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The Inflationary Universe The uest for a New Theory of Cosmic Origins Download î 108 Ë [PDF / Epub] ☆ The Inflationary Universe The uest for a New Theory of Cosmic Origins By Alan Guth – This is the compelling first hand account of Alan Guth’s paradigm breaking discStartling theory widely regarded as one of the most important contributions to science during the twentieth century states that the big bang was set into motion by The Inflationary ePUB #10003 a period of hyper rapid ?. Alan Guth is not a science popularizer like Carl Sagan or Neil DeGrasse Tyson but the actual scientist who originated Inflation cosmology This book is presented chronologically following his and his colleagues' work through problems and dead ends and occasionally even events from his personal life Even though it is math less it conveys the conceptual trade offs and reasoning beyond a mere description of the resulting theory to be taken on pure faith As an engineer with detailed knowledge of physics only in those certain spots relevant to my career I found this both challenging and rewarding to read in my drive to broaden Guth does not present all his work as a done deal in all particulars – although inflation certainly does seem necessary to address problems in the prior Big Bang model compatibility with GUTs horizon problem flatness problem etc The book was published 20 years ago and the Epilogue describes “future” issues on which observational progress and theoretical progress have since been made With the trade off awareness gained some brief summaries available online have a place to fit in The reintroduction of cosmological constants to make timelines work out seems troubling to me But as I have still not been through the math and the math speculations precede observational data I cannot claim to understand fully It was especially gratifying to see theoretical physicists sometimes struggling just to understand each other’s workMy notes per chapter are below1 The Ultimate Free Lunch conservation of energymatter2 The Cosmic Vista from Ithaca New York traditional Big Bang with homogeneous expansion magnetic monopoles3 The Birth of Modern Cosmology – Einstein’s cosmological constant OpenFlatClosed Freidmann universe Hubble redshift 1929; mistaken age of universe4 Echoes of a Scorching Past detection of background radiation 1964 conformity to blackbody spectrum 5 Condensation of the Primordial Soup Big Bang Nucleosynthesis took place starting 01 sec after t0 H 1 H 2 Deuterium H 3 Tritium He 3 He 4 Li 7 Heavier elements came from stars later 5 particle gap closed with only transitory nuclei Blackbody radiation much later from 300000 years after t06 Matters of Matter and Anti matter Weinberg baryon number conservation 10^^ 39 seconds of matter antimatter annihilation Baryogenesis7 The Particle Physics Revolution of the 1970s development of the Standard Model Gell Mann and Zweig uarks updown charmedstrange topbottom and Leptons electrone neutrino muon m neutrino tau tau neutrino Yang and Mills uantum chromodynamics8 Grand Unified Theories GUTs are unification of weak e m strong interactions gravity is much weaker GUTs predict strengths of all known particle interactions Experiments at 10^^2 GeV predict convergence at 10^^16 GeV Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking are mechanisms for loss of high energy symmetry at lower energy Minimum energy density on maps of multiple Higgs fields Critical chapter; needs re read8 Grand Unified Theories GUT hierarchy problems; Higgs fields used in electroweak unification; 10^^16 GeV is just a step towards hierarchy of full unification Spontaneous symmetry breaking is set at various Higgs values along the vacuum ring arbitrarily during cooling after Big Bang If changed particle interactions would break out differently 9 Combating the Magnetic Monopole Menace standard GUTs led to overproduction of magnetic monopoles Vacuum energy in three Higgs field model Second phase transition settled on Supercooling but that has effect on expansion rate of early universe 10 The Inflationary Universe supercooling needs a Higgs energy map with dimple near origin representing false vacuum local minimum energy Decay ultimately through uantum tunneling False vacuum leads to temp reversal of certain properties such as gravitation EXPONENTIAL expansion Inflationary period 10^^ 35 seconds solves monopole flatness and horizon problems Universe is 10^^23 times observed universe 11 The Aftermath of Discovery 1st publication and new job at MIT Graceful Exit Problem No percolation of bubbles resolving to infinite connectivity Guth found no solution12 The New Inflationary Universe Guth 1st year at MIT with medical and legal problems Linde's New Inflation single bubble universe using novel Higgs fields Steinhardt used spinodal decomposition for phase transition without bubbles13 Wrinkles on a Smooth Background Under the newer inflation how to explain the nonuniformities of contemporary universe Hawking wades in uantum perturbations if the Higgs field energy density graph is further flattened But then incompatible with best GUT A newly defined field – Inflaton14 Observational Clues from Deep Below and Far Beyond In 1992 COBE data confirmed nonuniformity of background radiation as per prediction of inflation15 The Eternally Existing Self Reproducing Inflationary Universe Inflation is in a primordial soup of very hot uncombined elementary particles uarks leptons in which pocket universes form Soup could be eternal Evidence will not be found in space time of our own pocket universe16 Wormholes and the Creation of Universes in the Lab Nur ein gedankenexperiment useful review of conditions necessary and events to cause creation of a pocket universe uantum tunneling in super high energy of inflation17 A Universe of Ex Nihilo Tryon's vacuum fluctuation idea With inflation small size may not be an objection pure speculationEpilogue book released 1997 In past 20 years Hubble constant measured to 21 XMAP and Planck Spacecraft data have pointed to Lambda CDM model use of cosmological constant to address Age ProblemAppendix A Gravitational energyAppendix B Newton and the Infinite Static UniverseAppendix C Blackbody RadiationAppendix D Units and MeasuresNote that there are also useful bibliographical notes and a glossary

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??inflation” lasting only a billion trillion billionth of a second The Inflationary Universe is the passionate story of one leading scientist’s effort to look behind the cosmic veil and explain how the universe bega. This book is definitely written for the non scientist Clear and concise without all that confusing scientific jargon I'm nerdy I like space and I loved this book

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The Inflationary Universe The uest for a New Theory of Cosmic OriginsThis is Universe The Kindle #208 the compelling first hand account of Alan Guth’s paradigm breaking discovery of the origins of the universe and of his dramatic rise from young researcher to physics superstar Guth’s. Almost everyone has heard Barenaked Ladies' lyrics on the popular TV show “The Big Bang Theory “The whole universe was in a hot dense state Then nearly 14 billion years ago expansion started WaitWell without Alan Guth’s seminal discovery of expansion Bare Naked Ladies would have had to write a different set of lyricsand we would still be trying to figure out how it all began What is “expansion” In a nutshell it is the time billionths of a second in duration when the first infinitesimal particle exploded and caused the entire universe to be created Almost overnight Guth himself like the universe he postulated exploded from an unknown grad student to one of the superstars of astrophysicsThe notion of the universe starting with a “big bang” had been around since the ‘thirties actually a later term of derision of the physicist Fred Hoyle who favored the Steady State theory of the origin of the universe But Guth took the theory a step further He postulated that not only did the universe begin in one incomprehensible fraction of a second but the entire universe as it is now was created in that same time frame In layman’s terms it simply suddenly “was” Guth later jokingly referred to this expansion as “the ultimate free lunch”All this is meant to be an introduction to his book THE INFLATIONARY UNIVERSE First published in 1997 it is a look back at 1984 when Guth a young researcher “stumbled” on an extraordinary theory of the cosmic beginnings He writes in an engaging non scientific style meant to reach out and grab readers such as I people who have a hazy grasp of physics but who want a better notion of how our universe came to beNow a professor of physics at MIT Guth’s name has become almost a household word I would not be surprised if he were soon awarded a Nobel in PhysicsRead this book and then sing along with Barenaked Ladieswith a new understanding of the hot dense state and the miraculous expansion that started it allSlán Erin O'uinn