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対絶命のピンチを救ったのは、シエルの婚約者・エリザベスだった― 天真爛漫な. LOVED LOVED LOVEDI adore Sebastian Ciel finally after a dozen fun enstallments we get to learn how exactly Sebastian became Ciel's butler Awesome sauce We also get to see Lizzie get some backstory character development which is great cause the girls been pretty annoying up until this pointLoads of blood guts grim reaperdevil awesomeness fighting see I knew something was seriously wrong with the undertaker I do NOT like him He's creepy and crazy and it's not in a fun way either 😤 Beautiful artwork too definitely worth the read My most favorite manga of all time

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黒執事 XIII Kuroshitsuji XIII少女が明かす、胸に秘めた想いとは。大人気スーパー執事コミック、待望の最新?. view spoilerOMGoodness Lizzie Elizabeth is a badass I absolutely loved that reveal hide spoiler

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Read & Download 黒執事 XIII Kuroshitsuji XIII 109 ô [Read] ➫ 黒執事 XIII Kuroshitsuji XIII By Yana Toboso – 見ないで! 可愛くなくて、強いあたしを。豪華客船上を埋め尽くす動く死体。絶対絶命のピンチを救ったのは、シエルの婚約者・エリザベスだ見ないで! 可愛くなくて、強いあたしを。豪華客船上を埋め尽くす動く死体。絶. The back story of Elizabeth was good She tries so hard for Ciel It's obvious how much she cares for him And the part where Ciel blushed It's obvious he cares for her too but I'm not sure if it's in the same level as hers Lizzie's brother was funny and I'm glad Snake is out of danger No offense but he's nowhere near the league of the shinigamis and Sebastian so he's better off awayIt's sad that the Undertaker has betrayed Ciel now Lau's the only one left Well I already mentioned that but still He's seriously the only one left I didn't count the Undertaker so much because Ciel wasn't that close to him sighs The Undertaker was cool though I could understand why he protected the Viscount I mean he does love laughs and the Viscount could certainly give him someSebastian's memories helped fill the gaps in what really happened Oh we were given the general idea but not the complete picture And now we have that picture Kuroshitsuji is a brilliant series I don't know which one I love this or Pandora Hearts I love them both