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SUMMARY Antologi Rasa ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ç ☃ Antologi Rasa PDF / Epub ✑ Author Ika Natassa – Tiga sahabat Satu pertanyaan What if in the person that you love you find a best friend instead of a loverK e a r aWere both just people who worry about the breaths we take not how we breatheHow canVorite writers dan Antologi Rasa benar benar mengobati kerinduan untuk membaca tulisan Ika Bahasanya witty alur cerita mengalir lancar dan plot serta pilihan kata yang selalu bikin jleb after jleb after jleb in my heart Kena banget Love is a universal topic and Ika Natassa with her Antologi Rasa has bring it to the next level Ollie penulis pemilik NulisBukucomAntologi Rasa mengobati rasa kangen saya pada lembaran kisah makhluk urban khas Ika yang ceplas ceplos dan menggigit Bersiaplah untuk terombang ambing di dalamnya karena rasa di hati tidak pernah berbohong Sitta Karina novelis dan kontributor lepasAntologi Rasa is a no barrier urban novel Ika Natassa menghadirkan karakter karakter metropolis yang dibalik kesuksesan karir dan finansialnya mengalami krisis emosional yang dramatis tapi tidak cengeng Kerapuhan internal pribadi pribadi kosmopolitan berhasil dilukiskan dengan detil dan seksama Novel ini penting dibaca oleh pria dan wanita karir agar saling mengerti Referensi pop culture serta lokasi cerita yang kuat membuat Antologi Rasa jadi kaya meriah dan menyenangkan A page turner indeed Ve Handojo penulis skenarioBrilliant Membaca novel ini membuat saya teringat masa masa single dulu karena alur ceritanya yang terasa begitu dekat dengan realitas sehari hari Ika berhasil membuat saya tidak bisa berhenti membaca novel ini sebelum tamat Amalia Malik Purtanto sahabat dan first read. 3 years of waiting is over Antologi Rasa finally released 3 years of expecting from Ika Natassa out of the 2 thumbs up Divortiare Somewhat I could smell this book could be a blast starting from last year while Ika keep tweeting about making a new book In the meanwhile she did also tweeting that she only wrote if not tweeting LoLAnd my guess is trueThis book is hell of a book Ika is putting the reader through point of few of each main characters which is something new to me lead me only deep diving into one's character I enjoyed being the swiftful Keara being the dumb Ruly being the dumber Harris even being the womanizer PanjiTwisted plot twisted end becomes surreal yet so clear Because while reading it it was not Keara whose vomiting and lay head to Ruly's chest It was me It was not Harris whose being slapped by Kiara after returned from Toasted Box It was me Too bad Ika didn't describe the f scene between Harris and Keara from Harris'es point of view D Oke yang pengen scene ini dibuat 1 chapter khusus make a line behind me PReading Antologi Rasa could really make me jump into the scene Somewhat I could hear the roaring engines out of F1 race I could see ocean of crowds waving to John Mayer even I could even smell the hustle bustle in Pasar Sukowati Perhaps because except John Mayer's concert I did also travel to those places But I also think this because she cleverly put those scenes into wordsWitty languages somewhat make this novel fun to be read Far from boring Very Ika Natassa This novel made my eyebrows raised Made me put sulky sly smile out of my face Made me even laugh hardly Apart from the novel's main character is a bankers just like Ika's two previous novels well to be concluded 2 thumbs is not enough I give 4 instead A must read book for those who love metropop novels Bravo Ika

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Tiga sahabat Satu pertanyaan What if in the person that you love you find a best friend instead of a loverK e a r aWere both just people who worry about the breaths we take not how we breatheHow can we be so different and feel so much alike RulDan malam ini tiga tahun setelah malam yang membuatku jatuh cinta my dear dan aku di sini terbaring menatap bintang bintang di langit pekat Singapura ini aku masih cinta Rul Dan kamu mungkin tidak akan pernah tahuThree years of my wasted life loving youR u l yYang tidak gue ceritakan ke Keara adalah bahwa sampai sekarang gue merasa mungkin satu satunya momen yang bisa mengalahkan senangnya dan leganya gue subuh itu adalah kalau suatu hari nanti gue masuk ke ruangan rumah sakit seperti ini dan Denise sedang menggendong bayi kami yang baru dia lahirkan Yang tidak gue ceritakan ke Keara adalah rasa hangat yang terasa di dada gue waktu suster membangunkan gue subuh itu dan berkata Pak istrinya sudah sadar dan bahwa gue bahkan tidak sedikit pun berniat mengoreksi pernyataan itu Mimpi aja terus RulH a r r i sSenang definisi gue elo tertawa lepas Senang definisi elo Mungkin gue nggak akan pernah tahu Karena setiap gue mencoba melakukan hal hal manis yang gue lakukan dengan perempuan perempuan lain yang sepanjang sejarah tidak pernah gagal membuat mereka klepek klepek ucapan yang harus gue dengar hanya Harris darling udah deh nggak usah sok manis Go. Ika NatassaAntologi RasaGramedia Pustaka Utama344 pages15 Homophobic pretentious and pompous Antologi Rasa renders the worst ualities you've often encountered in Ika Natassa's booksThe whole situation with most of Ika Natassa's books Antologi Rasa specifically is like Potemkin village Its gorgeous book cover is designed to deceive the readers to believe that its content is worth to read than it really is But this is just one part of façade Antologi Rasa is built upon intricate layer and layer of frontages the book cover; the plethora of trivia about The Rolling Stones' concert HG Wells' Time Machine F1 statistics; Keara's audacity loudness and her bad girl persona that even puts the old Awkarin the new Awkarin on the other hand rocks to a shame; the masculine points of view of Harris Ruly and Panji that are merely some dick measuring contest; pages and pages abundant with expensive and luxurious brand These frontages like it or not are there to hide something are there to hide the insecurity and fragility of the author that's subtly apparent there But on that later I used to think that books including fiction ones should be educational to their readers and that's why trivia is good the the merrier More trivia means educational And that's why you will still find some trite and unimportant trivia that's why it's called trivia in my early draft that I wrote when I was in junior high like what's the capital city of St Kitts Nevis Boy I was wrong As I got older and by older I mean as I was in high school I realized that spewing out your knowledge just to make you look intelligent is not cool And breaking news No one cares about your trivia In fact people don't like it unless they cram for Who Wants to be a Millionaire or Jeopardy I always wonder if Natassa's books still work without random facts or pretentious Latin phrases Well the answer is surprisingly yes It will be better probably But I also wonder if this is just her way to cover something When you really really read Antologi Rasa and if you can stand it in the first place of course you can sense how fragile and vulnerable Keara our main character is Since she is the only main female character who resonates with the author the most both are successful banker this thing keeps haunting my mind is this what the author actually feeling Is Keara's hostility written to hide the author's vulnerability Or do I just over psychoanalyze this Will I get blocked after this But in my humble opinion I think without those facts and super well to do character Antologi Rasa will be just another forgettable chicklit After all plot wise there's nothing special about the book Antologi Rasa still follows the same character and language template Can you believe that this is her third book that features female main character who works at a bank I can because I believe that this is easier to write something close to your actual occupation This also explains why all the characters are rich and financially successful which has become Natassa's legacy in her upcoming works But I can also see why this book is popular it sells dream that only few of us can actually afford Well scratch that only few of Jakarta people can actually afford A few days back Twitter feed was filled with story about privileged people who casually say that their hard working attitude is the only recipe to their success that it's not hard to earn money and you are wrong if you earn it the hard way This tweet sent the public to an outcry but this experience opens people's mind about privilege Privileged is probably the adjective that suits the main characters of Antologi Rasa Keara Ruly and Harris They all can afford education abroad and even with their carefreeness they still can land a prestigious job at a multinational company Their perfection does not end there Keara is the example of Mary Sue trope that you beginner writers should avoid at all cost She's goddess her measurement is 36 24 36 she's beautiful she's rich she's party animal and she's allergic to cheap food as if her narration is not cringey and pompous enough I think her only weakness is just that she's prone to seasickness But the most annoying thing about Keara is how desperate Natassa to paint her as this perfect human being Her personality is inconsistent at one page she can complain about the shitty city hey it rhymes that she's stuck in at other page she suddenly became this compassionate woman The change of her character is really vomit inducing But this is just the beginning Harris' and Ruly's and Panji's point of view are unbearable to put it simply It's as if they tried to compete to see who can be a bigger dick further confirming my theory that they both actually have small dick despite Natassa's effort to convince me otherwise These guys try so hard to be masculine that it makes their transphobic and homophobic stance obvious Keara always pictures Ruly as a nice great religious man but his point of view seems to contradict her belief In a way I see Antologi Rasa as Natassa's way to fulfill her wildest dream Heck this is written to fulfill everyone's wildest dream Who doesn't want to be loved by three handsome muscular rich men Although the story is not real this book that doesn't even pass the Bechdel test clearly a step back in this euality era confirms my theory that privileged people also cry in their Manolo Blahnik shoes and deserve to be loved under the roof of their expensive condominium in Pakubowono

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Antologi RasaBack being the chauvinistic jerk that I loveThats probably as close as I can get to hearing that she loves meKisah kosmopolis ini sesungguhnya mengangkat tema klasik cinta saling silang yang menanti titik temu Dalam bukunya kali ini dengan berani Ika Natassa memerankan setiap tokoh dan bercerita dari sudut pandang mereka masing masing membuat dinamika yang menarik tajam cerdas sekaligus humoris sepanjang cerita Untuk penggemar chicklit atau buku buku bertema metropop karya Ika Natassa ini tidak sepantasnya dilewatkan Dewi Lestari penulisLove this novelDengan banyak karakter dan cerita yang disuguhkan Ika memberikan cerita yang jujur apa adanya dan membumi Novel ini berbeda dengan novel novel sebelumnya tanpa kehilangan signature sang penulis If only every book I read was this good Ninit Yunita penulisSebagai pembaca sok pinter berkali kali saya berusaha menebak alur novel ini Berkali kali juga saya cengar cengir karena twist yang muncul tak terduga mementahkan tebakan itu dan tanpa disadari saya sudah hanyut dalam cerita ini Ikut frustrasi bersama Harris Ikut sedih bareng Keara Ikut jatuh cinta dengan Ruly Novel ini wajib dibaca kalau kamu sudah bosan dibuai novel bertema sejenis dengan cerita yang too good to be true Novel ini akan bikin kamu terharu bahagia sedih sebal dan akhirnya tersadar cinta dan realita itu ya kayak gini Jenny Jusuf penulis bloggerIka Natassa is one of my fa. Weekend readI liked Divortiare so I did look forward to the release of this book Story wise despite flawed and sometimes self centered characters I find the story to be uite engaging In fact that's the author's best trait; she can always engage the readers in even the most mundane topic and make it feel personal and easy to relate toA few things I'd like to comment on the three main characters Keara Harris and Ruly are distinct enough for readers to be able to differentiate them through different narratives but most of them are too similar to the characters from the author's previous books Perhaps it's because they have the same job lifestyle and preferences but I wish I'd seen a different side and personality Reading the book also sometimes feels like seeing things through the perspective of the writer which is where the line between a character and the writer's voice blursAnother thing is with the length of the story which drags at some point and makes me skip a couple of pages Some chapters serve the same function and deliver similar results and I personally think if they were cut the plot could've been tighter and the pace would've been fasterThat being said it's an interesting book with a nice concept and execution