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Wicked Words Summary Ç 5 ñ ❰Epub❯ ➝ Wicked Words Author Terry Deary – Gym-apparel.co.uk History with the nasty bits left in Wicked Words tells you some fascinating and funny facts about the incredible English language and its horrible history from the first word ever to dreadful dictiona History with the nasty bits left in WickeZy slang Want to know• how to be very rude without anybody knowing• some murky Medieval jokes• what to say if someone calls you mundungus hackum or jobbernowlRead on for some potty proverbs wacky word games. There is really no better way to get kids interested in history than by giving them a Terry Deary Horrible Histories I loved these books as a kid and I love to collect them now Deary's take on history is hilarious and interesting It may not all be true but you definitely learn something

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History with the nasty bits left in Wicked Words tells you some fascinating and funny facts about the incredible English language and its horrible history from the first word ever to dreadful dictionaries and slea. Though I’m no stranger to the English language I was still curious to read what Terry Deary had to say about it the origins of some of its words and the great writers who influenced and changed its shape for ever As you already know from the title today I’m going to review Terry Deary’s Wicked Words the third Horrible Histories book I’ve read this yearIn the Introduction we are told that words are power and they can hurt as deep as a sword But In order to gain this power and learn how to use it we have to read this book So the purpose of this short volume is to make the young readers be both accustomed to and entertained by the English language and its secrets Before the timeline there’s a chapter dedicated to prehistoric times the first language humans spoke which made the difference between our survival and extinction and what archaeological findings reveal about this topic The Horrible Histories timeline for the English language stretches from Rome’s rule over Britain to the 20th century But it also includes Gutenberg’s printing press two of the most influential English writers and Dr Samuel Johnson’s English dictionaryThe table of content of this book is arranged alphabetically and each letter comprises a chapter or two and an aspect of the English language Personally I would have preferred the chronological order because it was strange to read about Dickens before Shakespeare But let’s move on In this book you will read about the history of the English language divided into six brief parts Anglo Saxon literature stylistic literary devices such as alliteration great English writers and poets such as Geoffrey Chaucer William Shakespeare and Charles Dickens William Caxton words and their etymologies euphemisms slang words swear words and many You will also find fragments from Beowulf Sir Gawain and the Green Knight The Vision of Piers Plawman The Canterbury Tales Macbeth A Tale of Two Cities A Christmas Carol etc However but beware the endings of these literary works are spoiled in this book; so skip those parts if you haven’t read them yet In the end I think that this book is great for children who are interested in language and grammar because Terry Deary explains everything clearly and inserts jokes games riddles and stories along the way For me on the other hand this book didn’t have a lot of new information to offer because I already knew enough about the English language and its history Also I wasn’t a big fan of the football metaphor for the various invasions of Britain but I guess it might work for younger readers Overall it was a nice read so please give this book a try if you or your kids are into languages and British humour

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Wicked WordsRidiculous writers and rotten riddles Ever suffered a spelling test or grappled with grammar Get your revenge with some really wicked words even English teachers will be speechlessHistory has never been so horribl. It’s an average readits not amazing but it’s also not terrible