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Review è eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ø Delilah Fawkes When Krissy's date ditches her by the lakeside the Swamp PDF #198 because she won't put out she gets a lot than the shivers from th. 5 Swamp love Stars I Fucked the Swamp Creature was grade A monster smut Krissy is out skinny dipping with her date Brad Now is it me or do all these monster eroticas start out with skinny dipping Anyways Brad is being an ass and Krissy being sick of his shit swims away Brad leaves and Krissy is sitting in the water thinking of how she can find a ride home when all of a sudden she feels something touch her inner thigh Krissy dismisses the touch as a leaf or something until it suctioned on to her clit She tries and tries to get away but whatever it is is holding her in place sucking away on her clit until she has the best O of her life Then she see it for the first time Half man half horrible fish creature The Swamp creature then grabs her and takes her to his swampy crib for a night cap Krissy is grossed out by Swamp Creature's looks but then she sees his swamp dick and well come on after the way he ate the P she couldn't help herself Yes Give it to me hard you creepy fucker KrissyAfter he fucks the swampy hell outta her sweet Mr Swamp creature takes her back to the lake were her date Brad is back Krissy of course looks back longingly at Swampy cause hello best monster sex evar She then gets dressed tells Brad to fuck himself and hitches a ride home Later that night at home while showering she remembers the bomb ass sex she has and decides she is going back to the lake tomorrow for another swamp booty call this time with some condoms because no one whats an unplanned monster baby The End I looked back at it and blew it a kiss I would have yelled Call me but I seriously doubted it had a phone Krissy

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Characters ↠ I Fucked the Swamp Creature Monster Sex #1 ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ↠ [Read] ➪ I Fucked the Swamp Creature Monster Sex #1 Author Delilah Fawkes – When Krissy's date ditches her by the lakeside because she won't put out she gets a lot than Word story contains oral sex dubious Fucked the Swamp Epub #218 consent one jerk boyfriend and a monster that will rock your world. Hi my names Christine and I am addicted to monster sex stories Enough said

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I Fucked the Swamp Creature Monster Sex #1E cool dark I Fucked PDF or waterLittle does she know there's a creature in the lake with an insatiable hunger for sex Warning This. Ahhhhh Nooo Eeeeeeee OHHHHHHH^^ This ^^ is a work of artI can say nothing hahaha who the hell am I kiddingThere is a place down here in Florida called Wiggins Pass you walk out into the ocean and fish really do swin around you niping at your feet and legs so the suckling of the big toe fear had me almost pee ing my pantsI love how the fishman gurgled when he was trying to talk to her I think the puckered fingers that latched onto her clit and pulled everytime he was thrusting into her was pretty bad ass I will say though ;So here she is Kelly I believe her name is getting fucked harder and harder on a moss covered floor of a hidden grotto type of cave turning into of a monster than the one ramming his green meat into her wondering if she was going to have Monster Babies as he blows his load pumping me full of God knows what and she doesnt even know his name Creepy Fucker how do you know thats his name Does that sound like a name a mother would give their child Kelly Does itWell I will say that in the end she redeemed herself by not only blowing him a kiss and stopping herself from yelling out call me I liked this because she at least used her brain enough to realize that the lake water was not the ideal place to have a land line let alone a cell phone but she decided that she would go back to see her lover and bring Condoms this time How does she know that he wants to see her again Maybe it was just a uickie and nothing If he wanted a relationship with her dont you think that he would have fucked her than once I think he would He probably speaks perfect English as well It was so so wrong but I just couldnt help myself Thats what I think every time I read Monster Porn Every Time