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In this eagerly The Invisible PDFEPUB #231 awaited follow up to his international bestsellers Anam Cara and Eternal Echoes John O'Donohue turns his attention to the subject of beauty the divine beauty that calls the imagination and awakens all that is noble in the human heartIn these uncertain times of global conflict and crisis we are riven with anxiety our trust in the future has lost its innocence for we know now that anything can happen from one second to the next Divine Beauty PDFEPUB or In such an unsheltered world it may sound naive to suggest that this might. This is one of those rare books that sound as though it were written by an angel and the sort of writing that cannot be paraphrased It left a gentle impression upon me and even it renewed my perception After I read just the beginning an ordinary task like preparing lunch felt sacred to me—I relished the shapes and colors of spinach leaves Beauty visited me and through the perception O'Donohue awakened in me I know beauty's experience is an interaction between seer and seen The book only improved as it progressed I loved his reflections on us being in God and the chapters on death and dying which were some of the most comforting passages on the subject I've ever read His personal experiences with the people he knew and the passages on Ireland shimmered with meaning and life And not to forget the mystical poetry sprinkled throughout his expressions strengthened his reflections I recommend this book to dreamers seekers and to those happy poetic souls who already feel found

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Divine Beauty The Invisible EmbraceBe the moment to invoke and awaken beauty yet this is exactly the claim that this book seeks to exploreDIVINE BEAUTY is a gentle but urgent call to awaken O'Donohue opens our eyes hearts and minds to the wonder of our own relationship with beauty Rather than 'covering' this theme he uncovers it exposing the infinity and mystery of its breadth His words return us Beauty The Invisible eBook #10003 home to the dignity of silence the profundity of stillness the power of thought and perception and the eternal grace and generosity of beauty's presence In this masterful and. I recently learned that my good friend John O'Donohue had died in his sleep in January 2008 while in Paris We had not spoken since 2006 The last time we got together was in Galwey Ireland in the Spring of 2004 I've downloaded every video and audio I could find on the Internet after spending a day in my own private Memorial Observance What a sweet and yet critical soul I have three transcripts and recordings of conversations that are each eight to fifteen hours long While working at a prior consulting firm as the head of Research and Development and later as the CEO we brought John over to work with us on the philosophical core of our practices These sessions were only and always spectacular and through these I came to know him well enough to count him among my friends He always had an integrity of heart mind spirit and action that could not be evaded or go unnoticed His poetry is uite lovely at times and uite piercing at others His prose is always accessible yet in no way superficial More on his other books later

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Read & Download Divine Beauty The Invisible Embrace 109 ð ➽ [Reading] ➿ Divine Beauty The Invisible Embrace By John ODonohue ➲ – In this eagerly awaited follow up to his international bestsellers Anam Cara and Eternal Echoes John O'Donohue turns his attention to the subject of beauty the divRevelatory work O'Donohue encourages our greater intimacy with beauty and celebrates it for what it really is a homecoming of the human spiritAs he focuses on the classical medieval and Celtic traditions on art music literature nature and language O'Donohue reveals how beauty's invisible embrace invites us towards new heights of passion and creativityDIVINE BEAUTY is an exuisite treasury of Forms of the Beautiful Its surface employs narrative image anecdote and myth while into the silence of its subtext are sown seeds of reflection that gradually blossom in the hear. I really really like O'Donohue's poetry and I could tell that the uality of thinking and philosophical exploration in this book of essays is one piece of what allows him to write the high uality poemsblessings that he has Still I didn't find the essays particularly compelling or useful There were some snippets and I'll uote some of those below but they came at too great a distance apart often if they had come in 75 pages rather than 250 I would have rated the book highlyp8 Notions of self improvement have become banal and wearisomep24 When we walk on the earth with reverence beauty will decide to trust usp54 In Crossing Unmarked Snow by William StaffordThe things you do not have to say make you richSaying things you do not have to say weakens your talkHearing things you do not need to hear dulls your hearingAnd things you know before you hear them those are you Those are why you are in the worldp140 It is puzzling that in the Western world we have concentrated on the divine intellect and the divine will When we bring in the notion of the imagination we begin to discover a whole new sense of God The emphasis on judgment begins to recede The image of God as a moral accountant peering into the region's of one's intimate life falls away creativity is the supreme passion of God When we bring in the missing dimension of imagination the perspective changes and we get a glimpse of true beauty the glorious passion urgency and youthfulness of God p141 the urgent fullness of God There was such a fullness brimming in the divine presence that had God not created he would have imploded God had to come to expressionp153 Although each of us is fashioned in careful incompletion we were created to long for each other The secret of our completion can only be found in the otherp174 Freedom is not simply the absence of necessity; it is the poise of soul at one with a life which honours and engages its creative possibilityp179 It is difficult to find the courage and vision at the points of deepest wounding to believe that new risk can take us into new life But there is no alternative When we remain sealed away inside the shell we are no longer able to hear our own life'Beauty triumphs over the suffering inherent in life' Nietzchep184 However the freedom to choose graciousness is a freedom no one can take from usp207 'When night asks who I am I answer Your own and am not lonely' Li Young Leep227 Sometimes the urgency of our hunger blinds us to the fact that we are already at the feast To accept this can change everything we are always home never exiled In every moment everywhere we are not even inches away from the divine presence Perhaps the secret of spiritual integrity has to do with an act of acceptance namely a recognition that you are always already within the divine embracep229 A God without a why is a God who is lyrical and full of grace a God who has no other intention than simply 'to be' To learn that art of being is to become free of the burden of strategy purpose and self consciousness God dwells totally in fluency of presence vs Heschel Prophecy