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READ The Bohr Maker 107 ✓ ❮Download❯ ➸ The Bohr Maker Author Linda Nagata – Nikko is the first true post human a man genetically engineered to survive in the airless void of space but the research permit that allows his existence is about to expire His body has already begun Nikko is the first true post human a man geneCopied and spread throughout the population Together Phousita and Nikko must evade a ruthless pursuit both to preserve their own lives and to save the Bohr Maker which holds the promise of re defining humanity for good or for illA brilliantly original fast paced thriller The Bohr Maker won the Locus Award for Best First Novel The Bohr Maker is Book of The Nanotech Succession a collection of stand alone novels exploring the rise of nanotechnology and the strange and fascinating future that follo. A bit clunky but solid Very clearly a debut novel but kept me engaged and interested the whole wayThe characters were usually interesting if loosely drawn I appreciated Phousita as a protagonist and Nikko was really interesting as a genetically engineered blue space human On the other hand the villain was cartoonishly vicious and Sandor was the blandest sad boy love interest since Ash Tyler The world and the technology were the draw here I think They were fascinating and I loved the matter of fact treatment but also extensive use and heavy integration into the everyday workings of the world of things like ghosts memory uploading and emailing a copy of your brain from Earth to a space station and around the world a lot of sci fi with technological memory backups that I've read at least doesn't seem to go much beyond having a backup for in case you die so all the things that these ghosts were used for in The Bohr Maker were really interesting ideas The nanotechnology and bioengineering bordered on rules less magic but as that seemed to be kinda the point I actually kinda appreciated itThe book placed a lot of emphasis on Phousita's superstition She's an uneducated homeless girl who suddenly got access to immensely powerful technology she didn't understand and she assumed it was magic and that she was now a witch weaving spells I was a bit hesitant about this plotline it so often so easily becomes naive brown girl from the slums thinks tech is magic rich white boy teaches her about TECHNOLOGY and MODERN LIFE and HOW TO BE SMART LIKE HIM but the book never went there Phousita came into her own on her own still treating the nanotech inside her like magic and integrating that understanding into how she solved problems and made choices and the narrative never really condescended to her for it never made it seem like she was stupid or foolish or needed to learn how the tech actually worked Her interpretation was treated as a valid one and in a world where tech allows her to do pretty much anything she wants to just by thinking it why not That's basically magic I feel like this kind of attitude of tech as magic is low level through a lot of cyberpunk but this directness and refusal to condemn the character for thinking this way is refreshing

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The archives of the Commonwealth police but his plan goes awry The device escapes into the wild infecting a young woman named Phousita who lives in an impoverished slum where nanotechnology is regulated only by the black market Phousita's genetic code is rewritten by the Maker Her senses are enhanced and she gains extraordinary powers of healing but like Nikko she has become a fugitive The Commonwealth police are on the hunt determined to sterilize all traces of the Bohr Maker before it can be. DUDE BRAVO What a book What a sweet piece of science fictionOk I've been on such a sci fi run lately and have read lots of great books Now I realize that even with the best sci fi there tends to be something missing heart awww a good ol tug on the feels I'm not bitching though it has to be really hard to come up with a story that elicits all the various human emotions when your mostly talking about non human things spacetechnologyAI etc This book seemed to brilliantly come up with solutions to that I won't give anything away but just know that this book is so so so smart it's intriguing psychologically philosophically and intellectually Covers all the bases The characters are wonderful Even the ones that you hate you understand the mentality behind their actions I could go on and on Just read this fucking book already

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The Bohr MakerNikko is the first true post human a man genetically engineered to survive in the airless void of space but the research permit that allows his existence is The Bohr Kindle about to expire His body has already begun an insidious pre programmed failure that will end in his death Nikko's only hope for survival rides on an illegal and extremely powerful nanotech device known as the Bohr Maker that will allow him to rewrite his genetic code and extend his life He attempts to steal the Maker from. This is a stunning cyberpunk novel by a female writer so close to classic cyberpunk in the sense that it has not diluted the hard SF feel of the sub genre and yet so closely affiliated with its politically correct flexible successor feminist cyberpunk Along with Melissa Scott's Trouble and Her Friends it is one of those few hard SF works that while staying true to the specifications of classic cyberpunk simultaneously break its boundaries boldly – or rather I should say expand the horizons of classic cyberpunk to make it inclusiveThe world is divided into two political factions – one part allied with the Commonwealth government which strictly controls biotechnology and ensures the new systems are registered and do not exceed its stringent specifications – in order to stay in power and do away with potential better programs that may usurp its dominance so reminiscent of WTO isn’t itThe other part is Spill that has decided to remain independent of the coalition but which is nevertheless governed by Commonwealth laws on bio tech making it a ripe place for all illegal bio tech and their Makers to indulge in black marketing A slum infested poverty ridden ugly place the under belly of the sueaky clean CommonwealthNikko is the world’s first “posthuman” – a code of programming with free will that is bound to expire after the treaty with Commonwealth expires – but he wishes to live and decides to steal a powerful program – called the Bohr Maker – to ensure he will live on But the program escapes and ends up in the body of an illiterate impoverished prostitute Phousita in Spill who has no understanding of it and thinks she is possessed by a spirit With the Commonwealth police on her heels for a program she doesn’t know she possesses she becomes a fugitive and with Nikko and an interesting horde of characters must escape and find a way to deal with the Bohr Maker Of course this is only the thinnest plot – the vastly interesting other sub plots are left out to make it a spoiler free reviewThe GR blurb is brilliant classic cyberpunk feel is so obvious – the radical breakdown in the politicalsocial aspects strongly alludes to the present world – the Commonwealth representing the “Big bad corporations” while Nikko Phousita and other characters are basically the punk elements the rebels who break the rules who exist on the fringes of the corporate world represented by Kirstin It was well paced thought provoking With the main character being a genetically engineered post human struggling to keep himself alive it is evident that it will tease our notions of what it means to be human But it goes a step further view spoilerNikko’s body is destroyed while his ghost has to be downloaded in various bodies time and again and at a point of time three ghosts inhabit a single body – Phousita’s hide spoiler