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Dead and Gone Burke Book 12 Read & Download Û 106 ¸ [Reading] ➻ Dead and Gone Burke Book 12 ➱ Andrew Vachss – From the modern master of noir Andrew Vachss comes this heart topping and bestselling new thriller that completely reinvents the Burke series Urban Outlaw Burke barely survives an attacFrom the modern Gone Burke PDFEPUB #196 master of noir Andrew Vachss comes this heart topping and bestselling new thriller that completely reinvents the Burke series Urban Outlaw Burke barely survives an atta. I always forget why it is I don't like Andrew Vachss novels I will go years without reading one and then think Hey why don't I read another Vachss novel Then I'll read one and remember Oh yeah his endings are always inexplicable and unsatisfying and never seem to tie up a single loose end And don't forget how rushed they areI think about that and then I think Oh man his female characters are also caricatures No one writes women worse than Vachss with the possible exception of men who write super hero comicsAnd then I will go a couple of year without reading Vachss and will find myself in a bookstore and somehow will have forgotten all of the aboveThat faulty memory is how I came to read this Vachss offering and I suspect in a couple of years I will repeat this recursive dumbassery of mine I hope writing all of this down helps me remember but it probably won't SighAnyway crappy rushed and unsatisfying ending and if Gem doesn't make you want to vomit at least twice hi hot Asian chick dressed as a sexy schoolgirl is a fucking cliche unworthy of anyone outside of derivative porn thanks then I probably need to challenge you to a thumb wrestling match best two out of three You could do worse than read this book but you'd really have to work at it

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Underground and deep into his own tortured past The violent journey ends in a place that exists only in the dreams of the darkest degenerates on earth From the Trade Paperback and Gone Burke Kindle #209 editi. A 'reinvention' of the Burke series not that it seems all that different no spoilers since they come in the blurb Burke is left for dead after he is set up in a complex hit that leaves him with his partner dead and him hurting physically and emotionally The story follows his uest to track down his would be killer for revenge and for his own safetyBlackest of black noir still highly readable albeit I would imagine opaue unless you've read in order

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Dead and Gone Burke Book 12Ck by a professional hit suad that kills his partner With a new face Burke goes into hiding And on Dead and Kindle the hunt Dead and Gone takes him from the streets of New York City through a cross country. Oh good lord Burke a hard case criminal type with a heart of gold is on a mission to find out who set up the assassination attempt that cost him an eye and the life of his beloved dog Pansy He teams up with Gem sexy mystical Asian woman and her lustrous black hair who despite her apparent lifelong history as an underworld operator simply can't help jumping in the sack and then falling in love with our aging disfigured hero She parades around naked sits in his lap sucking his thumb and loves listening to him explain the history of blues and do wop and marveling at his pool shooting skills Anyway it turns out Burke has run afoul of an elaborate scam to fleece Neo Nazi pedophiles who hope to live on a secret fascist pervert island together and raise an Aryan incest armyWow It would be funny if it wasn't so appallingThis book is about 125 pages too long and while some seuences have that stripped down scheming momentum found in the best of Richard Stark earning it my second star much of it felt like filler Do I need a scene of Burke doing a ride along with a cop to watch the drunk driving prevention class he teaches And as the cop is supposed to be helping him on the down low why is he parading Burke around in front of high school kids How many pages should be spent with Gem and Burke banging in hotel rooms and chatting over room service meals Why are they heading out to go shoot pool again Aren't there Russian mafia pedonazis they need to hunt Doesn't Burke have a dog to avengeThe thing that makes it all collapse is the utterly absurd conspiracy at the book's core It's somehow simultaneously offensive and comical Hyperbolic James Bond level villains don't mix well with real world sufferings like child trafficking and hate groups It's like reading a Fantastic Four comic in which you find out Doctor Doom is a serial rapist The tonalconceptual dissonance is too much to process I read Shella not a Burke novel before this and other than a lengthy detour into the day to day of a Neo Nazi compound in Illinois What is with Vachss and Nazis Is this like a thing he does I found it to be a lean gritty page turner with just enough over the top melodrama to keep things interesting This one though doesn't work I'm sure there are better books in this series if only because there are like 20 or something If anyone can recommend one that's solid I'll give it a shot There's a lot to like in what Vachss does with Burke but Dead and Gone was probably not the best introduction