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Book ß Overseas 496 pages Download Ò Beatriz williams ï [Download] ➵ Overseas By Beatriz Williams – FROM THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF A HUNDRED SUMMERS AND THE SECRET LIFE OF VIOLET GRANTAmiens France 1916 Captain Julian Ashford a British officer in the trenches of the WeIcan Julian’s never seen her before but she has information about the reconnaissance mission he’s about to embark on Who is she And why did she track him down in AmiensNew York A young Wall Street analyst Kate Wilson learned to rely on logic and I truly wanted to like this book but I was sorry that I did not It is not the best example of this authors work It is a time travel romance with a storyline that was very confusing It was a great idea but how it was executed just did not make sense to me

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Cynicism So why does she fall so desperately in love with Julian Laurence a billionaire with a mysterious pastWhat she doesn’t know is that he has been waiting for herthe enchanting woman who emerged from the shadows of the Great War to save his li Beatriz Williams is a brilliant literary genius and as her words brought me from the bloody trenches of France in 1916 to the towers and glass of Manhattan today she transported me body and soul flung me through the ether to worlds I rarely reach with mere words Her narrative is a flowing prose filled mix of cultures and eras that kept me hypnotically entranced as she spun her improbable yet believable tale Her dialogue is a mixed bag of English lords with the graphic and often sordid contemporary speak we’re so used to today And as much as her words transcended me it was her characters that made me see the scenes through their eyes and their hearts these miraculous fictional people became so real to me and became friends rivals villains and lovers and culminated in an experience that I will not forget I could feel her extensive historical research shine through and not only in her main body of work but also during her interludes in the past where she shows me a foreign and different timeThis is the best book I’ve read this year and if it doesn’t make the top spot on my best of list in 2012 then the world is really up for some amazing fiction as the year progressesMs Williams it was my immense pleasure to experience this work of amazing literary fiction and I can not wait to see where you take me to on our next journey togetherIs it true that love spans ages that it’s timeless It’s a uestion Kate Wilson Wall Street analyst never asked herself until the fateful day she fell down the rabbit hole the day Julian Laurence Hedge Fund creatorbillionaire walked into her life After a rocky beginning at a first attempted personal relationship Julian literally crashes back into her life one night while running in Central Park and after only a very short while Kate is uncomfortable with not only the slightly cosmic feelings she has for Julian but especially his almost preternatural trust in the love he professes to her It’s not until Julian reveals a secret that Kate feels the rabbit hole shrinking and it forces her to look at a truth that should not be possible that will alter her life even a secret that’s unbelievable and yet she has no choice but believe him It seems Julian Laurence Ashford WWI British war hero and poet did not die on a lonely field in France but found himself falling down his own rabbit hole that brought him straight to the 21st century Even as Julian peals away the layers of himself to Kate she knows there are things he’s not telling her things that could lead to disaster things that could alter the very deep love they’ve only recently found with each other things that she feels she needs to knowPlease check out my exclusive A with Author Beatriz Williams

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OverseasFROM THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF A HUNDRED SUMMERS AND THE SECRET LIFE OF VIOLET GRANTAmiens France Captain Julian Ashford a British officer in the trenches of the Western Front is waylaid in the town suare by Kate a beautiful young Amer I had high hopes for this one Time travel a WWI romance thing mixed with a modern day romance what's not to like But there was a lot I didn't like about this especially on audio The syrupy dialogue began to irritate me to no end and I couldn't help thinking Kate was a major drip and wondered what Julian saw in her that kept him going for all these years after only knowing her for what a matter of days Sorry I just didn't buy it The love of the century She was so annoying The constant back and forth between them was dreadful too I'm sorry darling it was all my fault Can you forgive me darling How many times do we have to hear this from Julian His same words of endearment to her were used over and over as well minx uggh I think I hate this word now Darling Then to add to it Kate is always saying that it's her fault It's like these two were vying to be the biggest martyr that ever lived She spurned his wealth and jewels and the way he wanted to pamper her such the paragon Uggh she was much too saintly as was he The epilogue was simply torture to listen to as well with all their ooey gooey love talk of how much they adore each other and how perfect they are Maybe in print it wouldn't have been as bad but it was too much for me to listen to plus the narrator made Kate sound so blah The scenes from WWI were much better but overall this books was a big disappointent that I was only too glad to finish 255