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StraplessThe subject of John Singer Sargent's most famous painting was twenty three year old New Orleans Creole Virginie Gautreau who moved to Paris and uickly became the it girl of her day A relative unknown at the time Sargent won the commission to paint her the two must have recognized in each other a like min. A fascinating story of the famous piece of art that now graces the walls of the Met Madame X It is a history of all those characters involved in its creation as well as a portrait of the era of its birth Deftly told this is a page turning piece of nonfiction that will charm the strap off your shoulder even if you aren't an appreciator of art

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Summary Strapless 107 Õ ✸ [BOOKS] ✬ Strapless By Deborah Davis ❂ – The subject of John Singer Sargent's most famous painting was twenty three year old New Orleans Creole Virginie Gautreau who moved to Paris and uickly became the it girl of her day A relative unknown The subject of John Singer Sargent's most famous painting Amaged Gautreau retired from public life destroying all the mirrors in her homeDrawing on documents from private collections and other previously unexamined materials and featuring a cast of characters including Oscar Wilde and Richard Wagner Strapless is a tale of art and celebrity obsession and betraya. Another piece of nonfiction by the same author as GUEST OF HONORthe Booker T Washington book above In this one author investigates the background history and life of the woman who posed for this well known John Singer Sargent portrait You might think “Oh so this is kind of like ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’” One coworker who I was talking do said this I would have to say “Not really” GWaPE is definitely historical nonfiction but this one is definitely nonfiction and a lot based in fact history etc I found it much enjoyable than GWaPE This book actually dovetails really well with the David McCullough book THE GREATER JOURNEY AMERICANS IN PARIS bc it talks about the same time period many of the same characters and particularly on the Americans who were flocking to Paris in the 2nd half of the 19th century John Singer Sargent was an American in name; in reality he grew up as an expat all over Europe and so was the model of this portrait Amelie Gautreau whose family was originally from New Orleans All in all if you like history French Franco Prussian War the Belle Epoue art history or any or all of these you may like this one too The book is very interdisciplinary and the author will go off on a tangent explaining Wagner his wife the castle on the Rhine which inspired a certain song how John Singer Sargent met Wagner etc So I could see this bugging some readers but I really liked the broad brush overview of everything and how it ties together a lot of different subjects which are often taughtstudied separately art history music military history etc and puts them all together so you can see the unifying themes which were all going on at the time and affecting all of these at the same time period in history

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Ded hunger for fameUnveiled at the Paris Salon Gautreau's portrait generated the attention she craved but it led to infamy rather than stardom Sargent had painted one strap of Gautreau's dress dangling from her shoulder suggesting either the prelude to or the aftermath of sex Her reputation irreparably d. I was expecting this book to be historical fiction and was pleasantly surprised to find it a well researched completely factual account of John Singer Sargent the woman known as Madame X and the scandal caused by a fallen strapIn the late 1800s John Singer Sargent submitted a portrait of Amelie Gautreau a beautiful Parisian socialite to the annual Paris Salon which was a yearly exhibition of art The painting showed Amelie standing at a table wearing a slinky black dress and looking to her left The left strap of her dress had fallen off her shoulder while the right one stayed in place When the Salon visitors saw this painting displayed among works of art depicting full frontal nudity they went absolutely batshit crazy And not in a good way Davis's book explores the personal histories of Amelie Sargent and their respective families as well as Sargent's career and Amelie's rise and fall in Parisian society All of it is fascinating although admittedly I could've done without the personal histories of Amelie's grandparents and everyone Sargent painted That being said they were all fascinating people and I still liked reading about them although the book would've been just as good without their stories