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Read & Download The Confessor 104 ó ❁ [EPUB] ✹ The Confessor By Daniel Silva ➚ – O Confessor parte de uma trilogia acidental sobre o tema inesgotável do Holocausto Daniel Silva encena uma crise na Igreja Católica uestiona a conivência do Vaticano com as atrocidades cometidas pe O Confessor parte de uma trilogO Confessor parte de uma trilogia acidental sobre o tema inesgotável do Holocausto Daniel Silva encena uma crise na Igreja Católica uestiona a conivência do Vaticano com as atrocidades cometidas pelo regime. Excellent Intellectual Intrigue 4 Gabriel Allon is not the typical spy and assassin I have enjoyed the intelligent tone of these books and the complex political social and racial matters the stories discuss The third installment of the series continues in this veinI enjoyed this nearly as much as the last book in the series but the subplot and resolution of the story was far too similar to the previous installment Because of this the book lost a star in my rating Additionally there has become a pattern in the stories of new love interests with each subseuent book After a while this will become tiresome Here's to hoping that does not happenEarly in the book we learn that underlying intrigue in the story will focus on secrets in the Vatican Ever since the Da Vinci Code everybody and their dog has written a story dealing with the catholic church and their liescover ups and secrets For what its worth this book was published one year before the Dan Brown novel That said the involvement of the Catholic Church in the story is much different that the recent novels and deal with real historical issues between the Jews and the Catholic Church Here is an excellent

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Retende revolucionar a Igreja e abrir os aruivos do Vaticano um assassino a soldo ue é um mito na história do crime europeu um anti herói obcecado com a ideia de vingança e empenhado em restabelecer a verdad. Daniel Silva's third novel in his Gabriel Allon series takes place mainly in Rome where a new fictional Pope has plans to reveal the complicity between the Catholic Church and the Nazis during WWII as regards the Final Solution It is a gripping and well written thrillerI am enjoying this series because it gives me insight into the Jewish point of view at least as regards the Israeli secret service Truthfully as I have learned in the many spy thrillers I have read the secret service of any nation at any time is about as reliable as the governments of the countries served Dirty deeds and assassinations carried out in the interests of power and domination not always based on completely accurate intelligence or good foresight make for moral ambiguity by the bucketload As it turns out a controversy has been raging for years in real life between the Catholic Church and Israel as to the role of the Vatican in forwarding the aims of Hitler's Third Reich The official line of the Church to this day is a denial of any complicity in the Holocaust while certain Israeli officials work to expose itNaturally Daniel Silva has told the Israeli side of the story Given that the persecution of Jews has gone on for centuries I am inclined to believe his version Read it and decide for yourself if you are interested

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The ConfessorNazi e inicia nos nos meandros da vida dupla de Gabriel Allon talentoso restaurador de arte e ex agente dos Serviços Secretos de Israel A história cruza as vidas de três personagens emblemáticas um Papa ue p. Very terrific This series does well with the exploration of wounds of people through history and the deception and violence used to keep the past buried As a Catholic I felt particular empathy with this particular case of Allon’s My view of the Holy See has always been one of benevolence and although I always knew that it had some skeletons in its closet it was never something I went out of my way to read up on Although this was fiction it was in a way pretty eye opening and introduced me to a newer perspective on the Church A magnificent series