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MOBI Í DOC The Scarlet Ruse 9780449027448 ´ GYMAPPAREL É [Reading] ➸ The Scarlet Ruse By John D. MacDonald – Travis McGee is too busy with his houseboat to pay attention to the little old man with the missing postage stamps Except these are no ordinary stamps They are rare stamps FourTravis McGee is too busy with his houseboat to pay attention to the little old man with the missing postage stamps Except these are no ordinary stamps They are rare stamps F Thanks to this one and Lawrence Block’s Keller series I know about philately then I ever thought I wouldTravis McGee is coming off of one of his periodic retirements and looking for a new salvage gig in which he’ll try to recover items that people were scammed out of for half their value His client this time is a stamp dealer named Hirsh who puts together collections for people looking to use them as investments Hirsh had been working with Frank Sprenger who is well connected to the kind of people you don’t want to double cross lest you find yourself sharing an oil drum with Jimmy HoffaUnfortunately the dealer got a look at the collection he’s been buying for Sprenger during his last transaction and someone swapped the rare stamps for junk despite the display book being kept in a locked safe deposit box that reuires that both of them access it together Their agreement leaves Hirsh on the hook to reimburse Frank and since this would bankrupt him he’s desperately trying to learn how it was done and who was responsible before Frank figures out that something is wrong Suspects include Hirsh’s two assistants and it also seems possible that Frank could have been running some elaborate con to get the stamps as well as clean Hirsh outTravis also has other things on his mind since the Lauderdale city council has just passed a measure designed to make living on a house boat illegal so he has to decide whether he’ll become a landlubber or move his beloved Busted Flush to a new permanent berth Since this is a Travis McGee book we’re talking about there also has to be a lady for him to romance and his latest victim candidate is Hirsh’s assistant Mary AliceI was having a fun time with this one through the first half of it as Travis tried to figure out how the stamps could have been switched as well as checking into Sprenger’s background As always half of what I like is McGee’s inner monologues about various aspects of the modern life of his time Since the series was well into the 1970s by then the sexism was toned down to a tolerable level then many of the previous installmentsBut things go downhill in a hurry once the book shifts to the romance with Mary Alice and McGee seems to develop a terminal case of the stupids view spoiler For being a guy who lives by his wits and much has been made about his instincts for reading people Travis comes across as a complete dumb ass in this one He somehow falls for Mary Alice despite her being a sociopath and he completely misreads what’s going on with Sprenger MacDonald does a decent job of dropping some hints about Mary Alice’s true nature along the way but once the realization is made any hint of subtly or pretense is gone She’s seems stupid and obvious after this point so it makes McGee seem incredibly gullible for not picking up on it sooner hide spoiler

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Um's heart Only it's not McGee's heart that's in danger Because a syndicate killer has put a contract on McGee A killer who knows something about stamps and even about McGee Number 14 in the Travis McGee series; the third such book I've read and the last one available at the public library in Arizona I will certainly have to check the shelves when I go back for a couple of weeks in MayThis story was a bit unusual for me because it dealt with stamp collecting You don't see that hobby in many books outside of the field itself But I had fun reading because I used to collect stamps so I was not as confused by some of the terminology as a person who had never collected might have beenIn the previous McGee book I read he was approached at one point by a girl who asked him if he was pro football player so and so This time it was a drunk guy in a bar who asked him the same uestion I probably would not have noticed that if I had not skipped from number 5 to number 14 Unless some character asked him that very uestion in each book? A subject for future studyI made a comment in my little notebook that there seemed to be social commentary going on in this book than in the others I read Such passages threw me off stride and even though I agreed with some of them I got a bit of brain freeze at other times I just wanted to find out what had happened to the stamps and who was going to be the guilty party A good story but I liked the other two better

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The Scarlet RuseOur hundred thousand dollars worth of rare And if McGee doesn't recognize their value perhaps Mary Alice McDermit does a six foot knockout who knows all the ways to a boat b I must admit that I actually do not remember all that much specific detail with regard to this Travis McGee adventure except that because once again in John D MacDonald's The Scarlet Ruse there is not enough of McGee's sidekick and best friend Meyer present and extant at least for me personally I rather uickly began to lose interest and become somewhat bored and distracted For it is really and truly the case with basically ALL of the Travis McGee novels I have read to date that while I to a point enjoy reading about the main protagonist Travis McGee his exploits his worldview his many adventures and misadventures although the rather constant machoism and sexism does at times begin to wear a bit thin if his best friend and foil Meyer the brilliant and understated PhD in economics who as a literary character I not only enjoy but actually am very much and deeply enamoured of with a lasting and serious literary crush does not appear consistently and enough I simply and yes very uickly begin to experience reading tedium and while in The Scarlet Ruse I seem to remember that Travis McGee is actually saved from certain death by Meyer and then nursed back to health by a character from the past from the very first Travis McGee novel The Deep Blue Good Bye these facts do not really save the novel from being rather tedious and long winded without my best literary friend Meyer and his astute observation and ideas constantly present Two and a half stars rounded up to three stars as I also feel I do not sufficiently recall enough of the specific plot of The Scarlet Ruse to be curmudgeonly although I do indeed remember my disappointment when I picked up this novel in the late 80s and realised that Meyer was a little too absent for much of the time for me to truly and happily enjoy this fourteenth instalment of John D MacDonald's Travis McGee novels