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Respire Author Anne-Sophie Brasme Free download ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ ❰Ebook❯ ➩ Respire Author Anne-Sophie Brasme – Breathe is the haunting confession of nineteen year old Charlene Boher From her prison cell Charlene reBreathe is the haunting confession of nineteen year old Charlene Boher From her prison cell Charlene recounts her lonely adolescence Growing up shy and unpopular Charlene never had many friends That is until she meet Sarah a beautiful and charismatic American French girl wh. 45⭐️Obsession is a theme that I'm fascinated with in literature A lot of my favorite books deal with obsessive narrators such as The Secret History big surprise here says absolutely nobody The Virgin Suicides or The Girls I could even mention The Dumb House The Collector or Lolita—although you can't really empathize with these narrators they remain fascinating and you can't deny that obsession lies at the very core of their perversionsAll of that to say that one of my last reads definitely belongs to that genre Respire or Breathe in English by Anne Sophie Brasme First of all can I pat myself on the back for finally reading in French Thank you thank you tips hat Secondly let me tell you a few things about it Respire tells the story of Charlène a young woman who's been in prison for the last two years for murder Like a lot of the books that I have mentioned in the beginning Charlène tells us about her early life her rather sad and dull chilhood and her difficult teenage yearsBut the real story begins when she reminisces about meeting Sarah the magnetic new girl at her school who then becomes her best friend And so begins a friendship that will turn unhealthy sour and well obsessive Obviously we readers already know how it ends —murder— but the real mystery lies in how Charlène was pushed to itA twisted and destructive Bonjour Tristesse—forgive me for the easy comparison Brasme wrote her novel when she was only 17 If you like tales of obsession and how far it can push us to do terrible things I'd highly recommend this book

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O moved back to Paris for high school Much to Charlene's shock and delight the two girls uickly develop an intense friendship With Sarah by her side Charlene finally begins to feel accepted and even loved However after a brief idyllic period the girls' relationship becomes r. I do believe that Brasme's novel is very well written she is very well versed for being 17 at the time it was published I was rather disturbed at the abrupt ending and there were times that I felt the story lacked some substance overall I felt it was a good read I wouldn’t recommend it to any teens under the age of 16 the story although not graphic is rather depressing While I enjoyed the read it was a bit short I do hope that if anyone is reading this book and feels the same way and gets help Obsession is a theme in this book that is very dark and I might actually look into seeing the movie I find that 2019 has me reading things that I would not normally pick up and I am enjoying the new authors and reads

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Respire Author Anne-Sophie BrasOcky and friendship veers towards obsession As Sarah drops Charlene for older glamorous friends Charlene's devotion spirals into hatred Unfolding slowly and eerily towards a shocking conclusion Breathe is an intense convincing portrait of a possessive and ambiguous friendshi. a uick snapshot of obsession exploring toxic relationships and perverse manipulation two teenage girls are the focus of this novel but it could also be a cautionary tale about how uickly any intense unguarded friendship can turn into something as unhealthy as this entire storycharlène is not the alpha wolf of her pack never has been and sarah knows this and abuses it constantly to her liking and without blinking she never gives only takes until charlie already a very unstable and lonely girl feels she has to do the inevitable and listen to the voices in her head that tell her she has to get rid of her friend forever for it to be written as a murder confession there are only a few really hard hitting scenes but otherwise it's just an okay bookalso i can't believe the author was only 16 when this novel was written published and awarded honestly hashtag #envy