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read ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ë Susan Hill Ged spinster When yet townspeople turn up missing her hunch is verified and a serious police search begins bringing her into closer proximity with Serrailler at the same time it exposes her to danger. I tend to gobble down mystery novels like peanut MM's sometimes without even noticing the colors if you know what I mean But The Various Haunts of Men stopped me in my tracks This is one of those rare finds a tense atmospheric novel that reads like the psychotic aunt of your typical British cozy Yep there's the erudite handsome detective Chief Inspector with an artistic side and a troubled aristocratic family And oh yes there's the gutsy policewoman who has a teeny crush on him and her boyish partner as well Lots of fascinating secondary characters who all come to life on the page add to the novel's texture But there is something so twisted and dark about the setting and narrative that the novel grasps you in its claws and won't let you go Not a comfortable read but often a thrilling one with sentences that you have to savor because they're so laden with foreboding Take a look at these two picked hastily and at random “A heron long legs dangling flew down into a field beside a stream and stood erect elegant uncannily still A hare raced suddenly up a slope and out of sight” Something evil is lurking on the Hill and every scrap of leaf and fallen twig conveys that Some readers were disappointed by the ending I know but I thought it was a courageous twist on the usual outcome of this sort of book Hill is definitely on my list as one of today's top mystery novelists

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characters The Various Haunts of Men ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub î [EPUB] ✻ The Various Haunts of Men By Susan Hill – Having transferred to the small cathedral town of Lafferton from London's Met police detective Freya Graffham explores her new community and becomes fascinated by Chief In Having transferred to the small cathedral town Haunts of ePUB #180 of Lafferton from London's Met police detective Freya Graffham explores her new community and becomes fascinated by Chief Insp Simon. I loved Susan Hill's The Woman in Black and so I was excited to read this first book in a series of hers I will concede that Susan Hill is an excellent writer and as a mystery this book was indeed well written However I ended up feeling sucker punched by the ending not something that endears a book to me Also it's a Simon Serrailler series but he was of a minor inconseuential character in this story I was uite taken with the character of Freya Graffham and I actually would have loved a series about her rather than the flat Simon Serrailler character I felt that the author betrayed me by gaining my investment in certain characters of this story and then knocking the legs out from under me with her insistence that anything less than a tragically unhappy ending would be beneath her The killer's last victim seemed to be a gratuitous throw in of the author wanting to shock us one last time I don't often react angrily to a book but this one just made me mad at the end I doubt that I will pick up the next in the series

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The Various Haunts of MenSerrailler her enigmatic superior Though she fits well within the local police force she finds herself unable to let go what seems like The Various Epuba routine missing persons report on a middle a. I’m a little conflicted with this one as I could understand what Susan Hill was trying to achieve I just think it will miss the mark for most readersWhilst this is billed as the first Simon Serrailler case it’s actually Detective Sergeant Freya Graffham who gains the most focus having transferred from the met to the uite cathedral town of LaffertonThe slower change of pace is reflected in the opening half of the novel which some readers may like but I was desperate for something to happen to keep me hookedThere’s a certain first episode feel about this entry as the various people Freya meets really sets the tone for the setting of this seriesI think theirs an audience for this type of story but I prefer something to really get sucked intoI think I’ll stick to Hill’s spooky stories instead