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'You must give up this mad idea Frank there is but one course left open to you You MUST marry money' Doctor Thorne considered by Trollope to be the best of his works is a telling examination of the relationship between money and morality I. Doctor Thorne kept me company during a hurricane I don't really understand how anyone could possibly not love Anthony Trollope This 624 page novel went incredibly fast Trollope is courteous solicitous gentler and kinder to his readers than any other author I know I almost thought he might even pour my tea The story that of a romance complicated by societal predjudice has been told by many authors in many times and places But the way he tells the tale is just incomparable

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Doctor ThorneR and push him to make a good marriage to a wealthy heiress Only Mary's loving uncle Dr Thorne knows of the fortune she is about to inherit but believes she should be accepted on her own terms The third book in the Chronicles of Barsetshire. I've read 99 percent of the trollopes even the obscure ones and this one is my absolute favorite It has all the best fantasy romance elements a wisecracking unmarried heiress who finds true love a lovely young couple who are kept apart by poverty — until she turns out to secretly be the daughter of a very wealthy person and It's got all the best of Trollope and allows you to indulge your fantasy that maybe someday everything will work out in your own lifeI'm curious to know if anyone wants to take part in a trollope reading group There are so many books it'd be helpful to have other readers steer you toward the good ones I'm sort of surprised by how little people have to say in their goodreadscomments about the trollope books they've read what's that all about

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Characters Å Doctor Thorne ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ¸ ❴EPUB❵ ✹ Doctor Thorne Author Anthony Trollope – 'You must give up this mad idea Frank there is but one course left open to you You MUST marry money' Doctor Thorne considered by Trollope to be the best of his works is a T recounts the story of the son of a bankrupt landowner Frank Gresham who is intent on marrying his beloved Mary Thorne despite her illegitimacy and apparent poverty Frank's ambitious mother and haughty aunt are set against the match howeve. Doctor Thorne is the third novel in Anthony Trollope’s series known as the Chronicles of Barsetshire; set in Greshamsbury a rural town many miles away from the cathedral city the was the setting for the first two novelsMr Francis Gresham is the suire of Greshamsbury and as he story begins he is celebrating the coming of age of his only son Frank with his family and friends The suire is rightly proud of his son who is handsome good natured and popular; and his great hope is that Frank will marry a wealthy heiress and restore the impoverished and debt laden family estateSir Roger Scatcherd has underwritten the debt He was a man with humble roots who had survived a terrible scandal and achieved great success through his own labour; only to learn that he lived in a land where birth and bloodlines meant much and where lesser men would look down on him and his family And so when he could work no he took refuge in drink even when his good friend Doctor Thorne told him that was killing himFrank understands his father’s wishes but he is besotted with the lovely Mary Thorne who is the niece of the local doctor and who grew up alongside Frank and his sisters He would happily marry her hope for the best and if the best didn’t happen live a simpler lifeWhen Lady Arabella Gresham discovers her son’s interest in Mary Thorne she is horrified She was a De Courcey she had been born into a family much grander than the Greshams she understood the importance of doing the right and proper thing and so she set about separating the young pair It wasn’t simply a matter of money it was also a matter of bloodlinesWhen Frank made a declaration of love Mary turned him away It wasn’t that she didn’t love him; indeed she probably had deeper feelings for him than he had for her She had just learned that she was illegitimate and because she was young and idealistic she told herself that she could not – would not – lower her young man and his familyDoctor Thorne had made a promise many years earlier to keep Mary’s origins secret and he kept that promise He knew that if he spoke out there would be conseuences for The House of Gresham and The House of Scatcherd as well as the niece who he knows is a great lady in every way that is important The secret is a great burden that many men would struggle with it weighs heavily on him but he believes that carrying it alone is the right thing to doTrollope spins his story around the three households – the established household of Mr Francis Gresham the newly elevated household of Mr Francis Gresham and the professional household of Dr Thorne caught between the two – wonderfully well; and that speaks profoundly of the workings of society and its failure to allow men and women to rise or fall and of the wisdom and foolishness of those men and womenThe secret is fundamental and Trollope – who I am uite sure was a man could never keep a secret – sets out all of the facts for his readers early in the book allowing them to empathise with Doctor Thorne and wonder if he really is going to be able to sort this one out satisfactorily by the end of the bookHe did – just aboutAlong the way he presented some wonderful characters relationships and situationsI was particularly taken by Miss Dunstable who was a wealthy woman with an independent spirit and a great deal of worldly wisdom Frank set about courting her to please his family but she saw that his heart wasn’t in it she got the truth out of him and told him that they should be friends and that he really should follow his hear and pursue Mary ThorneMany authors would have made Frank the hero of this story and Trollope acknowledges this in a wonderful aside “He would have been the hero of our tale had not that place been pre occupied by the village doctor As it is those who please may regard him It is he who is to be our favourite young man to do the love scenes to have his trails and his difficulties and to win through them or not as the case may be I am too old now to be a hard hearted author and so it is probable that he may not die of a broken heart Those who don’t approve of a middle aged bachelor country doctor as a hero may take the heir to Greshamsbury in his stead and call the book if it so please them ‘The Loves and Adventures of Francis Newbold Gresham the Younger”I liked Frank but the village doctor made a much better hero He raised his niece as his own child and he did it wonderfully well; he did what he felt was right as a doctor while many of his contemporaries thought rather too much of their fees and their social standing; was a good friend to both Sir Roger and Mr Gresham; and he even stood up to Lady Annabel in full sail in a wonderful scene that shows Trollope at his bestThat is not to say that he was a paragon He was something much better – a real and fallible manI found much to love in this book but I didn’t love it uite as much as I had hoped I might I think that was because the whole story was spun around one central romance that was drawn out a little too much leaving uiet periods where I couldn’t help wondering what was going on in BarsetshireThat’s not to say that I didn’t love the country I did and I would happily go back there again But I can’t say that this book is a particular favourite or that it is than the sum of its parts and I think that the next book –