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ePub » Loving David 302 pages Ö gymapparel · [Download] ➾ Loving David ➹ Gina Hummer – Gym-apparel.co.uk What would you do if someone like Ryan Reynolds or Robert Pattinson jumped into your car? All David King wants is to enjoy a private escape from his celebrity status as a prominent and successful Holl WhWhat would you do if someone like Ryan Reynolds or Robert Pattinson jumped into your car? All David King wants is to enjoy a private escape from his celebrity status as a prominent and successful Hollywood actor After a zealous fan detects David’s presence he immediately seeks refuge in a most unconventional and comical place Charlotte a romance writer simply wants to enjoy a private retreat with her friends She is eager to begin her uiet secluded vacation in picturesue Lake Arrowhead with her fellow authors Never did she expect to have a strikingly handsome celebrity accompany her on her trip as a surprise stow away Soon Charlotte and David begin a fri I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review and let me say WOW I am one big blubbering mess right now From laughter to tears SOBS this book raised every possible emotion to the surface I had read somewhere that the author Gina Hummer has been compared to Nicholas Sparks in her writingwell let me assure you that it is my belief that Nicholas Sparks must be channeling his inner Gina Hummer when he writes not the other way around because she is the ueen at eliciting that WOW response from me David King a well known British Hollywood actor in his early 30's is trying to enjoy a private vacation in Southern California away from the hustle and bustle of LA When a fan catches a glimpse of him David is forced to hide away in the most convenient place he can find at the timethe back floorboard of Charlotte's jeep Charlotte is a romance writer in her mid 40's and is on a writer's retreat with her divorcee and widowed fellow writer friends Before David has a chance to escape the uncomfortable floorboard Charlotte takes off down the highway almost wrecking her jeep when she notices a pair of piercing emerald eyes staring at her through the rear view mirror After getting past the point of almost macing David to blindness a beautiful friendship develops Don't be misled by thinking this is just another Hollywood celebrity focusit definitely is not As a matter of fact David's celebrity status is rarely touchedthe focus remains on Charlotte and Loving DavidLoving David was the easiest thing I've ever done It was effortless I fell in love with him every day to the point where I thought I would burstI love the slow building relationship between Charlotte and David that Gina Hummer gave me She allowed me the reader to really develop a strong connection with the main characters and envelope them in such a way as to invoke in me every smile tingle pain and angst that Charlotte felt when interacting with David Charlotte is a very strong woman who has experienced love and loss of love in life before However Charlotte didn't let her circumstance break her She has such compassion for those whom others would spit on had they experienced the betrayal Charlotte experienced in life But she tends to make lemonade out of lemons and moves on in lifeenter David the sexy and handsome Brit who can have any blonde bombshell he wants but he just wants to find someone to love him for who he is and not for his high celebrity status He is what I would call a hot and sexy hometown boy with love for his family and strong roots to keep him grounded He is definitely a swoon worthy hero He is perfect for Charlotte no matter the age differenceThe secondary characters in the novel are stellar as wellEmma the near 80 year old widowed writer with a libido made me laugh out loud with her first impressions of David and her flirtatious banter Nice huh? Emma said I may have a whole new reason to change my Depends today she said as she nudged Karen who shriekedKaren and Hendra the straight laced no nonsense 'play by our ya ya sisterhood rules' women whose strength and resolve melts when exposed to David's natural charms They are complete busy bodies when it comes to Charlotte but completely acting and advising out of love and in Charlotte's best interestIt's not like you're gonna have some great romance with him Have a fling with him A little sex never hurt anybody Karen paused I mean safe sexOlivia the selfish bleep I really enjoyed hating She is a blonde Barbie doll who will stop at nothing to manipulate and use others in the name of love but with her there is a fine line between love and revenge for not loving her back She is completely hate worthyThis book is chocked full of love romance angst heartache and sadness I don't normally comment on a book cover or title but both in this case are so significant to the story of Charlotte and David they are perfect The 'happily ever after' in this book is in the eye of the reader Gina Hummer brings to the table a big screen worthy novel that is touching and sensitive to anyone with compassion and feeling The writing is smooth and fluent making it a fast read But don't mistake this novel for being just another romance; it contains its share of steamy sex angst heartbreak and hurt to keep this story with you a long time after finishing I give this book 45 stars and recommend it to all the Tissue Owner's Book Clubs with a hankering for that next great read

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Endship that develops into a loving relationship Although to some their love may seem effortless and perfect their journey is not without obstacles Olivia a beautiful Hollywood actress and former lover of David’s wants David back in her arms and her bed Although David tries to reassure Charlotte of his feelings for her Charlotte’s insecurities continue to resurface and threaten their relationship David and Charlotte continue to overcome many struggles until they are faced with one of life’s most bitter trials As the story unfolds their tale becomes something different with much higher stakes Will love be worth the risk of heartache? Loving David is I received this book as a first reads winner I really enjoyed this book a lot I couldn't put it down and ended up reading it in an evening When I read the description I thought it would be a fun summer read Pretty much was but what was enjoyable was the relationship between Charlotte and David How it showed even though he was an international movie star he was just a regular guy wanting to find someone to spend the rest of his life with To have a relationship like his parents Some of the women at the retreat made me laugh the characters were very different individuals This book teaches you when you find someone you deeply love whether you have known each other a lifetime or a short time you need to grab onto that love because it's very rare I would recommend this book I wish I hadn't read it so fast so I could have savored the characters a little They were so likable and so enjoyable to read I would read by this author Very well done These characters and story will stay with me for a while I'm missing them already

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Loving DavidA tender story about taking risks in love and discovering beauty in tragedy Gina Hummer writes with brilliant intensity about how bittersweet life and love can be Her pronounced message carries a powerful lesson about the joy that comes when we offer ourselves a chance to love The result is a deeply moving account of the tender moments in life that affect us all Refined with a beauty that is rarely found in today’s contemporary fiction Loving David establishes Gina Hummer as a classic author with a brilliant insight into the emotions of her audience while connecting them to the only emotion that ever really mattersKathryn – wwwromanticreadingescapesco I don't usually read normal romance books I tend to stick to paranormal romances but the line What would you do if someone like Ryan Reynolds or Robert Pattinson jumped into your car at a stoplight caught my intrest Though it wasn't a stoplight International movie star David King hid from a mob of fans in the backseat of her Jeep and after being serenaded by Charlotte singing along with the radio she looks in the rearview mirror to see Emerald Green eyes staring back at her she screams swerves off the road and grabs her mace After the initial shock she invites David to join her at her month long retreat with Divorcee's and Widows and you can imagine how that went A handsome charming movie star in the midst of those ladies This book will make you laugh cry and think about life and what is important I highly reccomend that you read this book even if you think that it's not your style I took a chance and I'm so glad that I did