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characters The Simoin Prophecies GameWorld Trilogy #1 ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ☆ ❦ [KINDLE] ❁ The Simoin Prophecies GameWorld Trilogy #1 By Samit Basu ➡ – Die Prophezeiungen berichten vom Erwachen des schrecklichen Rakshas Danh Gem und von der AnkuSt der prophezeite Retter – und wer Vernichter der WeltSamit Basu führt in eine nie gekannte Welt der fliegenden Teppiche rosa Trolle Bauchtänzerinnen und mörderischen Kaninchen. I had given up on contemporary Indian authors but Samit Basu gives me hope Surprisingly well written the book is a parody of your everyday fantasy With a Dark Lord who's not so dark a Robin Hood doubling as Lord Rama and princes falling in love with Rakshases while damsels give knights a run for their money this book hilariously kills all the stereotypes that your typical Hero story propounds while weaving a very interesting tale of an oncoming war between the forces of Good and Evil or Good and Good or Evil and Evil or just two sides who believe in different things I am especially fond of the Knights of the Almost Perfectly Circular Table of Ventelot and the wonderful ending

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Der Tag der Rückkehr Danh Gems naht macht man kurzerhand den Prinzen Asvin zum Retter Doch dann sind da noch die schöne Maya und der The Simoin MOBI #204 junge Zauberer Kirin Wer i. I like fantasy fiction unlike the vast majority of people who think that it's a disreputable form of literature and consider it only for kids I liked the book It brims over with allusions Ramayana Mahabharatha Greek mythology Lord of the Rings Harry Potter comic books Arabian Nights etc etc The storyline of course is fantasy staple diet There is a uest and a uest needs a Hero who must go forth with a band of loyal warriors and have many adventures and Save the World But Simoin Prophecies offers a slight twist at the end the reader is unsure who the Hero is the human Prince Asvin or the half ravian Kirin Most of the fantasy epicslike LOR HP etc are eternal wars between Good and Evil Basu gently pokes fun at the traditional fantasy epic And where writers like Tolkien can freuently become dull by virtue of their almost obsessive attention to detail Basu has managed to evade the issue by throwing in enough wry one liners and puns But I felt the attempts at humour can be a little wearing at times and there are lots of spoofy charactersspoofy characters can never be real characters but still its a great readOne may enjoy it but I think one really need to have read some fantasy before or at least have familiarity with Indian culture before one can fully enjoy it Finally i say its a nice spoof

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The Simoin Prophecies GameWorld Trilogy #1Die Prophezeiungen berichten vom Prophecies GameWorld eBook #10003 Erwachen des schrecklichen Rakshas Danh Gem und von der Ankunft eines Helden der sich ihm entgegenstellen wird Als. Imagine this A desert that's called Al UgobiA seagull whose name is Irik SeagullA group of spell casters calling themselves Hex Men Now none of the above are integral to this story but why I mentioned them here first is probably because this inventive play on words is my major take away from this book Samit Basu is just superb at these things There are interesting references throughout the book and I'm terribly tempted to list them all out for you but that would take out most of the fun So am I saying that the actual book in itself is not very remarkable No in fact its uite the opposite Samit Basu achieves something here that not many have done before or even after For a long time I wanted to see a fantasy story from India that's NOT based on Indian Mythology Sure Ramayana and Mahabhratha are too great that we wouldn't ever need anything else as inspiration but I did feel that fantasy as a genre was never exploited the way it was done outside And Samit here attempts a book of semi epic proportions that's actually uite engaging and entertaining at the same time He freakin' creates a fantastical parallel world to ours The story itself is very straight forward and simple There's a hero Well two heroes actually And it's up to you to choose whom you like And then there's the heroine Now I like this girl She's not the usual damsel in distress and gives the boys a run for their money And then there's a host of other interesting characters with Samit bringing a lot of different species to the table asursvanarsvamans humans Then there's the dead but going to resurface dark lord Danh Gem who reminds you of Voldemort Everyone is on a uest to slay him but things turn out a bit differently as you will see There's some issues with this book of course First and foremost the half baked characters Some characters are not even put in the oven It's true that you don't particularly get attached to any of the lead characters by the end of the book and that's a shame when you consider how much you were in love with the Harry Hermione Ron trio by the end of the first book That's sorely missing here If I'm gonna continue reading this book it's only because I'm interesting in how the story turns out And I knew what the plot twist was miles before it happened But of course it's not Samit's fault here Blame all the plot twists you've ever read in your life To put in a nutshell would I recommend this book Definitely why not You owe it to Indian Literature to encourage stuff like this PS Where are the maps I have no idea where Avranti is relative to Kol or Durg or Xi'en Just too many places I can't picture in my head