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PDF ´ BOOK Mr Midshipman Hornblower FREE µ C.S. FORESTER Ý [Read] ➳ Mr Midshipman Hornblower By C.S. Forester – Gym-apparel.co.uk Horatio Hornblower é um jovem de 17 anos e está prestes a embarcar na maior aventura da sua época a de oficial da Marinha Britânica e logo no momento em ue a Europa coA até ao limite pela inclemência dos mares e a dura disciplina da Marinha mas assim começa a carreira do jovem Hornblower para se tornar num dos maiores heróis das Guerras Napoleónicas E numa das mais fascinantes personagens da literatura histórica HEART OF OAKHeart of oak are our shipsJolly tars are our menWe'll always be ready Steady boys steady We'll fight and we'll conuerAgain and againBritish sea shanty Napoleonic eraThose French are a match for the ablest admiral boys A rollicking good tale of the Sea25% done

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Horatio Hornblower é um jovem de 17 anos e está prestes a embarcar na maior aventura da sua época a de oficial da Marinha Britânica e logo no momento em ue a Europa começa a tremer perante o génio militar de Napoleão Bonaparte Mas antes ue Hornblo When I was growing up my Mom who doubled as the village librarian URGED me to read this book I’m sure she saw in me a little Midshipman HornblowerShy standoffish and predisposed to dumb clumsiness I obviously needed the role model of a misfit like I was who would bloom under the rigours of his first commandBut I was averse to authoritarian posturingLater though I would be plunged into the thick of it as Head Boy of our new high school Popularity? Not a chance Looks? A blank on that score too I was a bit overweight and ungainly But dumb luck has doggedly plodded close behind me all my long lifeAnd besides when I was a kid I was much intent on doing what the other kids liked to do have fun and joke aroundWhen I finally picked up this book nearly 60 years later I was as unfit as ever to read it for a different reasonYou see I’ve always believed in adulthood that virtue and not swagger and a strutting attitude yields the best rewards I’ve seen too many intellectual flyweights and moral midgets assume the reins of command in my long career and through their draconian attitudes fake the whole thing passably enoughThat’s the strong and unpleasant impression I got from Hornblower’s first acts after being promoted particularly in the flintlock duel sceneSo when I reread this Horatio I decided not to Friend you DNFHowever it’s a wonderfully well written book and a good yarn and you know what? After reading Jason Koivu’s beautiful five star review here on GR I’ve decided to someday if I get the chance revisit itSo why’s that? Well back in the times when I was similarly “in command” of a group of office workers I led by intuition and not by will much like the young untried ordinary seaman HornblowerSo his embarrassing moments reminded me too much of my ownToo many folks I know have corrupted their youth early on with the strategy of power its dark secrets veiled in a “tedious argument of insidious intent” to lead their hapless victims to an “overwhelming uestion” and force their hands For what indeed is our Ingenuous Youth if not a series of embarrassments which includes a hearty helping of humiliation at the hands of these corrupt early bloomers?And what is ‘presence’ but continually weathering the storms seeded by these conniving cognoscenti ad infititum?For into such dark checkmates were the plans of the moral flyweights I knew in my early career intended to lead their victimsSo we Ingenuous Ones have no choice but to keep dancingBut I see in Jason’s review that his character develops what used to be called “presence” that same confidence in himself to which I was only a newcomer in my late middle ageAnd if Hornblower and I turn out to be dancing to the same sheet of music it will be worthwhile to revisit this bookSo dear readers Please consider this review as very much a Work in Progress

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Mr Midshipman HornblowerWer possa mostrar as suas habilidades como líder e herói ele terá ue enfrentar a hostilidade dos seus camaradas será forçado a um duelo e mais importante terá ue se manter bem afastado da guilhotina em território inimigo A sua coragem será testad Both my oldest daughter and her husband are fans of the Hornblower series and I've thoroughly enjoyed the A E movie productions that I've seen of the Hornblower corpus; so I was motivated to read the books and decided to begin at the beginning of Hornblower's career with this novel My only previous acuaintance with Forester was from reading one of his short stories I'm glad to say it didn't disappointForester had a deft hand with maritime adventure not all of it dealing with combat characterization and easily readable Realist style The movies based on parts of this novel don't always follow the book very closely; the Hornblower revealed here is a complex character than the film version younger a teen at the beginning and callow and definitely fallible I could actually identify with him to a high degree even though I'd never be able to do some of the things he did because he's portrayed as awkward and shy and as pushing himself to the limit to do things that tax and scare him mainly because he fears other people's ridicule if he doesn't; and because he can make the same kind of absent minded mistakes like forgetting to cock his pistol when he's going into combat that I could imagine myself making One critic I've read felt that Forester is a less deep writer than his fellow maritime novelist Melville because he doesn't go in for symbolism and allegory Nonetheless his writing isn't shallow; he confronts his hero with several demands for moral decision making And on these occasions Hornblower comes through earning the reader's respect and setting a good example The writing here is vivid; you get a really powerful picture of the hard and dangerous character of naval life in that day as you experience along with the hero the palms of his hands being flayed bloody by having to slide down a rough rope from a falling mast or the winter cold and wet of the waves constantly breaking over him in an open boatAlthough this book is usually considered a novel the structure is episodic enough that it could have been billed as a collection of short stories; though the chapters are placed in chronological order they're each perfectly self contained and could stand as distinct units Since this wasn't the first Hornblower book to be written it doesn't furnish any detailed information about his life before he went to sea or why he decided on such a career; I'm assuming this would have appeared in the first book but the lack of it here made for a gap in the character development Also if Forester ever explained the basic nautical terms of a sail driven ship and its rigging and operations he doesn't do it here; technical terms are used abundantly and you glean or sometimes don't glean an approximation of the meaning from the context unless you've picked up a definition elsewhere A sailing ship entry in a good visual dictionary would be a useful accompaniment to this read But these are minor caveats; I'm looking forward to eventually reading the next two books in terms of Hornblower's life chronology of the series at least