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characters Þ The Darkness of Perfection 109 ☆ ➮ [Ebook] ➩ The Darkness of Perfection By Michael Schneider ➺ – He desired perfection She already was perfect Can two people build a love forged in the fires of hellNicholas comes from a world of darkness where women are no better than slaves He bUp his dreams of their perfect life together An accidental meeting brings him face to face with his dream Will he realize that true happiness can only be found in the beauty of imperfection before it's too late. This story was oddly compelling in that it was all too easy to believe that Nicholas could view his life as normal and see nothing wrong with kidnapping Jayden and forcing her to marry him After all his family are human traffickers Given to him as a child he firmly believes that Jayden belongs to him and has no choice in the matter He has built her up in his mind as the perfect mate and is determined that they will have the perfect life together Rescued from a horrible future by her mother they find sanctuary in a small town and build a new life I found it a little difficult to believe that once they found safety Jayden's mother didn't raise her to be able to protect herself It's understandable that they would want a normal life but shouldn't you provide the tools to protect your child just in case she was ever found Have her learn self defense take karate classes or something At least have a talk with her before she leaves for college don't just send her off on her own Seemed irresponsible and unrealistic If Jayden's mother was so fiercely protective and risked so much to rescue Jayden from a life of slavery then she should have done a better job of preparing her for going off to college on her ownIt also bothered me how Nicholas found Jayden after all these years Didn't ring true as I couldn't see him taking the same sort of cruise that Jayden's parent would be able to afford If his family was so rich and powerful he would probably have chartered a private yacht if he wanted to go cruising Seemed forced Don't mean to suggest that I didn't enjoy the story as I really did The narration switched back and forth between Jayden and Nicholas so we could see things from both of their perspectives I think that Nicholas really loved her or at least the idea of her and honestly didn't understand that what he was doing was wrong in any way Jayden cried way too much in my opinion but she was only 18 and had led a sheltered lifeWas torn between giving this book a 35 or 45 as some of the inconsistencies bothered me Ultimately decided it was worth a 45 as I really enjoyed he story while reading and it was only afterwards that some of the plot points started to bother me The author does a fantastic job of giving us a glimpse into the life of a human trafficker as well as the confusion Jayden experienced while coming to grips with her situation Will be looking for from Michael the future as he's very talented

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Appiness is for his wife to be molded to perfection He had the promise of perfection in The Darkness eBook #206 the bright eyes and innocent smile of a childhood friend long since lost to his world He never gave. Published as a Twilight fan fiction The Perfect Wife P2P fan fiction is a no no

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The Darkness of PerfectionHe desired perfection She already was perfect Can two people build a love forged in the fires of hellNicholas comes from a world of darkness where women are no better than slaves He believes the secret to true h. Author Michael Schneider deserves a 100% STANDING OVATION I would beg her to write a seuel SEUEL SEUEL SEUEL This story had me on the edge the entire read He was a teen when the six 6 year old girl was brought to his home to live Nicholas secretly protected Jayden when his father cruelly punished her She had been sold to his father a powerful and influential man who earned most of his riches from white slavery He had promised Jayden to his son Nicholas when she grew up Knowing Jayden's future her mother took her young child and escaped She refused to see Jayden in the hands of a man that would train her to do as she was told; to become a woman without freedom or independence and to do the total bidding of her husband Nicholas never gave up on finding Jayden after all she was promised to himNow at the age of 18 and in college Jayden is kidnapped and forced into a world that will take away all of her freedom by the protector that had loved her since she was a little girlTHIS BOOK HAS BEEN DIVIDED into chapters that go from Nicholas thoughts to Jayden's thought with various situations ie chapter 5 might be Nicholas thoughts on how to handle Jayden in a particular way and chapter 6 might be Jayden's thoughts on being handled This writing style continues throughout the book