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In his relationship with the now mythic Evita the violence and mysterious murders that punctuated his career his tragic legacy personified by his third wife Isabel who assumed the presidency after his death under the influence of a Rasputin like astrologer and the continuing appeal of Peronism in Argentina Page's study of Argentine American relations is particularly penetrating esp in its description of the struggle between Peron and US ambassador Spruille Brade. Joseph Page's biography of Juan Peron is masterful in the breadth and scope that it covers It not only does an excellent job of describing Peron's life and his impact on Argentina but you can also get a sense of the surrounding times and the development of the country He spends uite a bit of time developing the backdrop for Peron's rise and his influence on the country Due and fair consideration is given to the role of Eva Peron and for those who are interested in I recommend the Navarro biography The book is very well written and is a fast read If you are interested in the Peronist party and this time in Argentina this is a great book to start with

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Peron A BiographyLatin America has produced no remarkable or enduring political figure than Juan Peron Born to modest circumstances in and trained in the military he rose to Peron A Epubpower during a period of political uncertainty in Argentina A shrewd opportunist who understood the needs and aspirations of the country's workers Peron rode their votes to the presidency and then increased their share of the nation's wealth But he also destroyed the independence of their unions a. This is a very well written biography about an extremely controversial and complex dictator I had forgotten how the story of Evita was entwined with Perón's story Peron was a special kind of dictator similar to Franco in some ways previous military background balancing opposing forces in a divide and conuer manner to hang on to power but different in other ways I guess one of the most surprising and complex differences are how he was neither a leftist nor a rightist In fact he coined the term Third Way as being somewhere between the two At first this is surprising because of his reputation of sympathy and support for fascists and in particular Nazis In fact it seems that it was opportunistic than idealogical Yes he did turn a blind eye to many Nazis leaving Germany once the Third Reich's fate was sealed but so did a lot of countries note that as military governor of Bavaria Patton turned a blind eye to former Nazi party cadres returning to their jobs after the war Peron espoused a typical Catholic conservative worldview and later in life spouted idiotic theories about Zionist conspiracies and so forth but he also was loved by labor This is because in his uest for power and given his peasant origins he uickly realized that making overtures to the working class and keeping them happy would essentially guarantee his power While this was mostly true it was also a liability that was to cost Argentina heavily in the long run In fact he was kicked out of Argentina for 17 years but they were turbulent years of increasing violence which peaked at the moment of his return Well return may be a strong word since he returned old and sick and barely lasted a year once assuming power before he passed away from untreated medical issues The violence once again surprisingly pitted the peronists of the extreme right which we can understand in a dictatorship against peronists of the extreme left surprising because they claimed legitimacy from Peron's history with the labor movement but were cold hearted killers like those on the extreme right It was a complete mess and cost thousands of lives and years to recuperate for the country As for Evita she was one in a long line of women before and after far younger than Peron that he fell in love with I learned that he even started a sort of sports academy for teen girls that well you can fill in the blanks Evita herself was a dynamic and rather violent public speaker Pretty much extreme right but with the same penchant as Peron for aligning labor with her ideas she did accomplish some social reform and was beloved of the people of Argentina Unfortunately she died young shortly before Peron fled Argentina and her body then underwent a strange and macabre voyage before returning to Argentina with Peron in 1973 I never saw the film with Madonna about Evita but reading just a few reviews it seems that the film had absolutely no connection to reality For example Che Guevara and Evita never met and he was not stalking her In any case having never really been to Argentina I can only go by what Page wrote in this book back in 1982 she is apparently still worshipped in Argentina as a symbol of the decamisados the shirtless ones or the workers that lent their support to the Peronist movementI suppose I need to find a book similar to Out of the Shadows about post Peron Argentina to understand how the state evolved after his passing and how they fell in another hold financially two decades later In any case Page's biography is highly readable and informative about this particular dictator who was a master of Machiavellian politics and remains a very complex figure to try to understand

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Peron A Biography review ß 100 ´ [PDF] ❤ Peron A Biography Author Joseph A. Page – Latin America has produced no remarkable or enduring political figure than Juan Peron Born to modest circumstances in 1895 and trained in the military he rose to power during a period of political unc Latin America has produced no remarkaNd suppressed dissent Ousted in a coup inhe wandered about Latin America and finally settled in Spain where he masterminded an astonishing political comeback that climaxed in his reelection as president in Joseph Page's engrossing biography is based upon interviews on continents never before inspected Argentine and US government documents and exhaustive research Page's book spans Peron's formative years his arrest and dramatic rescue by the 'descamisados' workers. This is an excellent book that covers the life and governments of Juan Peron While at times harshly critical of its subject it is an excellent antidote to the various myths circulating about this talented manThe author acknowledges that Peron had strong sympathies for Mussolini and participated in the 1943 coup d'état against Ramon Castillo However Page demonstrates that Peron fundamentally believed in democracy When Peron assumed power it was through the democratic process as he successfully obtained democratic mandates on three occasionsPeron profoundly believed in the need for the workers to obtain a rightful share of the nation's wealth His pro union stance led to being accused simultaneously of being both a communist and a fascist Peron was simply of too independent a mind for some but not all of the American ambassadors to ArgentinaPeron as a career military officer accepted his overthrow my a military coup d'état with good grace and then spent 18 years in exile preparing his return to power again achieved through democratic meansPage vigorously defends Eva Peron as being a positive influence on Peron Her concern for the poor was uite genuine and her legendary extravagance was just that a legend With her Peron's judgement was at its very best After her death he was prone to mistakesPage obviously feels that Eva was of superior moral fibre to Peron Within a year of her death he was involved romantically with a minorPage criticizes Peron most harshly for the way he managed his succession He had been out of Argentina for 18 years before winning his third presidential mandate Despite his advanced age he made no plans for his succession neither building a strong Peronist party nor designating a successor Instead he died within 2 years of resuming office thus creating the farcical situation whereby he was succeeded by Isabel his young pretty but totally unualified wife Page felt that Peron's conduct in his last two years hurt Argentina badly He had in effect stranded the Centre Left without a leader or a party structure and opened the way for the military coup d'état against his widow Isabel which inaugurated the disastrous reign of the National Reorganization Process 1976 to 1983 which was in effect a military junta that instituted widespread persecutions before bringing itself down with the Falklands WarJoseph Page has written an excellent book I say this with the single caveat that not having read any other biography of Peron I am not in a position to determine how it rates compared to the others that are available