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FREE PDF Ö BOOK Ravenloft Tapestry of Dark Souls ñ ELAINE BERGSTROM ð [PDF / Epub] ☉ Ravenloft Tapestry of Dark Souls Author Elaine Bergstrom – A creation of magic as old as Ravenloft itself the tapestry possesses the power to attract and absorb the evil creatures that roam To corrupt and betrayA young man raised in a monastary his parents victims of a tapestry of ancient evil goes in search of love and life beyond the walls But werewolves and worse stalk the land and when he returns to release his father from the tapestry's confines he brings the Silverlord back to a world that has not seen him for centuries I've heard that this book is considered by some to be too filled with random acts of depravity to actually be considered a readable novel Not really seeing that It has a definitive plot like any other novel of a similar genre There are certainly a few evil acts throughout butit's a Ravenloft novel There's at least one or two scenes where it is inferred that children were killed butall of these scenes are only inferences no actual details of the act In a zombie apocalypse novel we have to assume that people in all walks of life have been brutally killed but we don't hear about it It's just inferred At any rate the story covers two generations of the same family which I feel gives the book an epic feel

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Dians is dwindling their hold over the tapestry slipping with each passing year their only hope for containing the evil is Jonathan a youth with strange magical powers When the boy discovers his ties to the creatures of the cloth however he may become the guardians' doom instead of their championA haunting tale of love and the power of evil boring

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Ravenloft Tapestry of Dark SoulsA creation of magic as old as Ravenloft itself the tapestry possesses the power to attract and absorb the evil creatures that roam the Dark Domains Only a reclusive order of monks the Guardians know of the tapestry's might It is their duty to use it wisely and to prevent the beings bound within the cloth from escaping Yet the number of Guar It is very telling that it took me around 6 months to finish a book of around 300 pages It wasn't the only one I was reading but stillFirst off it is uite uneven on many levels The first part the testament of Leith is about what you'd expect from a Ravenloft novel eerie and interestingly tragic although there are inconsistencies here as well such as how a knife sharpener overpowered a former assassin twice his size whose fighting prowess is extolled in the second half of the book never mind the reality of bleeding from a cut throat The second part Jonathan's tale is a mess Characterization is all over the place and inconsistent scenes change confusingly or at times defying all logic From a point on there is no rhyme or reason to the characters' actions at least none that is ever described let alone their inner turmoil that might be at the root of the matter Further for having been introduced as such involved creatures the Three Hags of Tepest remain stunningly neutral throughout most of the events Finally Morgoth? Really? The main villain an evil sort of vampiric wizard is ripped off right from Tolkien?On the other hand the book serves the reason why I started reading it perfectly it provided ample background for the town of Linde Tepestani culture the relations between the locals and the people of dreaded Gundarak the concept of migration etc I got a dozen ideas for my campaign just from the parts describing everyday life and the seasonal festivalsI have said before that DD novels are not any form of high literature but this one is a truly shoddy patchwork although I will disagree with those who have criticized it for gratuitous atrocities and having people easily succumb to evil I would remind the potential reader that this is Ravenloft whose very essence is darkness but our actual Dark Ages were not terribly differentIf you are looking for a good story chances are you will not find it here If you are looking for background and setting it's definitely there