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Ealing centre Finding Violet PDF next door a pretty smart name for a place with a battered brown door and no proper door handle and stuck on wooden numbers in the shape of clowns The of number was a w stuck on sideways and I thought it was kind of sad and I liked it at the same time Sixteen year old Lucas Swain becomes intri. I think the cover is brilliant much better than the photograph I have taken and when I first got the book I thought someone had actually doodled all over it I remember thinking I liked it and at the same time wondered how could they sell such a book even if it is second hand until I read the blurb Silly meI knew the book as Me the Missing and the Dead but I must confess I like the title Finding Violet Park better because it is a title that doesn’t give anything away as it was released in America After reading Broken Soup I came to know that her first book Finding Violet Park won the Guardian children’s fiction prize and I wanted to read it the stunning cover was the actual reason Then university happened and I forgot all about it Jenny Valentine felt like a nom de plume to me but it is indeed her real name she married her ValentineIt is odd coming back to an author whose work I had read when I wasn’t as much of a cynic and sullied by the world as I’m now While reading I felt as if I was reconciling the present and past versions of me which is weird because it is the first time I am reading this book but my mind associates Finding Violet Park with an earlier time a pre university eraI read a major chunk of the book while awaiting my turn in a long line which twisted and turned in ways unimaginable of people waiting for their turn at the registration counter at a hospital And if my nose wasn’t buried in the book the two hour wait in the line moving slower than a snail which ultimately turned out to be for nothing would have been maddening If there is anything I have learnt all these years it is this – Never leave the house without a bookThe book deals with how Lucas a 16 year old and his family – mother sister brother and grandparents cope after his father goes missing read ghosting in real life It’s a book where death has a strong presence since the other lead character Violet Park is in a urn as in already dead Their paths crisscross and what happens then forms the rest of the narrativeLucas has been forced to grow up before he hit his teens He is a bit of an oddball and strange for his age but that is what growing up too early does to you He talks to himself often I get you I really do When others don’t understand the only option left is oneself He idolizes his father who vanished without a trace leaving behind his pregnant wife two children and ageing parents And this breaks my heart because I know the truth won’t be prettyThough published by Harper Children in 2007 this is not a children’s book but would belong in the category YA young adult The writing is simple but the themes are complex but then YA books have never been traditional and that is what I like about them Some people think YA books are rubbish and precocious and isn’t worth the hype Read the book for the most unexpected pair of protagonists if not for the themes it addresses – death alienation loneliness assisted suicide dissolution of a marriage and growing up in a broken family trials of old age and ravages of dementia all without ever getting heavy handedThe book is eual parts funny tender and sad and hopeful though not all at once And the ending will leave you gobsmacked I suggest you get your hands on a copy if YA floats your boatIt's what you do when you grow up apparently face up to things you'd rather not and accept the fact that nobody is who you thought they were maybe not even closeOriginally posted at

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Finding Violet ParkGued by the urn of ashes left in a cab office Convinced that its occupant Violet Park is communicating with him he contrives to gain possession of the urn little realising that his uest will take him on a voyage of self discovery and identity forcing him to finally confront what happened to his absent and possibly dead fathe. Lucas Swain is almost sixteen years old and his dad has been missing for five years when he meets Violet Park on a shelf at a cab office Thing is Violet Park is than a little bit dead and living in an urn at the timeBut Lucas knows that she has something to tell him Even though she's no longer among the livingAs Lucas tries to unearth the truth about Violet Park and what she wants from him he realizes that there may have been a connection between Violet Park and his missing father The he digs the he begins to learn truths about the dad he's always idolized truths he's not sure he ever wanted to knowI love this book It doesn't sound like much from the description and when you hold it in your hand a slim little volume you won't believe that it can worm its way into your heart and make you care but it can and it will In a few short pages you'll get to know Lucas You'll hear his voice in your head honest and contempletive and real and true and you'll want to keep talking to himBecause like Violet the fact that Lucas isn't real won't stop you from getting to know him or from caring about himThere are lines in this book that ring so honest and true that they break your heart even as you know they're true It occurs to me that all most people do when they grow up is fix on something impossible and then hunger after itAnd the thing about everyone else in my family is that we are so busy being miserable all the time about impossible stuff that being miserable has started to become normal and strangely comfortingI mean how much would we actually like it if Dad showed up tomorrow and became part of the family againWouldn't it make everyone a bit awkwardIt would be like having a stranger in the house like a new lodgerIt would be really weirdAt some point without anybody noticing the impossible object of desire must turn into the last thing on Earth you want to happenAnd let me just add in one last thing just when you think this book couldn't possibly get any better that the ache of goodness and honest writing and characters you've grown to love in such a few short pages couldn't swell any larger in your heart just wait for the last chapter Just wait for it Because it's perfect

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FREE READ ☆ Finding Violet Park ✓ ❰Download❯ ➽ Finding Violet Park Author Jenny Valentine – Narrated by the most compelling voice since Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night time this is a uirky and original voyage of self discovery triggered by a lost urn of ashes The mini cab office was Narrated Narrated by the most compelling voice since Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night time this is a uirky and original voyage of self discovery triggered by a lost urn of ashes The mini cab office was up a cobbled mews with little flat houses either side That's where I first met Violet Park what was left of her There was a h. FIRST IMPRESSIONJenny Valentine is one of those authors who will always be a three star author to me She has this weird sense of bizarre logic which I can't help loving but she can't fool me into thinking any of her stories could be real The covers of her books are always pretty Just sayingWRITING STYLEI uite like Lucas's thoughts Although there were a zillion commas missing and though people suppose boys to speak in a snappy way Lucas doesn't seem like the snappy type He's too nice and too girly Which brings me to another problem he doesn't sound like a boy But I'm not a boy so who knows PLOTIt was okay A deep sense of suspense mixed in with a little bit of unpredictability I can honestly say I wasn't expecting the ending But it was so bizarre I mean what normal teenager has a connection with ashes of a woman who supposedly ends up having some connection with himCHARACTERSI loved how Violet Park was in the title and she seemed like such a peculiar person The technicolour lady I didn't really like Lucas Martha was just eh Nothing special I still have a hard time thinking Lucas would choose her over her blonde friend I hate the way all the characters speak; they're so un teenager like It makes me wonder just when this book took placeOVERALLIt's not a bad book I would honestly give it two stars if it wasn't for the awesome ending which you'll just have to read AMOUNT OF STARS3