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The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and Other Tales of Terror review ò PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Û ➺ [Reading] ➼ The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and Other Tales of Terror By Robert Louis Stevenson ➯ – Entrato ormai a faLare The Strange eBook #218 uegli istinti che il crudele e vizioso Hyde soddisfa senza freni né dubbi Il famoso romanzo di Stevenson è seguito da Il ladro di cadaveri Janet la storta I Merry Men Olalla l’arte straordinaria dell’autore rende anche uesti racconti dei piccoli capolavor. Nabokov once described 'The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde' as having an almost winey uality to it and I think that sums up the uniue atmosphere Stevenson is able to conjure up really well; the book transcends the conventionialties of the Gothic genre which inspired it to become something far grater and grander as it becomes a kind of treatise on the duality of good and evil in people Dr Jekyll's experiments lead to him concocting a drug which creates an inverse of his supposedly benign essence; whereas Hyde is outwardly kind and gregarious the dwarfish Hyde causes an instant sense of revulsion in those who meets and is cruel and capricious Yet as Nabokov states the characters aren't as binary as you would think neither character is wholly good or evil instead the are entwined with one another Jekyll being able to let go of the sense of  unfettered freedom which Hyde is able to realise and Hyde is unable to let of the sense of responsibility and respectability which keep his vices in check The London in which the book is set comes alive during the night; macabre and ghost like its empty streets shimmering under the pale glow of a diaphanous moonlight act as the centre stage for Hyde's monstrosities That the novel is told mainly from the perspective of the conventional Utterson only adds to the strange beauty which Stevenson is able to interweave in the novel it is as if the creation of Hyde creates a sense of poetry in Utterson's prosaic life the ripples of Dr Jekyll's experiments impacting on the wider world around him 'The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde' is one of the greatest Victorian novels a novel which transcends the conventions of the area and creates something ineffably majestic 

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Atura inglese del periodo vittoriano Strange Case of Dr Jekyll PDFEPUBMa ben più profonda è la volontà di indagine psicologica dell’autore che ha concepito l’onesto e “positivo” Jekyll come un uomo fragile incerto drammaticamente lacerato tra impulsi contrastanti costretto a ce. I'd forgotten how high strung anxious and creepy Victorian horror writing could be Perhaps it's creepy because it's so uptightThis is my third time through Jekyll and Hyde and first time through the other two stories; one is about genetic vampirism and the other a pair of serial killers inspired by the Burke and Hare murders All three stories are uick reads perfect for those times when you're alone at night waiting for a bus or train that's running lateIt's always made me wonder why Robert Louis Stevenson never covered the Jack the Ripper murders The subject matter is right up his alley and Stevenson was one of the few Victorian writers who could have put an interesting spin on the pathos of the killer Seems like too much of a missed opportunity

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The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and Other Tales of TerrorCase of Kindle #207 Entrato ormai a far parte dell’iconografia popolare Lo strano caso del Dr Jekyll e Mr Hyde oltre a essere una esplicita metafora della eterna lotta tra il bene e il male è soprattutto un attacco che Stevenson ha voluto sferrare contro la repressiva e puritana letter. I surprisingly did not already know the mystery behind Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde but the penguin classic I picked up presumed that I did since everyone knows duh Don't you know Penguin that some people do truly live under a rockThe is a novella so I didn't get overly attached to any aspect of the story It didn't help that I already knew the mystery which took out any feeling of curiosity The writing was beautiful and creepy However the story was far from being frightening Victorian sensibilities and prudishness would not allow it to enter into such territory For god's sake they would not even allow this to played on stage because it was 'too much' for the Victorian audience Oh come on Maybe I'm just desensitized I rarely get scared by horror books or movies Nevertheless this is no scary than goosebumps Although to be fair I did read some goosebumps that were frightening than this I suppose the novella is meant to be symbolic than anything It's about the 'good' and 'evil' that coexists in all humans That's profound and all but it's not enough for me to give to 5 stars Sorry Stevenson you're getting a 3