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CHARACTERS Trans-Human (Post-Human, #3) ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB í [KINDLE] ❤ Trans-Human (Post-Human, #3) ➜ David Simpson – In this seuel to Post Human humanity will be forced to face a future advanced than it could have imagined if it wants to survive Nineteen months haveControlled operating system He and Thel have left the planet and spent six months vacationing on Venus which has been newly terraformed without the consent or knowledge of the Governing Council The AI has been deleted but the message it sent out into the abyss of space in search of a companion has been answer. Post Human was one of my favorite finds so I didn’t want to wait to read Trans Human Therefore I purchased a Kindle version to read on my iPad Trans Human didn’t disappoint I couldn’t put it down I don’t want to give away too much so I am going to try to keep any spoilers to a minimum if I can but I want to say that I think David Simpson is the best writer I’ve read at weaving a fast paced story that won’t let you put it down And by fast I mean lightning You find yourself unable to stop as the action just keeps going and going and the twists and turns just keep coming so fast that it becomes impossible to guess the outcome Then the latter part of the book contains an engrossing theoretical and theological discussion with implications so vast that you can’t put that down either I read Trans Human a few days ago now but I am still thinking about it It’s one of those books that stays with youSigh Now the only problem is I have to wait for Simpson’s next book Whatever it is I’ll pick it up He’s my favorite new author

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Ed An alien force dwarfing the Earth is on its way to find out why the AI has stopped communicating Keats and company can only assume its intentions will be hostile when it finds out the truth Only one thing is for sure nothing will ever be the same again Welcome to the Trans Human era Welcome to the singulari. The key to good science fiction is setting up a believable world whether single planet universe multiverse whatever defining how things work in your world and telling a good story that uses the elements of your world subject to the constrains you have applied When plausible it is OK for new elements to be introduced but some reasonable explanation needs to be offered I find the elements introduced here to be sorely lacking in such explanation andor I did not find the explanation plausible and this was a very disappointing end to the trilogy With vague hints of moral choices being made and some whiffs at character development all set against a completely ridiculous storyline this was just not the book you're looking for The ending was perhaps the biggest disappointment of all and though I'm not doing you any great favors by not spoiling it I will just say that at least it hopefully means I won't feel obligated to read any books in this once but no longer enjoyable series

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Trans Human Post Human #3In this seuel to Post Human humanity will be forced to face a future advanced than it could have imagined if it wants to survive Nineteen months have passed since the AI turned against humanity and was subseuently destroyed In the meantime James Keats has turned over the AI's powers to a non intelligent easily. Boy this is toughThere is so much potential here The ideas are actually intriguing But there are SO many problems with the executionFirst like the first two books in the series the author jumps from idea to idea with brain wrenching suddenness and zero stitching between the concepts Events don't lead to each other there isn't a lead up the author just introduces whatever whizzy bang will completely resolve the current crisis It is frustrating As soon as some good tension builds up TA DA some magic incredible technology is introduced and the tension dissipates with no real sense of accomplishmentSecond I've met manneuins with genuine personality than the characters in these books Honestly the emotional development of most the characters stopped when they were eight years old and that is how they come across Bad dialog terrible fake relationships Finally there is absolutely no literary courage No one pays any sort of price for their choices good or bad The big RESET button gets pressed every time a hint of conseuence glimmers on the horizon I can't care about these people because see above they are plastic I know that nothing happening is going to stick It all gets better everyone lives happily ever afterI would love to see this author bring ideas to the table but he really needs to partner with a writer who can craft a story and characters around his ideas There is no harm in admitting you are the idea rat and not the pencil man