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An Odyssey in War and PeaceCob became a gunnery instructor for some time and subseuently was trained in an advanced Artillery and Missile course at Fort Sill in the US A uick learner he commanded infantry and artillery brigades headed the artillery school and finally the Eastern Army Rubbing shoulders with some of the stalwarts who strode the Indian political and military arena in those times Gen Jacob sometimes fell foul of his bosses and twice came close to resigning But he stuck on and Odyssey in War PDF #8608 the pinnacle of his career came in when he planned and oversaw operations leading. The Kindle version could do with better editingFrom the perspective of military history this book provides a tiny crucial narrative concerning the surrender of Pakistani forces in 1971 It does not discuss the tools and the ways war materiel was handled any those which are related to the author's disagreement with Sam Maneckshaw The editing of the Kindle version of this book could have been better Some of the sections are abrupt while at least one appears to have a duplicate separated only by few pages Overall notwithstanding these minor blemishes this is a book that must be read by those with even the mildest of interests in history military or otherwise

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Jews who have made in War Epub #226 India their home have flourished without adverse discrimination Of this the Baghdadi Sephardic community is very small in number but has produced one of Indias greatest contemporary soldiers Lt Gen Jack Jacob This is his fascinating story As a small boy Jacob who was from a business family was sent to a residential public school in Darjeeling along with his two brothers When the Second World War broke out Jacob without informing his family joined the army in to fight An Odyssey PDFEPUB or against the Nazis After Independence Gen Ja. Gen Jacob's role in War of 1971 is pivotal as regards to operations in the eastern command over his being Jew and rising so high in the hirachery of Indian army which otherwise has been a martial caste oriented army is commendable But to say the least I'm disappointed to my core reading this one It's of a cribbing volume than an effort worth counting as a military history memoir sort of thing The general from the start seems to have a singular mindset as to convince the reader that triumph of Indian arms in 1971 conflict solely was because of him he is specifically hitting out with all guns blazing at FM Manekshaw and Gen Aurora There is seldom any respite for other corps and army commanders who are mostly presented as incompetent boys too happy to flash the ribbons around but having no salt seriously at one point one starts wondering at the sanity of the author with due pardon and respects just because the theme seems to be three liner; I know it allThanks God I was thereImagine what could have happen if I wasnt there Otherwise hither n tether there are interesting facts n chronology of events but not I worth wasting the money

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SUMMARY ↠ An Odyssey in War and Peace  ❰Reading❯ ➿ An Odyssey in War and Peace Author J.F.R. Jacob – Jews who have made India their home have flourished without adverse discrimination Of this the Baghdadi Sephardic community is very small in number but has produced one of Indias greatest contempoTo the fall of Dacca and obtained an unconditional public surrender the only one in history of Gen Niazi and his army of Written lucidly this autobiography comes to life as a historical document recapitulating some of the most important events of the s to the s from the defeat of the Naxalites in West Bengal to the problems of Nagaland and Sikkim and the politics of Goa and Punjab This is not only the story of the life of one great soldier but provides glimpses of some of the most influential and colourful personalities who wrote the history of those tumultuous time. An excellent book An autobiography that has verygood ideas about an officer's conduct and excellent information about military planning and execution Immense knowledge about operational plans and their execution Recommended for students of Military Science at all levelsVery interesting story of a chief of staff and a DMO both Major Generals who ran the entire Bangladesh war without the Army Commander or The Army Chief's full involvement