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Summary ó Promise Me Tomorrow É PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ë [Read] ➭ Promise Me Tomorrow By Candace Camp – A beautiful thiefLord Lambeth can't help but be captivated by lovely Marianne Cotterwood though he knows she's hiding a secret The desire he feels Then Lord Lambeth catches her in the actA reckless passionBut someone else is interested in Marianne's secrets as well A dangerous shadow from her past is closing in and Marianne finds she has no choice but to place her trust in the one man she fears may be as reckless as s. Another big hitI think I said after the first book in this series A Stolen Heart that I could not wait for the second and I was right I am sure there are a few flaws in this book as in the first one; but I enjoyed it so much I cannot remember them On to the third book; No Other Love

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Life before she ended up in an orphanage Her future changes again when she is taken in by a warmly eccentric family of Promise Me PDF or pickpockets and thieves Marianne's inborn grace makes her a natural thief mingling with ease among the wealthy to find pigeons to pluck. Second book in the Montford Heirs series This one is the story of Marianne who was brought to the orphanage at the age of 5 rather than alerting her grandmother that she was alive Grandmother finds out 20 years later that she is alive and begins a search for her Meanwhile the Cousin who is now the Earl of Exmoor and also the one who sent her to the orphanage is also looking for her He however wants her killed so that it will not come out that he was behind the deceptions Lots of great romance and steamy goings on with yummy Lord Lambeth who has Marianne pegged as a thief Great plot great action and actually had me tear up at the end I can't wait to read the final book about the son John who I believe is the highwayman Jack from both books

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Promise Me TomorrowA beautiful thiefLord Lambeth can't help but be captivated by lovely Marianne Cotterwood though he knows she's hiding a secret The desire he feels for this mysterious woman is powerful as is his need to unravel her mysteryA lost legacyMarianne can't remember anything of her. Series Lost Heirs #2Publication Date Re release date 101419 Original release 72407Number of Pages 379 375 Stars Rounded up to 4 I haven’t read the first book in this series but I’m definitely looking forward to the third since this one was delightful It was well written and had well developed and relatable characters I liked both the hero and the heroine as well as the supporting characters The villain didn’t get his punishment in this book but I’m sure it is coming in the next – can’t waitMarianne Cotterwood has lead a very uniue life She was dropped off at a very austere orphanage at the age of five and was given the name of Mary Chilton She was terrified but soon made a friend Winny who would remain with her through her life Her life wasn’t easy and she tried to work at an honest job but when she was turned out without a character reference she had to find other ways to support herself Luckily she was saved by a pair of thieves and they all soon formed a family of sortsIt was Marianne’s job to attend the fancy parties and check out all of the valuables and the safe Days or weeks later the others would break into the house and rob it – using the information Marianne had gathered That is how she came to meet Lord Lambeth – he caught her checking out his friend’s home – and he confronted her about itLambeth wants to make Marianne his mistress but she’ll have none of it She intrigues him because she isn’t at all impressed by his riches or titles Turns out he’s pretty hard to discourageWinny gets word from a maid who still works at their former place of employment that two different men had been around to the house asking about Mary Chilton Why would anyone be looking for her – Marianne hadn’t used the name Mary Chilton in ten years since she was turned out Then strange things begin to happen Are they accidents Who could wish any harm to MarianneIt is a fun read but – given the timing – 22 years after the French Revolution it had to be the Regency period It was never plainly spelled out and given some of the clothing references I had to wonder There is a section where the heroine unbuttons the hero’s shirt and runs her hands over his chest – except – in that period the man’s shirt was pulled on over the head and only had three or four buttons at the neckline Also mentioned is the heroine wearing pantaloons and ‘undergarments’ that got in their way However during the Regency period ladies didn’t wear undergarments of that type – they went commando However the light skirts did wear themIf you are looking for a uick fun read this is the book for you I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own