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Was only one way to save her soul by destroying the life of Count Dracula the creature who controlled and consumed her But was the spell really br I was suspicious when I first purchased this book and thought to myself it will be very difficult to write a convincing seuel to Dracula But let's just say I was pleasantly surprised Bergstrom takes the character of Mina and gives her a dark side The archetypal heroine in distress is pulled from the pages of Dracula and becomes a complex enigmatic scheming and sensual woman There are creepy moments and the sex is pretty volcanic The plot moves well as is elegantly constructed My only complaint is that the ending seemed a little overdone almost too complicatedNevertheless if you like Gothic horror you will love this book

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Mina AUTHOR Elaine BergstrOken? Could Mina return to the ordinary turns of a day and to the restraints of a Victorian marriage after the pleasures of such exuisite darkness? This book lacked direction Maybe I shouldn't have read it piggyback on the original which I just finally read for the first time and lovedMina was one of my favorite characters in Dracula so this one had potential in concept but the final product was boring and wandered too muchSad face

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Mina AUTHOR Elaine Bergstrom doc ✓ Paperback ☆ Elaine Bergstrom ☆ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ Mina Author Elaine Bergstrom – Gym-apparel.co.uk In Bram Stoker's immortal novel Mina Harker became a living breathing object of obsession—only to fall prey to her stalker's seductive powers In Bram Stoker's immortal novel Mina Harker became a living breathing object of obsession only to fall prey to her stalker's seductive powers There Technically this shouldn't be in my read list because it didn't take long for me to shut this piece of crap and resolve never to touch it again I never really considered myself much of a Dracula purist because THAT is a truly terrible book too However the person who wrote this book either never actually READ the original or just prefers the Gary OldmanKeanu Reeves movie version wherein there is an actual romance between Dracula and Mina Harker This book tries to portray Mina who is about as properly Victorian as any character I've ever seen as someone who sexually desires the exuisite darkness of Dracula Anyone who has read the original should remember the scene in which Dracula comes to Mina in the night and forces her to drink his blood And anyone with the sense God gave a sack of wet mice will remember that this is a rape scene pure and simple He overpowers her threatens her and physically forces her to drink his blood Because he loves her and wantes to be with her for all eternity? No For revenge against these people who have dared to try to stand in his way To me rape is not romantic Not sexually appealing And to use this scene as a jumping off point for a romanticsexual connection between Mina and Dracula makes about as much sense as imagining a romance between a rapist and his victim Avoid this book at all costs I am seriously considering actually burning my copy