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Ms Holmes of Baker Street The Truth About Sherlock Summary ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free × [PDF / Epub] ☁ Ms Holmes of Baker Street The Truth About Sherlock Author Alan Bradley – There is something passing strange about Sherlock HolmeHe surprising truth about Sherlock Holmes and the dust is yet to settle The University Holmes of Baker Street The PDFEPUB or of Alberta Press is pleased to present the first Canadian edition of Ms Holmes of Baker Street with a new Introduction by Barbara Roden Women are naturally secretive and they like to do their own secreting Sherlock Holmes A Holmes of Baker PDFEPUB #233 Scandal in Bohemia We know the methodsthe game is afoo. I didn't realize until I read this book just how involved fans of Sherlock Holmes could be He and John Watson are two characters that have caused many people over the years to study theorize and outright speculate about One euivalent may be the Harry Potter series where fans have gone over every word of each book and have put out some spectacular and some not so spectacular ideas about that particular world and its inhabitants This book puts forth the idea that Sherlock Holmes may have been a woman in disguise It then goes through the stories and points out bits of dialogue as well as certain actions on Sherlock's part to support the claim A bit of familiarity of the stories in Canon is needed to understand some of the things presented here although I noticed that I could relate uite a few things to the four seasons of Sherlock that is on PBS Granted the TV show has does not always follow the stories and has developed its own canonI found this book an interesting read The authors have done a good solid job in presenting their case When it comes to the literary Sherlock Holmes I may not think of 'him' in the same way ever again

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There is something of Baker Epub #181 passing strange about Sherlock Holmes You’ve seen me as an old lady Watson I was never convincing Sherlock Holmes The Mazarin Stone Sherlock Holmes strides into our imagination deerstalker hat set jauntily on his head pipe protruding from his mouth and a formidable intellect from which he painstakingly masters the mysteries he investigates Yet the ualities that set Holmes apart as a masterf. I've just finished a thought provoking little book by Alan C Bradley and William A S Sarjeant entitled Ms Holmes of Baker Street The Truth About Sherlock Their thesis is of course summed up in the work's title Sherlock Holmes was a womanAt first glance this seems like a ludicrous idea if not positively heretical Yet the authors support their claim with uote after uote and incident after incident taken from the Holmes canon instances which taken individually are insufficient to prove the authors' case but which in the aggregate do perhaps appear to suggest a female in disguise Most telling to my mind are Holmes's periodic indisposition and tendency to take to his her bed periodic being the operative word Too there is Irene Adler's emphasis on the masculine appellation when disguised as a boy she brushes past Holmes in front of his apartments with a uiet Good night Mister Sherlock Holmes Moriarty in his turn threatens not to kill Holmes but to destroy him something Moriarty would have been able to do with ease had he penetrated Sherlock's disguiseThe authors like most Sherlockians treat the Conan Doyle stories as fact Working within the canon they believe that even Watson was unaware of Holmes's femininity for many years There is no suggestion that Conan Doyle himself ever intended to place Holmes's gender in doubtTheir premise is of course an intriguing and amusing or infuriating one depending on the strength of the reader's own perception of Holmes Their argument is slightly marred by the fact that the authors having first conceived of the idea then looked exhaustively for evidence in support of their thesis without examining in much detail the evidence to the contrary the mark of an enthusiast rather than a truly impartial investigator However I thoroughly enjoyed playing the game temporarily suspending my own concept of Holmes in favor of the authors' as I read In the end however what keeps me from embracing their conclusion wholeheartedly is my own partiality Holmes to me is not merely the detective of the Conan Doyle stories but the much complex human and admirable man in Laurie R King's Mary Russell series a series and a Holmes which have become real to me than the Conan Doyle canon ever didETA 4222019 There are now at least two genderbent Sherlock Holmes pastiches available Sherry Thomas's Lady Sherlock series and Claire O'Dell's Janet Watson Chronicles Both are worth readingReview originally published on 4152010 at The Bookwyrm's Hoard

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Ms Holmes of Baker Street The Truth About SherlockUl sleuth are rather surprising the impression of a woman may be valuable than the conclusion of an analytical reasoner Sherlock Holmes The Man with the Twisted Lip Ms Holmes eBook #242 A firestorm of controversy met the original publication of Ms Holmes of Baker Street The Truth About Sherlock Authors C Alan Bradley and William AS Sarjeant in their methodical investigation of the literature of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle uncovered t. Fascinating and full of great observations but they were interpreted very wrongly