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The Touchstone Trilogy Read & Download à 104 ò ❮Reading❯ ➺ The Touchstone Trilogy Author Andrea K. Höst – The complete Touchstone Trilogy containing Stray Lab Rat One and Caszandra Rescue is only the beginning On her last day of high school Cassandra Devlin walked out of exams and into a forThe complete Touchstone Trilogy containing Stray Lab Rat One and Caszandra Rescue is only the beginning On her last day of high school Cassandra Devlin walked out of exams and into a forest Surrounded by the wrong sort of trees and animals never featured in any nature documentary Cass is only sure of one thing alone she will be lucky to survive The sprawl of abandoned blockish buildings Cass discovers offers her only puzzles Wh. Wow 796 pages That took me a couple of days and a few late nights to read and I do not want to see another book in diary format for a very long time Let's just say I really enjoyed the story but got very bored with the Today I woke early and had breakfast style Of course lots of other stuff happened but much of the book was slightly monotonous in tone and really needed an editor's red penHowever the story was good as was the world building I liked all the different 'talents' everyone had and there were many fun well written characters The author was good at humorous dialogue too and freuently made me laugh out loud I should mention that this is three books in one which of course explains the number of pages I found books 1 and 2 much interesting than the third but the last one did at least wrap up all the details except Ghost Did I miss what happened to her or was she just overlooked at the endWorth a read for YA science fiction fans in particular

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Enormous whitestone cities Cass finds herself processed as a 'stray' a refugee displaced by the gates torn between worlds Struggling with an unfamiliar language and culture she must adapt to virtual classrooms friends who can teleport and the ingrained attitude that strays are backward and slow Can Cass ever find her way home And after the people of her new world discover her unexpected value will they be willing to let her lea. Let me start by saying that I really really love this author her characters are fresh and compelling her writing is witty her story ideas are original and her worlds are creative That being said I wish she wasn't a self pub because I think a good editor could help tighten up her plot lines suggest cuts to scenes that slow down the story and catch loose ends I really enjoyed the first two books in the trilogy but in my opinion the third book dragged and suffered from the first person narrativeThe Touchstone Trilogy is the story of Cassandra Devlin who falls through a wormholegate from Australia to another planet where she gets rescued by the Setari or in Cass' words psychic space ninjas Cass gradually finds out she has capabilities which will make her an important player in the Setari's fight the dangerous creatures that come out of the gates between worlds and the struggle to find what is causing the gates to rip in the first placeFirst of all I want to gush unreservedly about the first two books Cass' survivor story then rescue then adaptation on new planet to new culture was fascinating Even though parts of the story tended towards episodic for instance in a chunk of the book Cass accompanies setari suads on patrol where they fight one monster after another each situation is so creative and different from other things I've read that I remained thoroughly engaged Also I should add that as with other Andrea Host books the love story is amazingly well done Damn does this author know how to write romantic tension And did I mention that this author was witty A number of sections had me laughing out loud Here are a few I enjoyedCass is still learning the language on her new planetEveryone's really competitive  I asked  Or just no manners  Except given my grammar and how slow I say stuff it was like Compete all much  Manners no  I really hate sounding so stupid  Yoda with a lobotomyHer interfacedictionary that helps her understand the language doesn't do curse words specifically and only translates them as profanity as inThen Tenth reached the top and someone cursed my interface telling me Profanity profanityorThis is your special assignment  The reason we're all on downtime is you're playing with some profanity strayOn a mission Cass is asked to try to talk to monster that only she can seem to hear and sounds to her like a really loud humpback whaleIt's a communication device came in text through the interface  CommunicateThe logs attached to the mission report have twenty different views of the look I gave him in response  An Are you high caption would fit it well  I was actually thinking In whale song Also did I mention that I think this author does romantic tensionunreuited love like nobody's business Here I think the first person diary entry narrative really shines as Cass gets to talk about herself hopelessly and obsessively crushing on forth suad captain Kaoren Ruuel who is one of the most amazingly psychic and space ninja y of all the Setari has many psychic special site abilities Yet her comments are both relate able and self deprecating such that it is engaging and charming For instance I wasn't expecting Ruuel and reacted all out of proportion stiffening so that my cat stopped purring and probably going pink beneath my bruises What Mr I Have Every Kind Of Sight But No Visible Sense of Humour made of my expression I couldn't tell but he took the cat box and shut the doorOr on how Cass started to feel less nervous working with the 4th suadIt was obvious they were as totally professional as First Suad and that Ruuel hadn't allotted himself enough time to study me for signs of awkward lust OrI've written all of this entry so far without mentioning Ruuel mainly because I hadn't seen much of him But he was just a little way down the shore from me then and said No sense of threat and sometimes I wonder if he goes around deliberately striking dramatic poses because whenever I let myself look at him he seems to be being particularly photogenic  Though I guess gazing intently into the distance is part of his job descriptionAnyway the first two books utterly enchanted me In comparison I found the third book slightly disappointing I think the main problem for was that since the romantic element resolved at the end of the second book there just wasn't enough of an emotional driver to the action I don't think it necessarily had to be another romance but Cass was practically living happily ever after before most the other action of the novel resolved and it was kind of a let down Also as other reviewers have noted the sudden adoption of 3 kids was kind of hard to swallow while Cass until then had seemed somewhat a normal teen albeit amazingly brave selfless cool and with special powers it kind of pushed things over the edge of probable impossibility And ended up slowing things down and diluting the focus of the final book An editor might have helped hereThe first person narrative also became a hindrance in the third novel By this time the reader has been introduced to 12 Setari suads each with 6 members as well other important characters I actually think that Host does a good job of creating realistic secondary characters and interesting interaction with them But there were just so many we really needed a few POV's to have any hope of making sense of so many of them My final gripe is that in the last novel Cass got too powerful I love a strong heroine but I am wary of the Anita Blake syndrome aka your's truly can get out of any impossible situation by developing a brand new super powerful magic power at exactly the right time Cass was no where this bad but her powers got to be so special that you knew there was no way in hell anyone but her was going to be able to save the world I personally like a story better when a uniue but not super powerful individual through ingenuity perseverance and other valuable but otherwise ordinary character traits saves the world or helps save the world Cass had the character traits there was no need to make her superwoman in my opinionAnyway despite my disappointment with the third book I would recommend this series anyone looking for a creative well written soft sci fi story with some enjoyable characters some interesting world building a cute love story and a little adventure

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The Touchstone TrilogyEre are the people What is the intoxicating mist which drifts off the buildings in the moonlight And why does The Touchstone Kindle she feel like she's being watched Increasingly unnerved Cass is overjoyed at the arrival of the formidable Setari Whisked to a world as technologically advanced as the first was primitive where nanotech computers are grown inside people's skulls and few have any interest in venturing outside the. October 2015 re read I just love this trilogy Its like revisiting old friends I think I've finally got the details of the world building straight because there is a lot of complexity there but I mostly enjoy the characters The reviews for the individual books can be found further down April 2014 re read I really enjoyed re reading this set of books I had a better understanding of the world building and the history as well as the conflict There is a lot there to get your head around Overall a 5 star read Since the first time I read this series I have read several books by this author She is consistent at making believable young people who are competent and admirable I really like her female charactersI copied my individual reviews into this 'trilogy' review Stray Touchstone 145; 4 stars; A I really enjoyed this book It was slow going to get into it but I'm glad I stuck it out The story picks up momentum almost imperceptibly and after about 100 pages becomes 'unputdownable' The main character of the story Cassandra is portrayed as this uietly courageous girl with astonishing ingenuity and moxie The author tells the story via Cassandra's entries into her diary and does a great job of sticking to that POV She makes the situation believable and the reader can really empathize with how mindboggling and terrifying it is to walk out of one world and find yourself in another world completely Cassandra's discovery of an abandoned city and then 'rescue' by high tech humanoid aliens and subseuent processing as an 'intergalactic stray' would be enough to make anyone fall to pieces but she copes and finds ways to fit in A large part of the book is about Cassandra coming to terms with maybe never going home and the discovery of her newly emerging psychic talents At the end of this story I was dying to get into the second book and find out how many talents Cassandra had and how she was going to be able to help fight the 'monsters' cropping up everywhere Lab Rat One Touchstone 255; 5 stars; AThis was a great installment in the Touchstone Trilogy We learned about Cassandra's psychic talents and the ongoing war against the lonoth and massives The mystery of the planet Muina and various evil goings on was expanded I really enjoyed the further development of Cassandra's character as well as those around her I found her obsessing over her love interest really annoying but the context of an 18 year old it was probably a pretty accurate representation of what she would put in her diary Even after reading it the second time I still found the obsessing annoying but it took a back seat to the great world building and actionCaszandra Touchstone 3455; 5 stars; AThere was a lot going on in this book It was pretty exciting to learn of the story of the original Muinans and to resolve the main conflictmystery that carried through all three books Original review of the trilogy 455; 5 stars; AThis was a great trilogy I'm so happy I saw it on the bookshelf of one of my Goodreads friends Thanks Estara