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review Ø eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ó P.G. Tenzing Exploring a Any Old eBook #10003 karmic network in kilometres After twenty years in the Indian Administrative Service PG Tenzing throws off the staid life of a bureaucrat to roar across India on an Enfield Thunderbird travelling light with his possessions strapped on the back of his bike On the nine month motorcycle journey without a pre planned route or direction he encounters acuaintances who appear to be from his karmic past from the roadside barber to numerous waiters and mechanics fleeting human interactions and connections that seem pre ordained Life on the road is full o. The book is really an interesting read and would appeal to you if you consider it as a record full of life’s wisdom instead of a travelogue Throughout the book Tenzing focuses on human beings he encountered on the road and not about the mother nature and other interesting information that comes along Every book bears the signature of the author and Tenzing has every right to stick to the style he wants toWhat appeals to me is his cleverness in presenting ordinary people and situations in an amusing way While we go through the book we often find ourselves giggling The proceedings are even exciting when he intersperse his journey with his spiritual side and thereby making us think for eg his take on death my eyes swelled with tears while reading that b’coz the writer is no I feel he could have presented the whole picture without the use of all those swear words Though his grasp over the language is first rate profanity at times makes the ride a bumpy oneI find him very brave person because leaving a dream job and crisscrossing the country for around nine months without a proper destination reuire courage in its purest form When dusk settles in he has to find out a moderate accommodation every day if we put ourselves in his shoes we can imagine how daunting a task that is Riding after dark in unknown terrain without recourse I have seen documentaries of people travelling across India on motorcycles but they were in groups with full fledged technical support in towThe narrative is broken which I think because he does not want to capture the attention of the viewer he wrote the book the way he wants to and he is not bothered if the whole world does not take notice of it Moreover he is fearless and reckless in portraying himself throughout the book that just makes him a guy next doorHe says while riding through the cold dessert in Himalayas he cried copiously but he does not say why he cried I was of the impression that he did not reveal the reason since he wants to capture the attention of the reader and would divulge somewhere down the road but he never did At an intellectual level one could connect it with his spirituality and give an explanation that one finds logical but I feel it would have been good had he himself revealed what it was as he should have realised the readers are not as brainy as him The very thing can be construed otherwise as a bait to keep the reader hooked right till the endTowards the last few pages he grasps the reader completely and narrates things like a seasoned storyteller – the way life unfolds when he enters GoaIf you have a passion for riding and want to see the hinterland of our country wait no go grab this book and enjoy the ride vicariously until you are able to do what he did He died after one year he wrote this book and that means he did the right thing by following his heart After reading it I feel I am karmically connected to him so are other readers May his soul rest in peace

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Dont Ask Any Old Bloke for Directions summary Ì 8 ↠ ✩ Dont Ask Any Old Bloke for Directions pdf ❤ Author P.G. Tenzing – Exploring a karmic network in 25320 kilometres After twenty years in the Indian Administrative Service PG Tenzing throws off the staid life of a bureaucrat to roar across Ind F Dont Ask eBook #199 pot holes in ways than one but Tenzing acuires a Ask Any Old Bloke for Kindle wheelie's sixth sense He is unfazed by suspicious hotel receptionists or other unkarmic sceptics who take one look at his dishevelled unkempt appearance and ask for an advance or a deposit or both Tenzing's views on life and death friendship and love are informed by a certain dark humour But his conviction that everything revolves around the sacred bond that humans share with each other and with the universe is deeply felt and inspiring Sometime singer with a Gangtok band a dab. This book makes you feel like the author is sitting in your drawing room and telling you his storyIt is that candidThe author has an amazing style of narrationYou can never get bored of this bookSuch a lively manGod bless his soul

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Dont Ask Any Old Bloke for DirectionsBler in vipassana meditation Ask Any Old Kindle #215 and a supporter of a monk's school at Mangan Sikkim PG Tenzing is self confessedly at a mid life crisis point and ready for all the adventures this world has to offer About The Author PG Tenzing studied at Delhi University He was in the Kerala cadre of the Indian Administrative Service for twenty years His colleagues said of him as he embarked on his adventures 'Philosopher eccentric drinking companion fitness freak party animal secret workaholic visiting professor reluctant officer successful hotelier and great friend of all. Well Barely 3 stars1 He is a middle aged man with a long and active career working for the government but his attire tempts others to underestimate him2 He starts the journey early 3 A pain in the butt or knuckle irritates him4 He eats from a lousy restaurant5 He put up a fight with a corrupt govt official and ultimately makes him run for his life thanks to Tenzing's prowess from the IAS training6 Women ogle lustily at him but the saint shall not return them the favor7 He lie to whomever that may try to have a chit chat with him 8 He finds a sht hole of a hotel but for the parking lot and the owner ask him for advance payment9 Go back to step 2Do this iteration for a dozen times and behold Liam Neeson on Indian roadsBut honestly in spite of all this I couldn't dislike the book He is not so good as an author but his thoughts bear that spark that we only see from men who are truly free His memoir of the Manali Leh trip was pure thrill for the likes of us the wanna be wanderers The book is not about the ride as much as it is about the rider and though I didn't like the book that much I admire Mr Tenzing for his courage