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FREE READ Making Rumours 108 ´ ☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ Making Rumours By Ken Caillat ✩ – Inside the making of one of the biggest selling albums of all time Fleetwood Mac's RumoursFleetwood Mac's classic 1977 Rumours album topped the Billboard 200 for thirty one weeks and won the Album of Inside the making of one of the biggesIrst time Ken Caillat the album's co producer tells the full story of what really went into making Rumours from the endless partying and relationship dramas to the creative struggles to write and record You Make Loving Fun Don't Stop Go Your Own Way The Chain and other timeless tracksTells the fascinating behind the music story of the making of Fleetwood Mac's Rumours written by the producer who saw it all h. The history of the making of Rumours is interesting and exciting but Ken Caillat seems to be interested in making himself and to a lesser extent his daughter Cobie the star While I understand how difficult the members of the band most likely were Caillat writes as though he were the genius and talent behind Rumours Worth the read but take it with a grain of salt

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Appen Filled with new and surprising details such as Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham's screaming match while recording You Make Loving Fun how the band coped with the pressures of increasing success how the master tape nearly disintegrated and the incredible attention paid to even the tiniest elements of songs from Lindsey playing a chair to Mick breaking glass Includes eighty black and white photographs. Love The author Ken Caillet was the engineer and later co producer of the album Rumours and he goes into detail about the making of the hit record It does go into very high depth of the technicalities of what engineers do and some of it was a bit beyond me But it did get me intrigued often than not to go back listen to each song and find the bits and parts that he described with detail And after reading this book I have a slightly different perspective on the album and it's musical genius besides just loving it because it sounds good He did talk about some of the drama that happened but most of it was relevant enough to the story that it wasn't fully needless gossip or putting everyone in a bad light All in all I give this one a 5

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Making RumoursInside the making of one of the biggest selling albums of all time Fleetwood Mac's RumoursFleetwood Mac's classic Rumours album topped the Billboard for thirty one weeks and won the Album of the Year Grammy More recently Rolling Stone named it the twenty fifth greatest album of all time and the hit TV series Glee devoted an entire episode to songs from Rumours introducing it to a new generation Now for the f. Sigh That's my first thought I have gone through several stages of thought while reading this book and I really had to take a breath before writing this review First just to be honest the technical aspect of the book is uite interesting obviously the author has talent as an engineer Having said that Mama's got to go off What a balloon headed creep Honestly He can't decide if he wants to take credit for the success of an album that he had no hand in writing or performing or being falsely modest as if he wants the reader to think he deserves so much credit I'd say the Grammy he won and the kind decision of the band to give him a producer credit is probably credit enough I started out liking Ken and the book He loves his doggy famously used on the cover of Tusk biting his shoe and he seems nice enough at the beginning Then the creep factor comes into play constant little passive aggressive digs at Stevie Nicks of all people A lot of sexism he and the boys are just so happy when the girls are not in the studio so they can spread Playboys around and do boy things Stevie is not as important or interesting because she does not play an instrument to hitting on and sleeping with multiple women at the same time it's the seventies It's like he wants to tell everyone about the coke and the sex and the violence but not take any of the blame for anything though he participates in and even supplies the band with coke through a friend He hits on every attractive female he meets and yet acts like he's a poor little puppy just looking for a nice girl His digs at the women include him mentioning that his cute but ordinary looking girlfriend was not warmly received by Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie because she's a looker and maybe they are jealous oh yes I am sure these amazingly talented women are jealous of your hanger on girlfriend It never stops The worst part is that he does not even own it he writes like heeeyyy I'm a nice guyyeah nice guys don't normally get crabs in their beard his story not mine There is constant emphasis on all the ways he saved this brilliant album I am sure his engineering and recording skills were good Fleetwood hired him to do albums with him that was not good enough he bitches because he was not called back in to work on their reunion work and then passes his bitterness off as he was just bummed for his friend and co producer because he needed the work In one breath he praises the band and in the other he damns them it's so distracting and obnoxious The final straw is when he says that Stevie Nicks was pissed off that his dog was on the cover of Tusk when it should have been her and that she put a hex on his dog and the dog died 4 years later it was a slow hex I guess and she told him she was glad REALLY I would say skip this book and read Mick Fleetwood's book or even better just listen to the amazing album and remember how many times these songs have been performed live with great beauty and completely without his so called in put Blech