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Here's to the Ladies Stories of the Frontier Army Ebook Ö 259 pages Download ↠ Gymapparel ä ✤ [Download] ➼ Here's to the Ladies Stories of the Frontier Army By Carla Kelly ➶ – Carla Kelly wants to tell the truth to discard myths aboutCarla Kelly wants to tell the truth to discard myths about the US Army during the Indian Wars This collection of nine stories set in the era of the frontier army gives an entertaining and educational glimpse into a world not often explored in fiction Kathleen Flaherty's Long Winter weaves a tale of an Irish woman who has no choice but to marry a man she barely knows after the death of her husband leaves her penniless She struggles with isolation and the cruelty of the others in the fort because of he 1st Story 5 starsA cute little story about Army life at a Fort in the West I assume during the time of the Indian Wars? No romance or violence just a little story Life at a western fort told through the eyes of the wife 2nd Story 5 starsCarla Kelly's male characters are the best and this story brings out her talent loved it No romance lots of Civil War violence and a great story Made me feel like I was in Civil War battles There was also a story of jealousy and revenge3rd Story 5 starsThese are truly short stories Loved this one More romance little sexier great characters4th story 5 starsI read this on a hot day in June perfect weather to read this story because I could really feel the desolation of winter I could feel the loneliness and I knew from the start that there would be a baby This is one of the major romances in the book Strong male character and a spunky heroine who survives a long winterALPHA MALE 10SPUNKY HEROINE 10HEA Oh yesHeat Level5 Married sex sensual lovemakingA keeper5th Story 5 starsMore romance Strong male character Civil War horrors in dreams all in an Army Fort in the westThis is Carla Kelly at her best Tortured hero and the spunky heroine that falls in love with him as soon as she meets himBEST USE OF GettysburgALPHA MALE 10SPUNKY HEROINE 10HEA oh yesEPILOGUE there is a very satisfying ending that could be an epilogue and it is great6th story 5 starsAnother love story Man woman and babies The strong male character again is the best The heroine is great too and together well I just love itBEST USE OF GodALPHA MALE 10SPUNKY HEROINE 10 CUTE KID 10HEA Oh yesPROLOGUEEPILOGUE None wish there was an epilogueHeat Level1 Because of touching looks and implied married sex Love it7th story 5 starsA story that made me think of all the people who come into my life that I have ignored or never thought of as important or just plain forgot about8th story 5 starsA story about devotion to people and places9th story 5 starssomeone should make a movie of this short storyRomantic violent but a great read again great strong male characters Great heroine And love at first sight BEST USE OF PipesALPHA MALE 8SPUNKY HEROINE 10HEA YesHeat Index3 a sex scene very limited detail but great all the sameThis was a great book The stories are ones that I will re read over and over A KEEPER FOREVERCOVER COVERS IT The cover works for me and sets the place and time of all the stories

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R rapid marriage In the end hers is a story of loss love and survival But these are not all love stories In Mary Murphy one soldier reflects about the hard life of a laundress A Season for Heroes tells of a buffalo soldier named Ezra Freeman a true hero to one officer's family The collection concludes with Jesse MacGregor The narrator John looks back on an Apache attack in the desert After his detail's captain is killed and John is injured authority falls to surgeon Jesse MacGregor The account of the Living on military posts in the territories during the Indian Wars years wasn’t easy Here’s to the Ladies Stories of the Frontier Army by Carla Kelly is a set of short stories that tell it like it was They range from funny to heartwarming to sad but they all have one thing in common they are fascinating The lengths of the stories vary Some are very short one is very long I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys US history

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Here's to the Ladies Stories of the Frontier ArmyIr struggle to fight hunger thirst the elements and of course the Apaches is mesmerizing Kelly does not leave comedy out of her collection Fille de Joie is a charming story of a married couple reunited after an almost two year separation The wife is arrested after the two make too much noise during their afternoon tryst She is charged with being a fille de joie and the comedy ensues Kelly's work will find an audience among those interested in feminist literature American history fiction and nonfictio Don't skip the introduction; Carla Kelly tells how she wrote the collection of stories included in this collection It also gives a glimpse of her previous occupation as a National Park RangerAlthough I'd read two of the stories in previous compilations the remaining 7 are worth the cost of the book Besides telling a story the tales are instructive about the life of those in the frontier army Who would have thought that an army family could be demoted to the lesser status housing when a higher ranking officer arrived at the fort? Who would believe that this could happen the whole time you stayed at that fort?The stories are rich in detail about what army life was like in the American West I found the conditions to appeal only to people with great strength of character and stamina