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Greg Mandel late of the Mindstar Battalion has been many things in his life commando freedom fighter assassin Now he's. A good mystery and good hard sci fi book both The protagonist has special perceptive powers due to a gland installed in his head by the military at one time The characters in the book are mostly well drawn and sympathetic and the book pacing and writing was very good minus an overlong invasion near the end of the book

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Mindstar RisingA freelance operative with a very special edge telepathy In the high tech hard edged world of tomorrow Mandel is the man. Greg Mandel trilogy was the one that propelled PFH on the heights of glory ; It does not have the scope his later tomes have but it does provide the same fun and enjoyment while reading itAnd one good point for those who are not fans of series in general these books can be read as standalone They are in a trilogy because of the main character Greg Mandel the psi enhanced Mindstar veteran and the tasks he does for Event Horizon the company which hired his skills But each of the three has its own story a mystery detective oneIt has some clichés it’s a bit predictive but totally a lot of fun

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Mindstar Rising characters ☆ 7 ¸ ➽ [Reading] ➿ Mindstar Rising By Peter F. Hamilton ➲ – Gym-apparel.co.uk Greg Mandel late of the Mindstar Battalion has been many things in his life commando freedom fighter assassin Now he's a freelance operative with a very special edge telepathy In the high tech hard ed Greg Mandel latTo call when things get rough But this time he may have bitten off than he can chew and the stakes have never been high. Computer's been eating partially written reviews again GrrrWould have been great if not for the politics both material and sexual Britain is suffering the aftermath of severe climate change worsened like everything else by the appalling rule of the People's Socialist Party But worry not as the New Conservatives are now in power and Event Horizon the multi national mega super big company run by Philip Evans with help from his brain node enriched granddaughter Julia I imagine the idea of the New Conservatives and filthy rich industrialists together saving the day might have read a little less like the darkest of black comedy back when this was published but today Greg Mandel himself is sort of 'old fashioned honorable' ex soldier been given a psychic gland by the military and now hired to see who's trying to mess with Event Horizon Which is nice and he is depicted as loyal no matter what except that he starts out with Eleanor by using his psychic powers to help him seduce her and by the time they end up the couple of the decade nobody seems to think anything of this But in terms of sex the attitudes are very retro indeed There's a lot about women's appearance and Greg even says at one point something to the effect of his being able to 'forgive' his close friend and fellow psi boosted ex army mate Gabrielle for letting herself go because her psychic ability is so tough on her She has let herself go in than the physical sense but this is specifically mentioned she's dumpy and dowdy For shame woman I'm getting cranky about this all over again writing this There's also this weird little peasant to royalty vibe near the end when Eleanor is pleading with Julia to rescue her 'man' Made me slightly nauseous When I could stick the nonsensically villainous socialist thing in a dark mental corner and ignore the ruthlessness we seemed supposed to understand and condone in the awful Philip Evans because it was all for Julia yeah right and nobody was thinking about sexy times then the story was a fair amount of fun with some good twists Not very convincing science and there was one stupid assumption made by Greg and the head of Event Horizon security that was so idiotic I'd have fired both of them I wouldn't have thought but fun all the same Pity about all the ignoring reuired