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Axiomatic doc ò reader 9780061052651 Free Ì Greg Egan À ➱ [Read] ➬ Axiomatic By Greg Egan ➼ – Axiomatic is a collection of Greg Egan's short stories that appeared in various science fiction magazines mostly Interzone and Asimov's between 1989 and 1992 ContentsThe InfiniNg to Be Me 1990The Moat 1991The Walk 1992The Cutie 1989Into Darkness 1992Appropriate Love 1991The Moral Virologist 1990Closer 1992Unstable Orbits in the Space of Lies 199 For some reason I never read short story collections but I decided to give Axiomatic a try What a great surprise So many great ideas all executed so well I liked all the stories and a few of them managed to hit home in an original and unpredictable for me anyway way I liked it so much my next book will be another short story collection A few of the ideas were fairly complex and it took a little thinking to understand them to my satisfaction but probably not an insurmountable challenge for anyone If I can do it anyone can I highly recommend Axiomatic and maybe wrongly consider it a true hidden gem I had never heard of it until recently anyway

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Axiomatic is a collection of Greg Egan's short stories that appeared in various science fiction magazines mostly Interzone and Asimov's between 1989 and 1992 ContentsThe I Hugely original ideas not every story is a home run but there are enough 55 stories here to make this very recommended for any fan of hard science fiction The concepts are extremely uniue even 20 years later Very similar to Ted Chiang’s writing I have no idea why Greg Egan isn’t a household name in SF“As the unknowable future becomes the unchangeable past risk must collapse into certainty one way or another”“We think of our lives as circumscribed by cultural and biological taboos but if people really want to break them they always seem to find a way Human beings are capable of anythingtorture genocide cannibalism rape After which — or so I’d heard — most can still be kind to children and animals be moved to tears by music and generally behave as if all their emotional faculties are intact”“I’d rather swim in this cacophony of a million contradictory voices the drown in the smooth and plausible lies of those genocidal authors of history”Individual story ratingsThe Infinite Assassin 35Multiverse drugs messing everything up all over the placeThe Hundred Light Year Diary 55Existential philosophical fictionEugene 25Right when it got interesting it veered off to left field and ended abruptlyCaress 55Creepy and awesome Life imitates art One of the most interesting characters I’ve ever encounteredBlood Sisters 35ChrichtoneseAxiomatic 55TerrificPost Office Box 55A practical uantum leap Terrific storySeeing 55Brilliant concept very well writtenA Kidnapping 45Egan is so cleverLearning to be Me 55So uncomfortably unnervingly goodThe Vat 25Clever but this one was missing something for meThe Walk 55Damn it Egan uit writing such terrifically layered philosophical existential stories The Cutie 35Gross and Weird awesome conceptInto Darkness 35Great concept story wasn’t that stellar though This one would probably be the most likely pick to adapt into a filmAppropriate Love 35Gross and Weird awesome conceptThe Moral Virologist 45Total psycho inspired by the AIDS virus attempts to make a moral virus that only punishes adulterers fails magnificentlyCloser 35Set in the same universe as ‘Learning to be Me’ a couple look for ways to become like each other in order to better understand each other’s perspectiveUnstable Orbits in the Space Of Lies 35Similar concept as ‘Closer’ except on a very large scale and about theologyreligiouspolitical views than individual perspectives

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AxiomaticNfinite Assassin 1991The Hundred Light Year Diary 1992Eugene 1990The Caress 1990Blood Sisters 1991Axiomatic 1990The Safe Deposit Box 1990Seeing 1995A Kidnapping 1995Learni One thing never changes when some mutant junkie on S starts shuffling reality it's always me they send into the whirlpool to put things right First line from the first short story in Greg Egan's collection Axiomatic The title of this fifteen page SF tale is The Infinite Assassin surely one of the most bizarre freaky stories a reader will ever encounter extraordinarily complex and involved certainly warranting its own reviewSo much information is packed into the first few pages it reuires a good bit of unpacking Let's take a closer look at that opening line First off there's reference to a mutant junkie on S As we learn the we read S is the name of a powerful drug that's unlike anything available in our present day nothing like LSD producing hallucinations or heron inducing euphoria; rather users of S will dream of lives that literally might have been lived by the dreamers every bit as solid and plausible as their waking lives We can sense the unnamed narrator almost spitting out “some mutant junkie” And that’s “mutant” as in the comic book meaning – a human with a particular superhuman power In this case one isn't powerful via some special gene at birth; one possess power by taking S And once having taken the drug the user can begin “shuffling reality”“Shuffling reality” is key since it refers to the ability to create a second version of yourself and move from our known universe to a parallel universe Meanwhile you will remain as you are in this world But the effects of S goes even further – depending on the amount taken you might create multiple versions of yourself in order to exist in a number of different universes all at once The only rule appears to be one self per universe although occasionally an odd disruption of physics occurs and two versions of the same you could come face to faceActually there is a further refinement when an S user moves to a different world We read S grants dreamers the power to live vicariously in any parallel world in which they have an alter ego someone with whom they share enough brain physiology to maintain the parasitic resonance of the linkUnfortunately for those in control and wishing not to be disturbed there is another particularly disruptive conseuence of users taking S whirlpools What this means is if you were standing on the street near an S user shifting to a parallel universe you would witness a small earthuake say about the size of a city intersection And if a number of S users shift as a group the earthuake would be even larger Such groups are called whirlpool cults and take great delight in scrambling reality for everyone else So there you have it the basic framework for the story's unfolding drama beginning when the narrator I'll give him a name Kas is dropped by helicopter on the outskirts of the grimy gritty ghetto of Leightown His mission to hunt out and destroy a whirlpool cult that's causing chaos well beyond their crappy ghetto Sidebar Greg Egan is picking up on the all too prevalent social trend when it comes to drugs you poor people can trash your own lives and your own neighborhood but don't dare cross the line into our good clean neighborhoods and mess with decent law abiding citizens Kas is in the ghetto armed and ready for action He's a seasoned assassin having been recruited by The Company think ultraconservative law and order organization at age nineteen For some mysterious reason the Company psychologists knew Kas had one ualification giving him a huge advantage unlike nearly everyone else he can shift to an infinite number of universes simultaneously and create an infinite number of exact replicas of himself Thus retaining his complete identity Kas is the perfect infinite assassinKas walks along the rundown Leightown streets in camouflage trendy rock group T shirt cool jeans the right style running shoes He knows his many other selves must likewise be walking down streets in their d