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Burning the Days Recollection free read ´ 9 À [Reading] ➽ Burning the Days Recollection By James Salter – Gym-apparel.co.uk El prestigio de James Salter grande entre los grandes escritores norteamericanos contemporáneos se ha cimentado con tan sólo siete libros publicados hecho ue atestigua su tardía dedicación a la es EU Burning the eBook #197 breve obra ue permanecían inéditos en nuestro idiomaNecesariamente incompletas y deliberadamente selectivas estas memorias trazan el relato de una vida colmada de acontecimientos y gente extraordinarios desde la fabulosa isla de Manhattan hasta los rigores de la academia militar de West Point desde la vivencia extrema de un avión de combate hasta la efervescencia de Nueva York París y Roma Con una especial mezcla de candor e inteligencia este volumen contiene algunas de las páginas más. I hope when I collapse and die in a restaurant in Rome my mistress will be allowed to leave discreetly through the back door before the press arrives More likely I will have a heart attack alone in an Arby's and some teenager will take a smart phone picture of my drained purplish face smeared with Horsey Sauce and post it to Instagram Thus my immortality will be assuredBut I digress I would rather have Salter assure my immortality he writes beautifully of a thousand tiny glimpsed moments in a hundred different lives including his own He can even see the faint outline long after the moment has retreated deep into the muck of historyDon't get this book at the library Buy it Or shoplift it But make sure it stays on your shelf so you can freuently summon up random passages like this one I like men who have known the best and the worst whose life has been anything but a smooth trip Storms have battered them they have lain sometimes for months on end becalmed There is a residue even if they fail It has not been all tinkling; there have been grand chordsGrand chords indeed

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Hermosas y memorables del autor ya sean sobre la experiencia de volar o sobre sus otras grandes pasiones Europa las mujeres y la literatura Por la agudeza y concisión de sus observaciones y retratos de Robert Redford John Huston Nabokov Irwin Shaw entre otros por la relevancia de sus historias y la inconfundible elegancia de su planteamiento uemar los días es un libro profundamente cautivador sobre el proceso de aprender a vivir y a escribir la naturaleza del tiempo el deseo el placer y las oportunidades perdidas. Salter is totally one of the greats and can do something almost mystical with words that very few writers ever could but i can't say i loved this Maybe my fault no one wants to play the blame game but possibly Salter forgot to put any sense of his own personality in his recollections his style is so elegant it almost erases the warts and dirt of the author the fun stuff These reminiscences end up being like portraits of people he's known along the way and a lot ot them seem kinda lush and preppy writers artists pilots Robert Redford moments remembered some of them beautiful breathtaking full of summers gone by and youth waaay gone i really liked the Paris stuff Salter can be a smidge the misogynator none of the great writers he writes about are women though he does remember their wives And not much of this really stuck Gosh though what Salter can do with a sentence

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Burning the Days RecollectionEl prestigio de James Salter grande entre los grandes escritores norteamericanos contemporáneos se ha cimentado con tan sólo siete libros publicados hecho ue atestigua su tardía dedicación a la escritura y el alcance de su ambición literaria Salter es famoso por su prosa depurada hecha de palabras certeras y silencios elocuentes uemar los días su único libro de memorias publicado en cuando el autor contaba años ha sido descrito por John Irving como «mejor ue muchas buenas novelas» y es uno de los pocos de s. As long as the Jew endeavors to deny his nationality while at the same time he is unable to deny his own individual existence as long as he is unwilling to acknowledge that he belongs to that unfortunate and persecuted people his false position must daily become intolerable In spite of enlightenment and emancipation the Jew in exile who denies his nationality will never earn the respect of the nations among whom he dwells Mask yourself a thousand times over change your name religion and character travel throughout the world incognito so that people may not recognize the Jew in you; yet every insult to the Jewish name will strike you even than the pious man who is permeated with the spirit of Jewish solidarity and who fights for the honor of the Jewish name Moses Hess Rome and Jerusalem 1862I read an essay on the work of James Salter three years ago that made me curious He was born in 1925 making him five years younger than my parents; following in his father's footsteps he went to West Point and turned himself into a fighter pilot and officer and then after his first book was a hit he uit all that to write And he legally changed his name which was originally Horowitz to his pen name The writer of the essay said too that nearly every one of his novels contains an antisemitic passage I was reading that essay before I had read and reviewed another book that had answered some of my uestions about that era and was still trying to figure something out See that other review hereThe present book is James Salter's autobiography I read it in part because I remembered a review that said it was the only readable thing he wrote That review I remembered turned out to be an review but that I had forgotten and Goodreads reviews by friends contest that opinion Nevertheless this is what I read perhaps a good thing considering my uest I had the MP3 audio CD and the paperbackHe only mentions the issue of his Judaism in two passages of his autobiography He did feel exposed by his name He must have felt despised since he did say that if he was to be despised he wanted it to be by inferiors Thus he touches on the pressure on minorities that Ta Nehisi Coates Between the World and Me is rejecting in our present day and age the pressure to be twice as good in order to be eualThe first half of the book focuses on his being reshaped and forged into West Point material and a top gun and officer in do or die fashion I shared some of the flying passages with my husband whose dad was Air Force The exploits were thrilling and horrendous and the mentality so different from now the warrior mentality not only the exploits but the hunt the chalking up of killsThen the author makes his major decision to leave the military and write and thereafter he focuses on his work and life to some degree but often on those he meets writers actors directors women and on the places he went Overall it isn't deep the writing and reading isn't moving or rather when it is it doesn't stay that way He knew a lot of people and he was there in the scene but it's hard to see beyond the celebrity status of the big names There are major life events and there are gems and rich veins but they play out being too widely separatedand cool to the touchIt used to be that officers and war heroes were part of high society Later in the '60s that had eroded In fact the way we think about war changed The author recounts attending a parade maybe Memorial Day as a reservist I think during which no one so much as bothered to applaud or sa