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Free read Ö Hurry Freedom ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Á ➳ [Reading] ➶ Hurry Freedom By Jerry Stanley ➩ – Among the thousands drawn west by the California Gold Rush were many African Americans Some were free men and women in search of opportunity; others were slaves brouEalth in the gold fields and growing cities of California but all faced the deeply entrenched prejudices of the eraTo tell this story Hurry Freedom focuses on the life of Mifflin Gibbs who arrived in San Francisco in and establi. good

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Shed a successful boot and shoe business But Gibbs's story is than one of business and personal success With other African American San Franciscans he led a campaign to obtain eual legal and civil rights for Blacks in California. Hurry FreedomJerry StanleyThe nonfiction book Hurry Freedom by Jerry Stanley focuses on the life of an African American man named Mifflin Wistar Gibbs who went to California in search of a better life and gold in the 1800s While detailing Gibbs’ life and stories there are other African Americans that are noted in relation to Gibbs These men had to work hard to get to California and to survive in a white male dominated nation Some African Americans had to work their way out of slavery and afterwards they would work diligently to buy their families and friends out of slavery Although California was a “free” state discrimination was very prevalent and most areas were deeply segregated Some “free” states wanted an all white population and wouldn’t even let African Americans enter the state boundaries There was a bit of a gold rush for African Americans in California but most of the time they were shrouded in poverty There was an Underground Railroad in California and many African Americans that had travelled to California including Gibbs contributed to it Most African Americans stuck together but they also befriended white individuals that were abolitionists Eventually some African Americans were able to open up stores of their own but a lot of them suffered Store owners like Gibbs saw many crimes within their stores but there were laws that prohibited African Americans and other ethnicities from prosecuting white people for any crimes Although California was considered to be a “free” state if a slave owner took slaves into the state they would still be slaves under the owner until they were freed There were a series of testimonies conventions and petitions before Lincoln passed the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863 The information in this book was thorough and interesting because it told the stories that are not told in general history classrooms The illustrations and pictures were also very useful and added validity to the text This book could be useful in classrooms because of the story it tells through it's information and it could be very useful in lessons pertaining to civil rights movements as well as the gold rush in California for students from third to sixth grade depending on the content that is used

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Hurry FreedomAmong the thousands drawn west by the California Gold Rush were many African Americans Some were free men and women in search of opportunity others were slaves brought from the slave states of the South Some found freedom and w. This book is about a man’s journey from the New York to California for the gold rush his name was Mifflin Gibbs His journey took him from New York to Panama to San Francisco During his travels and his time at the gold rush Gibbs was dealing with massive amounts of racism and segregation; some in his group were even fugitive slaves Later in the book the author describes laws passed that disallowed blacks and other nonwhites from testifying against whites making it a very dangerous place to be He also states however that 1850’s California was a dangerous place for anyone because of the gold and the greed people had Gibbs then wrote a petition to have the law removed so that they may lead a safer existence After the gold rush Gibbs travelled to Victoria where he opened a store bought several houses and became one of the higher members of society Even so he would still deal with prejudice for the rest of his life I would have this book in my classroom as i think it provides a uniue perspective on an interesting time in our history