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Primul şi cel mai celebru dintre volumele autobiografice ale lui Simone de Beauvoir apare într o nouă versiune românească Memoriile unei fete cuminți povestea vieții autoarei născută în 1908 din copilărie până la 21 de ani când devenită studentă la Sorbona îi întâlnise pe Sartre și pe alți tineri intelectuali de viitor e socotită o operă clasică a genului și ilustrarea vie a filozofiei existențialiste Este emoționanta mărturie a evoluției unei personalități de a lungul copilăriei adolescen? “but all day long I would be training myself to think to understand to criticize to know myself; I was seeking for the absolute truth this preoccupation did not exactly encourage polite conversation” Paris 1908 and Simone de Beauvoir enters the worldBorn into a bourgeois family this beautifully deep and intimate account of one girls journey into early womanhood is both a fascinating and intelligent read From her young spirited days as a child to an intricate student life where literature and philosophy would play a pivotal role in shaping the future to the beginnings of a blossoming friendship with Jean Paul Sarte Simone would become a leading figure in the roots of both feminism and existentialism a true independent voice the the 20th centuryThe early yearsHaving the same attributes as any girl should have Simone looked at the world even at a very young age with eyes wide open she had the characteristics that any parent would wish for in their child intelligent pleasant to be around willing to learn listen and play happily with sister LouiseBut she was also an independent thinker ahead of her years asking uestions that someone of this age shouldn't even be interested in Her education was a top priority and Simone was always thinking ahead deeply passionate for her Mama and Papa they were her salvation but the overly protected nature they showed had both good and bad points regarding her development A family of devout Catholics the de Beauvoir household was certainly a strict one I guess it's easy to say that where today's young learn about things they shouldn't from the internet and so forth back then books made a huge difference in ones self discovering and learning about life her mother would reiterate there are books for you and there are books for us and was constantly keeping an eye on what she was reading Reading was a big deal for Simone spending weekends and evening with her head in book There were two books in particular that had a lasting impression 'Little Women' and 'The Mill on the Floss' both featuring female characters that Simone felt so strongly about she was driven to tears It's safe to say that from the age of about twelve Simone's perception of women was changing her father a hard working banker believed a women's place in this world was either in the kitchen or the bedroom and over the early teenage years the relationship with her parents would often bring conflict but she remained very close to her sister and had a good friend in Zaza who she spent plenty of time with Females were definitely her comfort zoneAnd there was one uestion she just couldn't figure out how can a women fall in love with a man whom she may have only known briefly and replace Papa who had been loved for her whole life?This would constantly be a problem she just couldn't comprehend Simone had no plans to fall in love to wed to have children to live a wife's life She just wanted her own on her own termsIn the later teen years when a student this thought process would change well only slightlyThe StudentHaving excelled at school but also battling adolescent insecurity her loss of faith and the drive for her independence Simone was very clear she wanted to be a writer and took to start writing a novel as well as studying deep and philosophical work at the Bibliothèue Sainte GenevièveShe would remain close friends with Zaza fall in love with a charming young man in Jacuesand make many new student acuaintances at the Sorbonne She became fascinated with Robert Garric a speaker of French Literature trying to bring culture to the lower classes after apparently giving up a promising career at the university this she felt so s

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Mémoires d'une jeune fille rangée?ei și a primei tinereți; mărturia unei „fete cuminți“ care a avut îndrăzneala să se desprindă de mediul convențional în care crescuse de însăși credința catolică pentru a gândi pe cont propriu Și este totodată documentul unei epoci al începutului de secol XX european„Visam să mi fiu propria cauză şi propriul ţel; acum credeam că prin mijlocirea literaturii mi se va îndeplini dorinţa Literatura îmi va da nemurirea în schimbul eternităţii pierdute; nu mai exista Dumnezeu care să mă iub I was born at four o'clock in the morning on the ninth of January 1908 in a room fitted with white enameled furniture and overlooking the Boulevard Raspail In the family photographs taken the following summer there are ladies in long dresses and ostrich feather hats and gentlemen wearing boaters and panamas all smiling at a baby they are my parents my grandfather uncles aunts; and the baby is me My father was thirty my mother twenty one and I was their first childAnd later there was SartreFrom now on I'm going to take you under my wing Sartre told me when he had brought me the news that I had passed Sorbonne He had a liking for feminine friendships During the fortnight of the oral examinations we hardly ever left each other except to sleep I was now beginning to feel that time not spent in his company was time wastedBut Simone de Beauvoir always knewWhatever happened I would have to try to preserve what was best in me my love of personal freedom my passion for life my curiosity my determination to be a writer Not only did he give me encouragement but he also intended to give me active help in achieving this ambitionThis is an outstanding memoir written by a woman who came to know herself stepped away from the crowd and put feelings together in prose meant to enlighten all

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FREE EPUB ✓ MOBI Mémoires d'une jeune fille rangée ò ´ SIMONE DE BEAUVOIR ´ ➥ [Ebook] ➠ Mémoires d'une jeune fille rangée By Simone de Beauvoir ➯ – Primul şi cel mai celebru dintre volumele autobiografice ale lui Simone de BeauvoEască dar aveam să aprind o flacără în milioane de inimi Scriind o operă hrănită din povestea propriei vieţi mă voi re crea şi mi voi îndreptăţi existenţa În acelaşi timp voi fi de folos umanităţii; ce dar mai minunat decât cărţile i s ar putea face? Mă ocupam şi de mine şi de ceilalţi; îmi acceptam «încarnarea» însă nu renunţam la universal proiectul meu putea cuprinde totul; satisfăcea toate năzuinţele care înfloriseră în mine de a lungul celor cincisprezece ani“ Simone de Beauvo The other day I was waiting for my husband to meet me for dinner and I had plenty of time to kill so I went to read at a nearby coffee shop I had been sitting there for a few minutes when it hit me that I was drinking espresso whilst reading Simone de Beauvoir in French and listening to Bob Dylan on my iPod This moment couldn’t have been any snootier if I had tried that is until I started laughing – at myself – out loud to the other patrons’ confusion I felt I was only missing a beret and a cigarette and the picture would have been perfect note to self carry emergency beret and cigarette in purse to maximize future poser momentsBut really reading Beauvoir shouldn’t be considered a snobby read especially her memoirs They are very elegantly written but show a candor and honesty few people are brave enough to have when looking back at their own lives They are also a fascinating account of how a relatively ordinary young girl grew up to become one of the 20th century’s luminaries of philosophy and feminism; so you know it's really interestingThe title is a bit tongue in cheek as Beauvoir was certainly not always a picture perfect daughter she isn’t shy to admit she was a brat who threw public tantrums and who was perfectly happy to make herself throw up rather than eat things she did not like I admit I was surprised to learn how deeply religious she was throughout her childhood and early adult life considering her intellectual work and the lifestyle she later cultivated I had not expected her to have contemplated becoming a nunSince this book covers mostly her childhood adolescence and early adulthood it focuses a lot on her family her childhood friend Zaza her love of books her studies and her crushes The very lucid way she remembers the pangs of puberty the strange and mysterious agonies of trying to understand oneself and others as you grow up were fascinating and movingI felt a certain kinship with Beauvoir as I was reading this her discovery of the complexity of the adult world and refusal to be treated as a child who did not belong to it her struggle with the loss of faith and her precocious intellectual interests were things I related to deeply I loved reading her thoughts about the effect Little Women had on her not only because I also love Jo March but because she thought Jo's relationship with Professor Bhaer to be desirable than a romantic alternative because they have a greater intellectual connection I simply couldn't agree In fact the way she saw her relationships with men was amazing never could she conceive of being with a man who would not consider her an eual and a partner When she learns that her cousin Jacues whom she pinned for when she was a teenager had a working class mistress he pushed aside when came time for him to make a reasonable marriage she was most mad at him not for having had a mistress but for being a cliché That lack of originality inspired nothing but disdain in her she simply could not abide the mediocrityHer relationship with Sartre is only just beginning when Memoirs of a Dutiful Daughter concludes but she knew he'd always be a part of her life because she felt like she had finally found an intellectual eual who values her mind and her intelligence Can I just say YASThe amazing story of an absolutely amazing woman I will be looking for the rest of her autobiography