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READER Ã DOC Santorini FREE ´ GYMAPPAREL ß [EPUB] ✼ Santorini By Alistair MacLean – Reissue of the gripping tale of sabotage at sea from the acclaimed master of action and suspenseIn the heart of the Aegean Sea a luxury yacht is on fire and sinking fast Minutes later a four engined j Reissue of the gSel in the vicinity the only witness?Only Commander Talbot of the Ariadne can provide the answers as he uncovers a deadly plot involving drugs and terrorism leading to the heart of the Pentag This is MacLean's second to last novel written late in his career MacLean really should be rediscovered as he wrote an amazing array of political thrillers of which several made it to movies Guns of Navarone and Ice Station Zebra for example If you like Tom Clancy type books you'll love MacLeanSantorini is a tale of nuclear weapons espionage terrorism and a somewhat Bondian villain involving the British Navy I found this less effective than previous books by MacLean because he seems to have fallen into a sort of comfortable pattern of characterization Previous novels were much sharp with distinct character personalities but everyone in the book including the Americans and Greeks all seemed to be clones of Richard Burton from Where Eagles Dare also a MacLean book I could practically hear him reading the linesHowever despite that and a few technical errors this was a tight thriller that was satisfying and kept my interest as well as his early novels

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Engined jet with a fire in its nose cone crashes into the seaIs there a sinister connection between these two tragedies? And is it an accident that the Ariadne a NATO spy ship is the only ves Over the past couple of years I've read all of Alistair MacLean's books in chronological order I'd previously read most of them back in the 1980's So it was with a bit of wistfulness that I took up this one the last novel he wrote before passing away in 1987 It's well known among MacLean readers that his last few books didn't really compare to his earlier works I was hoping this would be an exception And it does have a pretty decent beginning with a simultaneous plane crash and yacht sinking in the Aegean Sea near a conveniently placed British ship However things get slow soon thereafter The book is almost completely characters sitting around talking with just a few dollops of action mostly concerned with exploring the sunken yacht and raising the crashed plane which is loaded with a rather nasty cargo to shake things up a bitOf course you need villains in a novel like this and they are present here However the good guys figure their scheme out almost immediately and the bad guys never really have a chance to get away with it though they think they do Essentially the main villain is supposed to be a high powered international drug smuggler and all around evil mastermind but he really comes across as a rather gullible fool Not MacLean's best characterizationAnother thing that is distracting from the book is that everyone whether Greek American or the President of the US talks and acts British MacLean does not do a good job of making his characters act like their nationality In fairness that was a problem in many of his other books as wellOverall I can't recommend this to someone new to MacLean but someone who has read of his books might enjoy it If you're interested in Alistair MacLean I recommend HMS Ulysses South By Java Head The Guns of Navarone Night Without End The Black Shrike The Golden Rendezvous Ice Station Zebra and Breakheart Pass first You won't be disappointed in any of these Really though anything he wrote before about 1975 or so is superior to anything after that

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SantoriniReissue of the gripping tale of sabotage at sea from the acclaimed master of action and suspenseIn the heart of the Aegean Sea a luxury yacht is on fire and sinking fast Minutes later a four I registered a book at BookCrossingcom outdated and full of references that make me feel like a very old man I enjoyed reading this rather fast paced novel Reminiscent of The Hunt for Red October and novels like those this made me think of something I had never considered before a nuclear mine for the sea ways I will say that I am glad that the book takes place where and when it does because now I can only imagine how much worse it could be if something like this book actually happened and I do believe that it could