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FREE READ ☆ Tiger Trap » [Download] ➾ Tiger Trap ➹ David Wise – For decades while America obsessed over Soviet spies China uietly penetrated the highest levels of government Now for the first time based on numerous interviews with key insiders at the FBI and CIA a For decades while America obsessed over Soviet spies COus names from Wen Ho Lee to Richard Nixon stunning national security leaks and sophisticated cyberspying The story takes us up to the present with a West Coast spy ring whose members were sentenced in but it surely will continue for years to come as China faces off against America David Wise’s history of China’s spy wars in America is packed with eye popping revelatio. David Wise has written a very readable account that claims to be a history of Chinese espionage within the borders of the United States More than history of Chinese actions however its' also a history lined with leaks both known and unknown within the various intelligence organizations within the United States Wise begins by detailing the conventional Cold War nature of the espionage community as being focused on the RussiaSoviet Union threat while China has perhaps eclipsed the Russian threat in terms of the damage it inflicts China has a different subtle way of spying that often relies on gentle persuasion and inducement rather than their Russian counterparts by playing upon a natural nature by first generation Chinese immigrants to America to feel sympathetic towards creating a prosperous China and others who may feel sympathetic towards itThe rest of the book details three spying affairs that snared China unknown amounts of intelligence and caused the fall of employees in the CIA FBI and Department of Defense who had sterling careers before the incidents The book outlines three cases most notably Tiger Trap but seems to indicate that the cases are on some level interconnected another aspect of Chinese espionage rings that differs from the legends of the KGB Loved the book but it wasn't perfect In a book subtitled America's Secret Spy War against China I was expecting to hear a little bit about American attempts to counter China's behavior the book made it sound other than a brief mention towards the end concerning cyber hackers that the US wasn't mounting any effort to counter China in their efforts Overall Wise could've written a big scary panic in the streets inducing book about how China knows everything and we're doomed but he didn't opting instead to write an engaging thorough read that read like any Cold War spy thriller

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Throughout Katrina Leung code named Parlor Maid worked for the FBI for years even after she became a secret double agent for China aided by love affairs with both of her FBI handlers Here too is the inside story of the case code named Tiger Trap of a key Chinese American scientist suspected of stealing nuclear weapons secrets These two cases led to many others involving fam. This book starts as a gossip rag; really getting you emotionally invested in it From there it's instance after instance on how China doped the US; each is at least fairly entertaining But at the end of the book I was going back to the picture section to remember who is who This book lacks the US' s own spy activities which is needed for this book's sake not the American that's reading it sake Will I remember all these stories No However as a writer I will definitely refer back to this book when uestioning is something plausibleOverall entertaining readIf you are searching for your next captivating read visit my website I am an author looking for an audience

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Tiger TrapFor decades while America obsessed over Soviet spies China uietly penetrated the highest levels of government Now for the first time based on numerous interviews with key insiders at the FBI and CIA as well as with Chinese agents and people close to them David Wise tells the full story of China’s many victories and defeats in its American spy warsTwo key cases interweave. disappointing was expecting Bourne Identity action seuences instead much repetitive content that fails to excite or titillate and how did this woman seduce not one but TWO FBI handlers mysterious dragon lady magick one supposes china seduces