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Dusk AUTHOR Ron DHe finds far than her worst nightmares come to undeath Joined by police and criminals and by a preacher and his wife who have known the fanged horrors before Samantha battles life death and undeath to retain her sanity and identity her freedomAnd perhaps the freedom for a world unknowing of the true dangers that await it in the darkness in the ghost towns and now even in the lights of civilizati. I liked this book But I was disappointed with the ending

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Ed from restraints and seeking instant gratification into eternity Some call them vampires some call it Hell The flesh is firm and searing and their caresses kill They have spread from a Texas ghost town to the neon Dallas streets driven by their hungersSamantha Borden an INS agent has accidentally come upon these horrors while seeking the man who did her wrong another INS agent who is MIA and s. Dell Abyss Reading 343As expected I knew the Dell Abyss lines would be hit or miss however I did not expect this big of a miss this early on A vampire story taking place in Dallas Texas may not have been what I had in mind when this publishing line promises weird and different stories from your usual 80’s horror fare but I was willing to give it its fair shake Then it uickly hits that the only thing cutting edge about this novel is how much sex there is in it and how many times Ron Dee can sueeze incest vampires sucking dick and the n word into each chapter It’s a shame that this got published honestly The only saving grace of this whole thing is that it reads like a 13 year old wrote it and it’s incredibly easy to blow through 100 pages at a time but i dont think having the prose of some dudes Creepypasta is a good thingAnyways this one’s certainly a real stinker and is worrying me for the books to come Koja’s Cipher is a hard bar to beat for sure Nightlife by Brian Hodge fell short for me but at least it had heart in its goofy macho bullshit I’m okay with flawed concepts but this line will surely be testing me if I have to deal with Dusk’s to come

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Dusk AUTHOR Ron Dee Download é 105 î ❰Reading❯ ➶ Dusk Author Ron Dee – Gym-apparel.co.uk It settles over civilization with a blood red sun over the landmarks of modern rational man his freeways and skyscrapers the yuppies scumbags wannabes and pushers over men and women yearning for someo It settles over civilization wiIt settles over civilization with a blood red sun over the landmarks of modern rational man his freeways and skyscrapers the yuppies scumbags wannabes and pushers over men and women yearning for someone else's flesh and blood They are the fictional attractive streetwalkers the next door neighbor you've wanted the spoiled teenagers and sweaty workers muscular men and slender well formed women fre. Ron Dee Dusk Abyss 1991Back in the early nineties Dell's Abyss line of horror got off to possibly every wrong start it could It debuted about a year after the end of the big eighties horror boom it didn't get nearly as much publicity as it should it started out as a paperback only imprint and the monolithic Dell was trying to compete with a few smaller far agile publishers who'd been doing horror as long as they'd been around Jove Pinnacle and Leisure among others But what Dell brought to the Abyss table was uality; whereas other publishers were known either for their cheesy offerings or for setting the bar of what they'd publish relatively low Abyss set out to look for authors whose work was not only horrific but good As a result they started off by discovering a young new talent named Kathe Koja who is now a multi award winning teen fiction author and publishing the third book by a then unknown horror writer named Brian Hodge now a greatly respected thriller writer While not all of their publications were as momentous as those first two the first year of Abyss did provide us with twelve fun readable novels of which Dusk was oneDee Brain Fever takes a look at the vampire genre that's become pretty common these days but wasn't back then—the western vampire popularized recently by both Douglass Clegg and Justin Gustainis This one focuses on Samantha Borden an immigration agent sent to a ghost town in the Arizona desert to try and track down her missing partner and ex lover Walt Walt went missing in that town a while previous and with the help of Sheriff Bill the laconic lawman from the nearest inhabited spot she aims to find out what happened to him Sheriff Bill has a strong warning for her however they can only visit the ghost town Las Bocas during the daytime When Sam gets to the town she finds out why someone has crossed out the Las Bocas on the Hotel Las Bocas sign and written in Los Vampiros instead Sam doesn't believe the town is inhabited by vampires of course and in a fit of piue tells Sheriff Bill she'll spend the night there to try and find out what happened to her partner She's soon joined by a troupe of college students whose van broke down and they all find out that vampires are all too real When Bill returns to the town the next day he finds Samantha the only survivor deeply dehydrated and at death's door All the college students are dead or are theyDee's flashed it up with some elements that have obviously been influential in the intervening years but when it comes right down to it this is your basic vampire novel borrowing a bit from here and a bit from there and coming up with a predictable plot whose every twist you can see coming a mile off It's not badly written though and you'll keep turning the pages to see what happens next even if you know what it is Not the best of the first twelve Abyss novels by any means but not that bad either ½