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read & download Ø eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ß Adam Carolla In his second book Adam Carolla author of New York Times bestseller In Fifty Years We'll All Be Chicks and chart topping podcaster reveals all the stories behind how he came to be the angry middle aged man he is today Funnyman Adam Carolla is known for two things hilarious rants about things that drive him crazy and personal stories about everything from his hardscrabble childhood to his slacker friends. almost uncontrollably The book is funny Adam Carolla is funny sometimes I'll say about what lost my interest later but first a little general infoI don't know where I fist became aware of Adam Carolla He used to co host a program I enjoyed on one of do it yourself man channels called To Catch a Contractor I've also seen him on several comedy venuesprograms and I've seen him on political programs So not unaware of him Thus when I saw this book from our local library I got itwasn't aware it was an abridgment at the time Still this is not what would be termed a favorite read for meStill I need to say that for some of you the entire book may be a side slapper I know it will be for some I think the potential audience may be a bityounger or maybe less mature mentallyHey don't get offended if you read this Adam it's just my opinion as are so many things in your tomes get that I used the word tome just like you didOkay so why did I get so bored with the book I dropped my rating to a stultified 2 starsOkay to all readers out there if you are at all sensitive maybe avoid this bookif you are what is euphemistically called a snowflake avoid it completely as the pure political incorrectness of it will undoubtedly melt what brain you haveThat part didn't bother me and is indeed some of what had me rolling around laughing butAbout halfway through the book the stories about Adam and his friends becomes 100% scatological humor No no I don't mean humor about scatological topics No I mean stories completely centered around defecating and urinating ON one another view spoiler of course Adam glories in using the words shitting and pissing but I thought I'd tone things down for the Out in the open text hide spoiler

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Not Taco Bell Material characters ✓ 7 ò [Ebook] ➧ Not Taco Bell Material Author Adam Carolla – In his second book Adam Carolla — author of New York Times bestseller In Fifty Years We'll All Be Chicks and chart topping podcaster — reveals all the stories behind how he came to be the angry mi In his second To the Not Taco PDF or hypocrisy of Hollywood He tackled rants in his first book and now he tells his best stories and debuts some never before heard tales as well Organized by the myriad dumps Carolla called home through the flophouse apartments he rented in his twenties up to the homes he personally renovated after achieving success in Hollywood the anecdotes here follow Adam's journey and the hilario. I sat in the car the other day listening to Adam Carolla being interviewed on the radio It was interesting enough that it kept me from going into Home Depot which is fairly significant I found this book at the local library a few days later and based on the interview and the other reviews here I gave it a shotOn the one hand there were funny paragraphs that made me laugh out loud at least three times On the other hand even though I don't normally use foul language in reviews this book is a huge steaming pile of shit I've read a lot of books and this is easily the worst thing that I've read Ever Really I can appreciate that Carolla came from nothing and now has a 5000 suare foot house I can appreciate his direct no nonsense approach I can appreciate that he didn't finish college and wrote a bestselling bookWhat I can't appreciate is this book Each paragraph is like a story and none of the stories relate to each other The minute you start getting interested Carolla moves on to a completely unrelated topic I start a story with you with I once ended up naked and defending myself from Charles Bronson with nothing but a hickory stick and a stolen dildoYou say something like Wait whatAnd I reply with The fight was weird Speaking of mustaches I have a canaryFeel that confusion Multiply that by 200 pages and pepper the phrase I covered that in my other book so I'm not going to go into it here and you'll understand this book The gears are constantly grinding the writing is dead poor and nothing potentially interesting is dug into enough to make an actual story This book makes it look like Carolla just can't writeBut do I blame him for writing a piece of shit book Not really He's a celebrity The book should sell based on his popularity not his writing finesse It's not his job to write well That's where the editor comes in They take the pile of shit that the celebrity grunts out on their desk dry it out spray paint it gold and sell it as the real thing The editor of this book did Carolla a massive disservice I don't know if they misread Carolla as Kardashian but this book makes him look like very lucky high school drop out with anger issues who couldn't string two words together if they were tattooed on a stripper's fun zoneHow the other reviewers can say it's good without being friends with Carolla is beyond me I got this book for free from the library and without wasting a dime on it it made me mad just for wasting my time

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Not Taco Bell MaterialUs pitfalls along the way Adam Carolla started broke and blue collar and has now been on the Hollywood scene for over fifteen years yet he never lost his underdog demeanor He's still connected to the working class guy he once was and delivers a raw and edgy fish out of water take on the world he lives in but mostly disagrees with telling all the stories no matter who he offends family friends or the famou. I live under a rock I've never seen Jimmy Kimmel save for brief commercials never even heard of Adam Carolla or any of the shows he does So why did I listen to this I have no idea It was interesting generally funny though I wonder if we ever partied down in Baha Mexico south of Encinada I was there about the same time IIRC Of course if you were really there the memories are pretty hazy not just due to timeThis is a loose bunch of funny anecdotes held together by the places he was living at the time Great idea I had to laugh at his worst days what he calls a bottom I'm happy his was so high that he's made so good A lot of his stories were very much like ones I could tell before I uit drinking so I do feel somewhat better about those days While he stayed fairly busy trying to sell the hardback book which apparently contains pictures of his various friends doing really dumb gross stuff the audio book is plenty for me It's 8 hours of drunken reminiscences I have plenty of my own Young men whether eastwest coast blackwhitewhatever seem to have the same stupid memories The coolest part is that we survived them The gods only know how can now laugh at ourselves