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The Music of Black Americans A HistoryGers players and composers black American musicians are fully chronicled in this landmark book Now in the third edition the author has brought the entire text up to date and ha. This book is an excellent read for the history of the music of black Americans Her writing on early immigrants throughout the 50 75 years following the end of slavery is extremely informative focuses on many individual artists of various genres and is a surprisingly well written read for what is essentially a history textbook The later periods 1950 1970 aren't as well covered but that makes sense with the impact at the time of publishing would still remain to be seen I was disappointed in the small amount of coverage of the blues specifically the country blues which seem to have the most direct connection to the spirituals and folk songs of the Southern slaves Toward the end this aspect of the book seemed too linear while the split after post slavery music seems much distinct than noted There was a bit of a mention on city blues in relation to jazz but not much and only a small mention of the urban blues towards the end in relation to artists like Muddy Waters or Bo DiddleyOverall amazing book that is very much worth a read if you're interested in the history of American music at all