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Eaders because they are so pervasive They have fed our imagination for over two and a half millennia inspiring everyone from Plato Iliad and the ePUB #9734 to Virgil Pope to Joyce Dante to Wolfgang Petersen In this graceful and sweeping addition to the Books that Change the World Series Alberto Manguel traces the lineage of the epic poems He considers their original purpose Iliad and the Odyss. Predictablyannoyingly walks that itch generating line between scholarly work and cocktail conversation with your cleverest friend leaning towards the cocktails

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Homer's Iliad and the Odyssey A BiographyEy A PDF either as allegory or record of Iliad and the Odyssey A PDF history surveys the challenges the pagan poems presented to the early Christian world and traces their spread after the Reformation Following Homer through the greatest literature ever created Manguel’s book above all delights in the poems themselves the “primordial spring without which there would have been no culture”. Manguel's biography of Homer's Iliad and Odyssey is a fascinating survey of the influence of these works on subseuent literature not only the direct line that leads to Vergil Dante Chaucer Shakespeare Joyce etc but also some fascinating byways He includes a biographical investigation of Homer not as man but as idea Once again the breadth of Manguel's literary knowledge and the depth of his understanding impressed me As a welcome lagniappe Manguel gave me new insight into a favorite story by Borges My only uibble is his use of the spelling Virgil instead of the correct Vergil a concession to popular usage that neither Publius Vergilius Maro nor my Latin teacher Miss Inman would have condoned I recommend the book for anyone who is interested in a better understanding of Western literature with the caveat that it will make the reader want to revisit Homer's original works

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Free download Homer's Iliad and the Odyssey A Biography ë PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ [PDF / Epub] ☄ Homer's Iliad and the Odyssey A Biography By Alberto Manguel – No one knows if there was a man named Homer but there is no little doubt that the epic poems aNo one knows and the PDF #180 if there was a man named Homer but there is no little doubt that the epic poems assembled under his name form the cornerstone of Western literature The Iliad and The Odyssey with their incomparable tales of the Trojan Homer's Iliad MOBI #204 War brace Achilles Ulysses and Penelope the Cyclops the beautiful Helen of Troy and the petulant gods are familiar to most r. A book about the reception of the Iliad and the Odyssey from the mighty trunk run branches and from the branches twigs One feels the tree wants a vigorous pruning perhaps to raise the crown and reduce the canopy by half or so The opinions of Byron and Blake on the translations of the Iliad and Odyssey by Alexander Pope who cares A chapter on Homer in medieval Islam in which the only interesting thing that is said is that there was no medieval translation of Homer into Arabic Ditto a chapter on 'Christian' Homer which is about saints Jerome and Augustine having their cake and eat it being both Christian and finding a place generally for pagan literature with nothing specific to say about Homer within the new religionManguel here can be interesting but when we have CG Jung responding to Freud who is responding to Neitzsche who was writing in response to Goethe who was commenting upon FA Wolf who had been studying Homer one notices that one is a fair distance away from either the Iliad or the OdysseyI guess I might have liked this if I hadn't read it in relation to the group read of the Odyssey However that is where I was and so my reading was purposive I wanted insight into the Odyssey an interesting thought on the Iliad would be a bonus However that is not the intention of the book which instead I will say with respect in my heart is the outpouring of a demented librarian who claims that a golden thread runs through all the books in the library collectionManguel almost starts with the idea that Iliad embodies the metaphor that life is war while the Odyssey says life is a journey as such one might say that these are not books that shook the world but are the fathers and mothers of a great slice of literature the struggle and the journey seemingly without end crossbreeding and bringing forth new monsters one imagines taking fright at the number of authors springing forth from Homer's loins it would be an austerely slim volume that was about the writers unaffected by either the Iliad the Odyssey or their characters or techniuesTypical of the differences between myself and Manguel was that my spirit lifted when twice he mentioned Milman Parry's work among the traditional singers of the former Yugoslavia and yet how for Manguel those were throw away digressions that didn't merit there own chapter My desire for a pseudo biography of Iliad and Odyssey looking at the construction and transmission of traditional oral epics the 'fixing' of Iliad and Odyssey in 6th century BC Athens the written version produced in Ptlomenian Alexandria the manuscript tradition down to the earliest print editions was not satisfied such poor concerns don't enter into Manguel's vision Which is of the literary response to HomerBut he was interesting too in Samuel Butler's assertion of the Odyssey as written by a Sicilian woman view spoiler naively I had assumed that there was a positive basis for Butler's theory in fact the justification a negative one the mistakes he found in the work such as a ship having two rudders and a bird of prey pulling a smaller bird apart in mid air ones he felt impossible for a man to make and therefore the Odyssey in his view could only have been composed by a woman I feel there is a point here about the audience too since despite such mistakes the work thrived and came to be seen as the paramount literary monument of ancient Greece hide spoiler