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Ril Rosamond Purcell's seventy spectacular color Swift as ePUB #10003 photographs taken primarily at the Natural History Museum in Leiden Holland which holds the world's most extensive collection of lost species tell a haunting and foreboding tal. I enjoyed learning about these extinct animals Interesting concept however I wasn't a huge fan of looking at pics of animals in taxidermy It was nice to have an idea of what the extinct ones looked like but they definitely did look like taxidermy which was a little creepy

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Swift as a ShadowIn the early nineteenth century there were so many passenger pigeons that the sky darkened when they flew overhead it took three days for flocks to pass They were killed by hunters or disappeared when their oak and beech habitats were destroyed T. I wrote this review on fifteen years ago After a recent re read the sad tales are still relevant today Each photograph of Swift as a Shadow greets the reader as a uick slap in the face The range of 'grotesuely beautiful' images leaves the reader with a sense of helplessness when the initial awe of beauty turns to the realisation that in most cases the creatures displayed are gone forever The multitude of animals birds and even fish represented is an amazing array seldom found in one volume Some animals represented are uagga barbary lion thyacine javan tiger The birds are an extensive collection usually than one example representing most of the infamous and unfortunate extinctions of our time; Carolina Parakeets Passenger Pigeons Great Auk Pink Headed Duck Labrador Duck Paradise Parrots amazing Huias plus Dodo bones and Elephant Bird eggs to name a fewText is sparse and given the stark sometimes ghoulish photgraphic reality this is not a detraction from the books theme All photographs are high gloss uality if a little detail restricted by 'photographing for arts' sake' eg; back neck view only of the uagga skin pattern only of the Balinese Tiger I'm sure that enthusiasts of endangered animals will now strongly consider a visit to the Natuurhistorisch Museum of Leiden Netherlands at least once in their lifetime

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Read » Swift as a Shadow 102 ✓ ❰EPUB❯ ✻ Swift as a Shadow Author Rosamond Wolff Purcell – In the early nineteenth century there were so many passenger pigeons that the sky darkened when they flew overhead; it took three days for flocks to pass They were killed by hunters or disappeared whe In the early ninHe last bird named Martha only the last of any species seems to merit a human name died in the Cincinnati Zoo in Here in photographs and words are stirring reminders of wild beauty that is no as well as profiles of species whose survival is in pe. Swift as a Shadow Extinct and Endangered Animals by Rosamond Wolff Purcell is a very thought provoking book that displays breath takingly realistic photos The descriptions for each animal listed in this book are short but they provide the basics that you need to know in order to gain a better understanding and a closeness to the animal that is described Several of the pictures paired with the animals seemed very lifelike particularly the Carolina Parakeet When I pondered over these animal descriptions it shocked me It takes less than we thought for a species to become extinct and sometimes they can disappear from this earth with shocking speed leaving nothing but their memory The extinct animals depicted were once living breathing animals They flew they walked they ran and played ate slept and felt companionship It is a shame that these uniue species will never be seen or experienced again by present and future generations We will never experience the type of animals that our ancestors have met It is also shocking that these endangered animals depicted in this book can also become extinct very shortly Hopefully Swift as a Shadow will provide others with the same realization that we have to start doing something for the species of animals that are left before all is lost