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Free read ☆ The Sheikh's Jewel ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free É [PDF / Epub] ☆ The Sheikh's Jewel ✩ Melissa James – When Amber's betrothed was killed and the future of two desert nations hung in the balance she had no choice—she had to marry her fiancé's brother anEs of ruling a troubled nationNow they've both been kidnapped Is this Amber's last chance to show Harun that she could be than just his paper wife perhaps even the jewel in his cro. 3 starsAmber is betrothed to Sheikh Fadi El Kanar When he dies and his second brother Alim disappears she has no option but to marry the younger brother – and now Sheikh – Harun El Kanar Unlike his brothers Harun is troubled and burdened with responsibilities always shielding himself from AmberFor the first three years of their marriage Amber and Harun live practically apart from each other but when they are kidnapped together and forced to spend their days in the same room Amber and Harun must face their troubled marriage and decide if it’s worth saving or letting goThe Sheik’s Jewel is a light romance ideal for relaxing Summer days The plot is very limited but it is well written and the characters are interesting enoughI recommend this book to anyone interested in simple romances with happy endings

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When Amber's betrothed was killed and the future of two desert nations hung in the balance she had no choice she had to marry her fiancé's brother and heir brooding Sheikh Harun E. The novel was too uneventful The heroine was way too relaxed and let the hero run over her while she took her place in the background The hero was too self absorbed after his childhood and past It was a mess

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The Sheikh's JewelL KanarFor three years Amber has struggled to make her marriage work Harun may be devastatingly sexy but he's The Sheikh's Epubclosed off burdened with grief and the responsibiliti. Before Amber could marry Fadi one of the two racing sheikhs Fadi was killed in a horrific car crash Six weeks later Amber’s father determines that she must now wed Fadi’s brother Amber is shocked and pleads for time to come to grips with her personal tragedy The fates hear her plea and the new sheikh suddenly flees the country leaving his brother Harun in chargeHarun is a bit of an introvert He finds revealing his anguish about his brother’s death very difficult to do On a glimmer of hope he attempts to approach Amber but he overhears her venting her frustrations about the upcoming wedding to her father Dully the wedding proceeds but there is no love in their sham marriageThree long years later Amber is suddenly kidnapped Witnessing the scene Harun tries to save her and unfortunately finds himself a victim as well Their abduction provides them with a uniue opportunity however to vent their frustrations and to get to know each other at last When all of the misconceptions have been voiced Harun is left wondering whether Amber might indeed love him just a little Is it possible that she could be his true love his jewel without price