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Mobi Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey The Lost Legacy of Highclere Castle

Mobi ✓ Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey The Lost Legacy of Highclere Castle 310 pages Download ✓ Fiona carnarvon à ❰KINDLE❯ ❃ Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey The Lost Legacy of Highclere Castle Author Fiona COut life at Highclere changed forever History intervened and Almina and the staff of Highclere were thrown into one of the most turbulent times of the last century Almina was forced to draw on her deepest reserves of courage in order to ensure her family the staff and the castle survivedThis is the remarkable story of a lost time But Highclere remains and in this book Fiona weaves Almina's journey into the heritage and history of one of England's most exuisite Victorian castles We should know our betters know that toffs will not be transparent They will only tell you what they want you to know and to minimise the scandal they will painfully minimise the accuracy Despite pointing out the howlers in the captions on several photographs and the historically flawed text in Highclere’s “ Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey” after the hardback came out in the UK last September the transformation of this book into it’s new “ First US Edition” with the inners unchanged confirms that viewThe book does have an attractive new cover but it’s still the content that counts It’s all another instance of Herbert history repeating itself There is already a less than honourable pile up of Carnarvon family scribes who put their heavy handed gloss on the accuracy regarding past members of the clan Elsie the second 4th Countess of Carnarvon rigorously controlled and censored the posthumous biography of Henry the 4th Earl of Carnarvon a notable Victorian politician and Cabinet Minister Lady Winifred Burghclere the sister of George 5th Earl of Carnarvon of Tutankhamun fame Almina’s husband did exactly the same stopping the leak of any embarrassing fall out about “Lordy” the name the Egyptian natives gave Lord Carnarvon in the Valley of the Kings In 1923 Lady Winfred crafted an elegant and impeccably worded posthumous sketch of her adored brother George but as seen through her very rose tinted glasses and it made no mention of faults or George’s darker proclivities Almina was demolished by Winifred’s blast of the trumpet in a single dull sentence Then there was the womanising 6th Earl’s ghosted memoirs that stopped well short of fact about his catalogue of carnal cavorting And unsurprisingly the ghost writers have done it yet again with this book portraying Almina as a saint This lady was no saint But there’s a lot at stake in only offering up a sanitised edition of Almina’s life with the rake in being synonymous with the public popularity of Highclere Castles’ expansive and expensive use as the backdrop to a television programme called “Downton Abbey”People actually believe in and follow this TV series as mesmerised as grazing sheep watching car headlamps flicking in the winter darkness of night But the same extremes between fiction and reality portrayed in “Lady Almina” are at best an attempt to confuse the masses to make them actually believe the fiction much as Orson Wells first deceived half of America into leaving their homes as they thought the men from Mars were about to landWhat good features there are in the book – and there are some genuinely interesting and worthy parts – albeit only carefully selected examples from Highclere’s Secrets Archives are lost in the colossal wave of hypocrisy by the painfully irritating plotters Almina’s true life experiences are often scuttled just as assassin or assassins scuttled an earlier biography of her in the 1990s– the reason being that on that occasion evidence was found that Almina had “strayed” the 6th Earl’s paternity was in very great doubt The gene pool of Porchey Carnarvon’s father is mentioned in the narrative but in the wrong places to bring him out with any meaningful recognition But you will find this confronted in another biography of Almina Countess of Carnarvon in addition to the rest of her secrets Besides the paternity issue which remains an open wound Almina’s own paternity is a matter of some dispute Porchey the womanising 6th Earl of Carnarvon who absolutely hated his mother was first to claim publically that the millionaire banker Baron he was never a “Sir” Alfred de Rothschild was Almina’s biological father This despite a birth certificate that states her dad was “ Frederick C Wombwell” a gentleman although also a cad Wombwell believed he was Almina’s father but he is ridiculed in Highclere’s text They choose also to ignore Almina’s brother who was a visitor at Highclere and to whom the Countess raised a fine memorial when he died Going back to Almina being a Rothschild bastard this nonsence has been maintained with constancy and the Wombwells discredited But there is NO proof in favour of the Rothschild in this book indeed they are as frigid as the fiction of Downton Abbey on the central point of their treatise It seems a case of employing the techniue of Mr Goebbels that if one utters a big enough untruth and keep repeating it people will eventually come to believe it In this case when the golden opportunity presented itself to reveal the full facts about Alfred and cite the evidence for these claims of Almina being a Rothschild the book can only declare limply “ the uestion of Almina’s paternity can’t be conclusively determined with any certainty” The strengths of “ Lady Almina” include the descriptions of Highclere ramparts at war Almina found her forte as a nurse and spent over thirty years working steadfastly and often waywardly in private nursing care mainly pampering to the Royals the rich and the famous But none of Almina’s story in the later period of her life is included in the bookAlmina transferred her Castle for the Great War and later moved her wartime nursing home activities to London’s Mayfair But all this storyline which is well enough told is small glory in what is otherwise a cowardly approach messing with a woman’s life and only stating her pleasantries Almina’s real life the character and make up of the woman her struggle for love and for own carnal pleasures as well as her motives in wanting to do something worthwhile don’t get mentioned Perhaps they were afraid of scaring the horses at Highclere stud the beasts were once owned by Almina who was made bankrupt by 1951 and lived with a man twenty years her junior in a apple orchard in Somerset completely unknown to Highclere’s hounds The book makes a good meal out of the rituals of Society entertaining and Almina’s brave challenge to be the grandest hostess of the hour The stay at Highclere Castle by the Prince of Wales later King Edward VII in 1895 is a good chunk but this was published in a previous book by the same stable so it’s double dipping Another weakness of the book is in its abrupt ending Almina’s story is cut off suddenly in 1923 just after the 5th Earl’s famous mosuito bite and then cruel demise That said the last page refers to her second marriage to an ex army Colonel whilst saying nothing of the blackguard plunging her into a scandalous Court case of DENNISTOUN v DENNISTOUN in 1925 which cost her 100000 worth of misery In summing up Almina’s next four lively decades in a single paragraph – and not a very good one – it leaves the brainwashed reader with only that other biography to best reflect the Countess’s full life and loves her glories and her descent into bankruptcy but ultimately to her greater story which in being told without warts or blemishes leaves this important unstoppable eccentric woman who really didn’t give a damn a much lesser figure than she really was She deserves a much better memorial than a nice new book cover

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Lady and the Real Downton eBook #241 Fiona Carnarvon became the and the PDFEPUB #193 chatelaine of Highclere Castle the Lady Almina PDFEPUBsetting of the hit series Downton Abbey eight years ago In Almina and the Kindle #216 that time she's become fascinated by the rich history of Highclere Almina and the Real Downton PDFEPUBand by the extraordinary people who lived there over the centuries One person particularly captured Fiona's imagination Lady Almina the th Countess of Carn Yeah I read this Why Because I'm a lady you see Please pay me no heedThis is the story of Highclere Castle at its prime Specifically it focuses on Lady Almina her husband Lord Carnarvon and their family As the subtitle suggests Highclere is the impressive house better known to the world these days as Downton Abbey and that is why this book exists There are marked similarities between what viewers of that hit television show will recognize and what actually happened at Highclere especially during the Great War period so DA fans will not be disappointed They may however be bogged down with history than they expected This is not a place you'll receive a full erudite lecture upon Victorian and Edwardian England but it is serviceable In fact the very beginning is somewhat hard to follow what with the lords and ladies with their numerous names often French or German in origin that come out marble mouthed as if your tongue has been stewing in a vat of anesthesia Those who relish pomp will delight in chapter one's description of a wedding and marriage that only money could buy However those same people are probably going to be exhausted by the history lesson which is why they may not like this book and why I enjoyed it than I expected I didn't have high hopes that there was going to be anything of substance herein In fact I'm surprised to be writing this review never mind giving it 4 stars because I figured I would've given the book up as a waste of time about halfway through But I did read this smooth yet workman like book to the end and enjoyed its insights The Carnarvon family were aristocrats and part of me is sickened by their excessesbuuut then I remember I live in America I recall the fairly privileged life I've led and it humbles me Looking beyond the entitlement you can't help but like these people for their charity the part they played in the war the many philanthropic efforts etc etc Yes yes they had plenty of money that they didn't earn so why shouldn't they should give it back But not all of them didor do The way the system works I guess we should be glad of the Bill Gateses of the world Beyond all that the family had long reaching contacts not only in society and government but in the world in general There were fascinating connections to the Brideshead Revisited novelist Evelyn Waugh and the most incredible archaeological find of all time that made for interesting sidebars I would've liked to have heard about the building of the house and what it looks like on the inside but then I suppose Fiona Carnarvon the current lady of the house didn't want to sap the tourism cash cow generated by visits to Highclere Daily attendance must be through the roof lately

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Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey The Lost Legacy of Highclere CastleArvon Almina was the illegitimate daughter of banking tycoon Alfred de Rothschild She was his only daughter and he doted on her Almina and the Real Downton PDFEPUBShe married George the Earl of Carnarvon at with an enormous dowry At first life at Highclere was a dizzying mix of sumptuous banuets for and even the occasional royal visitor Almina oversaw members of staff many of whom came from families who had worked at Highclere for generations But when the First World War broke Are you at a loss after viewing the Season 2 final episode of Downton Abbey wondering how you will make it until Season 3 airs Then pick up this book and snuggle in for a great read I think you will enjoy reading about the real people and recognize those who have lived and loved beautiful Highclere Almina inherits gobs of money from Albert Rothschild and becomes a real catch in the late 1890s VictorianEdwardian society of London The 5th Earl of Carnarvon picks her and they make a love match She is strong bold energetic and knows how to ask for even money from Rothchild to accomplish all she wishes to do Trivia do you know who discovered King Tut's tomb Read this Now while I wait for Season 3 I must read about WWI and the tragedies of Gallipolli Ypres the Somme and how my grandfather might have survived crawling across Belgium