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A Larger Universe Summary ✓ 108 Æ [Epub] ➝ A Larger Universe ➞ James L. Gillaspy – Gym-apparel.co.uk The broadcast interview of a young computer prodigy attracts the attention of aliens aboard an interstellar trading ship The kidnapping of Tommy and his cat begins an adventure among the stars a comin The broadcast interview The broadcast interview of a young computer prodigy attracts the attention of aliens aboard an interstellar trading ship The kidnapping of Tommy and his cat begins an adventure among the stars a coming of age story entangled with computers faster than light travel a dying civilization and an ancient evilOn board the five thousand meter starship he meets a crew of humans descended from peasants priests and soldiers taken from Earth a thousand years before He soon learns that all are slaves to the seldom A Larger PDFEPUBseen aliens inhabiting the upper third of the ship His first. I saw an advertisement for A Larger Universe on my Kindle At first I thought it was a space fact book or picture book then I read a few lines of the summary and thought I've got to read that Affordable through a Kindle deal I bumped it up to the top of my reading listSUMMARYTommy Yates is a genius thirteen year old programmer who has just earned millions of dollars by developing advanced video encryption software Before he can enjoy his money and the headaches accompanying it he is abducted by a strange pigmy people who live within a dark enclosed environment and expect him to work in the stablesTommy soon learns that he has actually been abducted by aliens who rule over human slaves and fly from world to world trading goods and scrounging to survive Tommy's knowledge of computers advances him through the ranks of slaves and masters alike until the fate of all life aboard the ship as well as all humans on Earth rest in his handsOVERALL 34 out of 5I thought that this book was a fun and interesting adventure It's always great to see a character use his brains and strength to overcome the odds and come out victoriousIt's very technical though particularly regarding Tommy's deciphering of alien programming languages While I had some grasp of the mechanics behind things other readers might find it easy to get lost and lose interest as several paragraphs are devoted to the bare bones of the technologyThere are also some really good human elements in this story Tommy is just a kid thrust into this situation and later he is given a slave of his own Sisle who rouses his maturing male hormones in ways he doesn't understand It's funny real and touching at the same time as he tries to connect with this girl who comes from such a totally different backgroundI had hoped this would make a good story for my son a science fiction Harry Potter and there are great things for younger readers in this book but I think there's enough mature content to make it suited to teenagers than kidsThe ending almost felt cheating; it's a bit of a cliffhanger and I will now have to buy another book to find out what Tommy decides to do I don't think that's necessarily fair to the reader ie I paid for a story and this story doesn't have a proper ending but there's enough good stuff here to justify buying a seuelRATINGS BY CATEGORYCHARACTERS 3 out of 5Most of the characters move in and out of the story and do little than their jobs The primary characters are Tommy Lord Ull Tommy's alien patron in a way and Sisle a female human warrior slave who is given to Tommy after he is a few years older but still doesn't know what to do with herTommy's growth is literally forced upon him; he is placed in a situation where he can either progress or die Later on he has options and makes choices but initially he is put in an impossible situation This serves the story well and helps the reader believe that Tommy has the strength and imagination to overcome the trials that come later He feels like a real kidLord Ull is a curious creation She is at once cruel intelligent unimaginative honorable callous and prone to giving up She probably has one of the most interesting character arcs I have ever read without actually changing very much She does fade from the scene toward the end which is unfortunateSisle is not even introduced into midway through the book which does not serve her character She develops uickly and I liked her character but I felt like something was missing I am not sure whatPACE 4 out of 5This book is a good length and initially when Tommy is working in stables and surrounded by pigmies I began to get a little bored Then he is promoted and the reason for his abduction is explained and things get really interestingThe pace and book structure could be called a climbing the ladder story Tommy goes from a poor crying kid who doesn't understand what is happening or why to advancing in skill prestige and ideas Although only a couple of things ever go wrong for him it still keeps things interesting and moving forwardSTORY 3 out of 5From the short summary I read before I bought the book I thought this might be a slightly adventurous dashing even swashbuckling adventure among the stars It's actually of a corporate growth story as Tommy founds his own business aboard the alien spaceship and makes himself indispensable to everyone around himDon't get me wrong the story is very enjoyable and it's uality starship sci fi There are a couple of big battles a faster than light transit that brings them out too close to a star or nova and a final desperate tactic to evade undefeatable aliens that is both brilliant and logically plausible as the story presents itDIALOGUE 2 out of 5The dialogue is always clear though Tommy in particular freuently speaks in an almost formal vernacular and not just when speaking in the lords' language that kind of stopped things for me While Tommy feels like a real kid he freuently doesn't talk like oneFor some reason I imagined the lords sounding like Falco Lombardi from the original Star Fox video game for Super NintendoSTYLETECHNICAL 2 out of 5Mr Gillaspy's writing is always clear though his explanation of many technical aspects including computers programming languages and the physics involved with starship movement can be daunting particularly to anybody who isn't already a science fiction nerd A lot of the book is filled with Tommy figuring out things that most of the book's readers probably don't even have a vague grasp of

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Rk leads to revelations that the star drive is from still another alien group called the Guardians by the Nesu who fifteen hundred years before destroyed the Nesu home world and now block all scientific advancement in the local arm of the galaxyTommy’s determination to return to his family expands to include returning all the human slaves to Earth using his control of the computers that now run the ship With the help of a Nesu mathematician will he also find a way to free the Nesu from their enthrallment by the Guardians and protect the Earth from the fate of the Nesu home wor. A really good read The tone reminds me a lot of Hubbard's Battlefield Earth with much better character development and none of the cartoon feeling the latter sometimes gave The geekcomputer hacker stuff is right on just a little bit of a Karate Kid for computers feeling sometimes Overall the book's slight excesses are extremely over lookable in the presence of a great yarn Skewering the US government in the last few pages allowing them to look their pompousparanoidsilly selves was also a hoot

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A Larger UniverseMonths are spent in mindless work that he later learns is meant to domesticate his “feral” natureEventually he is introduced to the reason for his kidnapping Tommy is expected to replace the ancient and failing computers on the ship with computers taken from Earth beginning with the long dead missile controller without which the ship is defenseless After the new missile controller with Tommy as its operator successfully defends the ship against attack his “benefactor” one of the alien Nesu masters directs him to replace the environmental and navigation computers This wo. This is definitely a YA book whatever YA means to you The plot and characters are nicely written but everything is just way to easy for the hero it reminded me of uarter Share and Temporary Duty in how superior the hero is to everyone elseI've seen uite a few reviews of the book which says how well the author handles the nerdy computer stuff but I thought that was rather feeble There are vague references to linux sort of references to java would you really use that under linux some debugging of assembler but what absolutely didn't work for me was how trivial the author made writing a device driver sound From the people side what worried me was we had a young man going through puberty unmentioned of course totally immersed in his computer stuff but I really liked the way he brought the young lady into the story which is why I've given 4 rather than 3I've downgraded my rating to 3 as the physics in the book has been bugging me since I wrote this reviewHowever I will still be looking at getting the seuel to this one