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Book Ù Obabakoak 344 pages Download å Bernardo atxaga Ð [KINDLE] ❀ Obabakoak Author Bernardo Atxaga – Admirada por miles de lectores elogiada por la crítica y traducida a numerosas lenguas Obabakoak destaca por la perfección con ue se engarzan las historias ue presenta así como poO abandonarán fácilmente la memoria del lectorAsimismo el presente título ha inspirado la película Obaba de Montxo Armendáriz director y guionista repetidamente galardonado entre cuyos títulos se hallan Tasio Historias del Kronen Secretos del corazón nominada al Oscar y Silencio rot This book circumvents serious review by containing its own exegesis and by existing from such subtle and deft construction that to explain or examine OBABAKOAK is to take something away from future readers Read this book Seriously read this book I'll write later

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Mbientes y situaciones ue describe Esta joya literaria contiene también una de las más conmovedoras reflexiones sobre la escritura y la literatura vascas Premio Nacional de Literatura premio de la Crítica y Premio Euskadi entre otros Obabakoak contiene imágenes mundos y personajes ue n Though tagged a novel Obabakoak is better described as a series of fictions tied together only by their setting in the village of Obaba But each separate story is lovingly told and the whole comes together to give the reader a great sense of place Atxaga also runs certain themes throughout the book with different apparitions through the various fictions that come together also to give the book that sense of wholeness not present in certain collections of storiesAt its heart I think Obabakoak is less a temple to the people of Obaba than it is to the act of storytelling itself Common themes include the roundabout ways that people come to tell stories the interruptions to stories being told sometimes with other stories and the simple human struggle to communicate and express There is a significant portion of the book dedicated to what one might construe as literary theory using both fictions and plain statements from characters to explain to the reader about the values that surround storytelling and how we decide what makes for a good story The examination of storytelling that remains central throughout the book also allows Atxaga to weave casual fantasies into his reality a very subtle mystical realism which blend is also a common presence in any storytelling traditionsThis is not a book filled with overpowering emotions And to its credit there are no bad guys or good guys It is instead a much softer literary being gently and subtly touching the reader much the way we would come to expect from the people of Obaba and always offering its characters the opportunity for self redemption I think it is one I will read from again and again

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ObabakoakAdmirada por miles de lectores elogiada por la crítica y traducida a numerosas lenguas Obabakoak destaca por la perfección con ue se engarzan las historias ue presenta así como por la arrebatadora imaginación de su autor y la maestría con ue éste consigue impolicar al lector en los a Obaba is a place a Basue village Obabakoak means the people and things of Obaba originally written in Basue an almost dead language understood only by a few it was later translated into Spanish where it was received with acclaim in Europe This English version was a translation from the SpanishI felt I could have written this book myself I had also lived in an Obaba during my younger years an obscure town in a small island facing the Pacific Ocean During those times the town had no electricity and we survived the tedium of our very slow lives by stories orally delivered Whether it was morning noon or nighttime you can find groups of men and women huddled in their favorite nook in the town discussing recent events local myths the remembered dead and crazy ideas My uncle Tata Teban my father and his aswang friends all masterful story tellers with seemingly endless tales like those in this book by the simple folks of Obaba