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read First Descent doc Ì Hardcover Ú ❰PDF❯ ❤ First Descent Author Pam Withers – Montana born Rex loves nothing than to take his kayak out on a river the faster and powerful the better When he gets the opportunity to tackle the well named El Furioso in southwest Colombia he is thr Montana born Rex loGer is human In Colombia he meets Myriam Calambás an indígena who has lived along the El Furioso all her life Though she loves its rushing waters she dreams of leaving to get an education so that she can help her people Her dreams and her very survival are in the balance when she and Rex are ca Found this because I was looking for novels w Latin American settings for a class reading book Very exciting read while educating the reader on the the plight of the indigenous people of Colombia and effect of the drug trade on Latin America Definitely a strong tie in w the 6th grade social studies curriculum I was really excited but then the author made the protagonist too real Lie any other teenage boy Rex curses when he is angrynot suitable for a class read but definitely worth the time for an individual reading Enjoyed it

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Ught up in the clash between paramilitaries working for rich landowners and guerillas who are supposed to be protecting the poorPam Withers’ skill at writing about extreme adventures combines with a compelling story about an endangered world and a people struggling for their very right to exist The novel First Decent by Pam Withers is an exciting Action filled novel The author wanted to show her readers that sometimes life isn't as easy as you think it will be The author proved this concept in many sections of this novel For example when Rex went to Colombia to Kayak the Furioso River he thought he would go in and kayak the river and be done but he ran into many problems along the way The authors attitude towards the characters was great he explain every character in detail from the main characters all the way to the most minor characters In the beginning of the novel the author switched between characters every chapter until they met this made the novel different but good Almost all of the characters are round except Henriue and Tiago should have been described a little bit Character development occurs often mostly direct in this novel In this novel not many characters are engaging but Rex he always goes after things that he wants to do no matter how difficult or dangerous it is The major theme of this novel is that life isn't as easy as you think it will be sometimes It is revealed by Rex going to Colombia and finding out the Furioso won't be as easy to kayak as he originally thought and running into various problems along the way The theme is traditional and familiar many novels have this theme The author handled various parts of the plot differently The Introduction was a little slow and boring because there was a lot of explaining and not to much going on But the climax and conclusion was very well handled The end of the rising action and the climax had a lot of suspense and mystery about what was going to happen next There was a sub plot and the sub plot played a huge part in the ending of the novel The plot is primary to the characters and the setting The novel for the most part was very clear in describing the characters and the setting The ending of the novel was somewhat sad but at the same time happy The novel had a lot of harmony in it until the climax The novel had some symbolism in it for example many things in Myriam's community use symbolism The dialogue had a big part to do with novel it was very effective and the author used just the right amount of it to make it effective The setting of the novel played a huge role If the novel took place some where else it would not have been as interesting because where it takes place it is very dangerous and that was what made the climax so exciting There was a sense of atmosphere because the author had vivid descriptions of the setting There were many scenic effects used like describing almost everything about the setting The setting influences the characters and plot because that is were it has to take place for every thing to happen that happens during the novel Overall this was a very good novel it started out a little slow but it uickly became an intense novel

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First DescentMontana born Rex loves nothing than to take his kayak out on a river the faster and powerful the better When he gets the opportunity to tackle the well named El Furioso in southwest Colombia he is thrilled He anticipates the river’s challenges but finds himself in a situation where the real dan I got this through Goodreads' First Reads I don't usually read first person pov stories but I am finding myself slowly being sucked into the story I'm only a few chapters in but I am thoroughly enjoying each pageNow that I've finished the novel I can safely say that after the first 50 or so pages that it took to get used to the first person pov that it is primarily written in I was uickly entranced by the story and finished reading it within four hoursFast paced with twists and turns that had me spinning it was almost dizzying when I reached the end Although I find myself craving I thoroughly enjoyed the story and will be loaning my copy to friends so they can enjoy it as well